Screenwriter's Blues

February 2, 2009
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"Screenwriter's Blues" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 122nd produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on February 2, 2009. Lucas wrestles with casting for his movie while Peyton tries to prepare for their future. Dan advises Jamie on a school crush. Brooke meets the actress who will play her while Nathan gets exciting news, and Haley has to make a tough decision at school.


616 h, n, l n re judge auditions

Haley, Nathan, Lucas and Reese discuss auditions

As 2 people audition for Nathan and Haley in Lucas’ play, the real Nathan and Haley watch from the sidelines. Haley compliments the girl’s poncho as Nathan is baffled as to why he is shirtless and Reese overhears so asks the girl to go shirtless and the boy to wear the poncho. As the actors start doing so, Lucas stops them and pretends Reese was kidding. As the actors a led out, Lucas asks what they thought of the audition but Reese asks why they have an input. Lucas tells him that the real people should have an input and forces Reese to listen. Haley and Nathan say they seem fine as Reese begins to mock their input, frustrating Nathan, so Haley rushes him off. As they do, Reese says that he likes Nathan and watches as another audition begins and he tells him to remove his shirt. As Nathan and Haley are leaving, they see people rehearsing for their parts. They see one boy putting his shirt on while another girl saying ‘always and forever.’ They laugh as Haley says that it will suck that he has to leave for the next two weeks, but she will compensate with all the shirtless Nathans around her. They laugh and leave to spend the rest of Nathan’s time in Tree Hill together. Peyton is signing for a parcel and thanks Karen and Andy for the crib. She opens the box and finds it has to be put together and is not so pleased. Jamie tells Dan that he likes a girl at his school. He asks to invite her over to his beach house and as Dan says he can, Jamie says that he has never invited a girl to play before and Dan helps instruct him how to do it. Brooke and Julian have just slept together as Julian says that he now understands why she was so popular in high school. Brooke says that she made sex popular, not the other way round. He tells her that it was nice to be in the popular crowd for once as Brooke claims he is lying, but Julian says she would be surprised. He gets up telling her he is already late for casting and Brooke is thrilled and asks which character.
616 jul introduces b to mis

Julian introduces Missy to Brooke

Peyton walks into a casting room and a woman asks who she is, she tells her that she is Peyton as the woman says that if she is auditioning for Peyton, she has to wait her turn, but Peyton explains that she is the real Peyton Sawyer and the woman walks away annoyed. So Peyton takes a seat as a girl turns to her and asks why people always leave. She gets up and goes into the audition room pretending to audition for herself and as Lucas claps, Reese tells her that she is too old, but would make a good Deb. Lucas tells him that she is actually Peyton and asks what she is doing. Peyton tells him that someone is baby proofing the house whilst she registers for the wedding and the baby gifts. She tells him about the crib and the Italian instructions that came with it as Lucas wishes he could help, but is too busy. Peyton gives him his lunch and Lucas compliments her on how good she is to him. Peyton reads the script and says maybe it is because she is a riddle wrapped inside a mystery, wrapped inside a bitch. They laugh as Reese says that every woman is. Meanwhile, Sam goes to see Haley in her classroom and a stern looking Haley tells her to sit down. Haley asks why she thinks she is there and as Sam says that she knows she is in trouble and Haley tells her that she thinks she knows exactly what she has done. She gives her an essay back and tells her that she won the competition and her essay will be published in the school paper. She congratulates Sam as Sam is delighted. Jamie runs out of school saying that the girl said yes. He asks Dan how to impress her as Dan says she must already like him, so just to dress smart and be nice. As they talk, Dan promises to be there through the play date and as he says this, he curls over in pain. Jamie asks if it is his heart and Dan confirms it is but he will be fine and Jamie wishes his beeper would go off already. Mia arrives at the auditions in TRIC and Peyton tells her that the studio is off limits due to the auditions. As Mia takes it as a snow day, she goes to rush off, but Peyton tells her that there is still work to do. She takes Mia to her house and gives her the crib instructions reminding her that she is Italian after all, but Mia is less than amused. Some Nathans are rehearsing without tops on as Brooke walks in and tells herself to be calm, but begins to get excited. Julian comes up behind her and tells her that he is watching her and kisses her on the cheek. Brooke laughs it off as Julian asks if she wants to meet the girl playing Brooke Davis and Brooke is overwhelmed and gets butterflies. Julian calls over a girl called Missy and Brooke and her instantly get along and hug each other happily. As Brooke offers to do anything to help her with her part, Missy says that she is a method actor so will need to know everything about her. Brooke is less than thrilled by this as Missy jumps up and hugs her again.

616 mia and p make a crib

Peyton and Mia attempt to make a crib

Nathan is called in to Bobby’s office and asked in confidence what he thinks of Devon. Nathan says that he gets big numbers but will not win games as he does not care about the team, unlike him who cares and will put heart into every game. Bobby tells him that he believes him, so the next game, he will be playing. Meanwhile, some more girls audition for Peyton and the final one compliments Reese’s work before leaving. As Reese believes there is something about that last girl, Lucas confirms that it is that the girl wants to sleep with him. Reese agrees as Lucas says he wants to cast the first girl. The two end up in a heated debate over who they should cast as Reese accuses him of not knowing what he is doing. Lucas says it is integrity as Reese says that sex sells and that is why he should choose the girl with the big breasts. As Reese goes for a break, Lucas tells Julian that he did not get the director of his choice and will not make the same mistake with Peyton. Julian tells him that they have to come to a decision before the deadline that both him and Reese can live with. Meanwhile, Mia and Peyton have set up a crib that is obviously not set up correctly. Mia tells Peyton that it has been set up right as Peyton asks what the big point sticking out the middle of the crib is for as Mia just asks why Lucas cannot do it. Peyton tells her that they are two strong, capable women and they should be able to do it. As Peyton asks what Chase is doing, Mia says he is busy with her and runs out. Brooke drags Missy back to the studio who is asking her loads of questions, often personal. She asks how many cigarettes she smokes to get her voice so croaky as Brooke takes offense and tells her she does not smoke. Missy then asks how many people she has slept with as Brooke lies that she is dumb at math, but Missy takes it seriously. The two then ask Julian what they think of the outfit Brooke has prepared for her character. Missy believes it is not sexy enough as Julian agrees, as Brooke says that she did wear the outfit during high school, Missy says she might of during her Clean Teen days, and as Julian laughs, Brooke is offended. Julian tells her to make it more ‘Brooke-ish’ and walks off as Missy says that she has a type of men as Julian looks like Lucas. Annoyed, Brooke pulls her hair and tells her that she should be aware that sometimes she lashes out and walks off.

616 h is threatened with job

Haley is threatened with her job

Sam is reading her essay as Haley’s phone rings. She finds it and Nathan tells her that he is starting in the next game. She hangs up happily and tells the class as the class applauds. Realising what she is doing, she apologizes to Sam and lets her continue. Dan opens his to and finds a woman who he assumes is Lauren’s mom. The woman says that she is Lauren, Jamie’s teacher. Jamie appears below Dan and invites her in whilst holding some flowers and dressed in a suit. Haley is outside the principal’s office as a student asks what she has done. Haley laughs this off as she is a teacher and will not be in trouble, but the student says everyone is in trouble with the new principal and Haley begins to panic. The principal asks if she knows why she has invited her to see her and Haley says that she does not. She tries to talk, but the principal is less than impressed and tells her that the essay submitted for the school paper is not appropriate due to references towards drugs and sex. Haley says that it is due to Sam seeing many horrible things and anyways, she was under the impression that she had final say of the newspaper content and the principal says she does, but the she has final say on whether Haley works at the school or not. She tells Haley to pick another essay. In Dan’s house, Lauren and Dan are talking and Jamie is feeling a bit left out. As he goes to fill up Lauren’s drink, he whispers to Dan to back off. Skills drops by Peyton’s house and as she asks if he is there to help with the crib, Skills tells her that he is a baby proofer, but does not tell people about it. Peyton says that her house is pretty safe, but Skills points out many safety risks for the child. Peyton laughs it off, but realizes he is serious. As Peyton explains that she has been doing stuff on her own, Skills walks in and sees the crib. Peyton explains it is not finished as Skills gives it a kick and it falls to pieces and gives Peyton his card if she wants a handyman, another one of his jobs. Haley joins Sam in the cafe and asks about Jack, but Sam tells her she has not heard anything. She admits that she hangs at the cafe as Jack would go there first and hopes he does come back. Sam asks if she can get fired for publishing a paper as she does not want to lose her over a paper. Haley promises she will not lose her and her paper is not stupid as she said it was, but Sam tells her that even though it is appreciated, she should just choose another paper. Nathan walks into the changing rooms to find Devon packing his stuff in tears. He asks what has happened as Devon confesses he has been cut. Nathan apologises as Devon tells him to stop it as he will end up in the NBA. Then Devon’s little girl runs in with his pregnant wife and Devon tells Nathan he is not the only one with a family. Brooke and Peyton are together registering Peyton’s wedding and pregnancy together. Brooke asks why they are doing the same at once, as Peyton tells her it is because they are happening both at once. Brooke asks if she would rather be doing this with Lucas but Peyton says that she wanted to do it with her maid of honour and Brooke is thrilled. They hug as Missy appears quoting Brooke from high school. They laugh at how annoying their parts are.

616 missy surprises b

A naked Missy surprises Brooke

Dan and Lauren are talking about Jamie’s rabbit’s imaginary friend as Jamie sees them. He asks if they are making fun of him so Lauren can like Dan better. Dan tells him that he is not as Jamie yells that Dan was in prison and runs off. Fergie goes to Lucas’ studio and asks where his actors are as Lucas reveals that he was cut out of the movie. Fergie is annoyed and walks out as Lucas is crowded with different people asking him different questions and as they discuss Peyton, Lucas yells that he needs time making to decide about the part of Peyton. Brooke and Peyton are still registering stuff as Brooke admits that she has slept with Julian and has been scared to tell her as she still feels as though it is breaking the girl code. Peyton assures her that girl code was shattered years ago as Brooke is relieved. They talk about how they have now shared 3 boys and then catch up on how it happened. Haley goes to see Lucas and asks how the movie is going and Lucas talks about how he is finding it hard to make decisions as everyone else seems to be saying something different. Haley tells him to go with his gut and have faith as he knows the book, characters and places. As Lucas compliments her on how good her comments are, Haley says that she can resolve everyone else’s problems except her own. She tells Lucas about Sam’s paper and the principal blocking it from the school paper. Lucas asks what she could do as Haley says she could publish it anyway after all it is honest and good writing and would be helping a child, which is the reason she became a teacher. Lucas tells her that she has already made her decision and to have some faith and go with her gut instinct. Dan goes outside and Jamie shouts at him to go away as he is mean and that is why Lucas and Nathan do not like him. Dan agrees with him, saying that he was a nasty person, but has now changed and says that he would never embarrass Jamie as he is his only friend. Jamie checks if Miss Lauren thinks he is a joke but Dan says that she said that he is her best student and has had the best date ever. Dan apologises for hurting his feelings as Jamie forgives him. Brooke gets in her car and finds Missy naked in her back seat. Brooke is offended and tells her that she done more than having sex in high school and lists everything she achieved. Missy apologises saying she is just doing what she was told and hands Brooke a description of her character. Her description is charming, but her likes read ‘sex, sex and sex.’ Nathan goes to see Bobby about Devon. He tells Bobby that he did not want him to cut Devon as Bobby says that it was not his decision anyway and Devon was out of line whilst on the team. Bobby says that he had to do it for the team as he has an aim to reach NBA too and asks Nathan who is more important, him or Devon and Nathan replies that his family is.

616 p tries to tell l feelings

Peyton attempts to tell Lucas how she feels

Lucas is getting a drink as a group of actors mimic his movement. Lucas yells for them to stop as Brooke arrives carrying her description sheet. She shouts at one person that she thinks is Lucas but is forced to apologise when she finds it is an actor. She then sees Lucas and asks how he could write such awful things when he called her his pretty girl and said she would change the world. Lucas is confused as he reads the description Lucas assures her he did not write this, so Brooke asks who did. She storms into the audition room and flings the letterman jacket at Julian. She tells him that she is not the girl who went to high school and there is a lot more to her then sex and that high school Brooke graduated. She storms out as Reese tells Julian not to worry as he knows 5 more girls who look like her, but Julian is not impressed. Haley goes to see Peyton baby proofing the house and asks how she is. She gives her a ‘Team Peyton’ baby overall as Peyton admits that she is all over the place emotionally. Haley tells her that things are not as bad as she will be thinking as Peyton tells her that she has a doctor’s appointment the following day and wants Lucas to go, but knows he will be busy. Haley says just to ask him but Peyton says she had told him but he has too much going on and does not want to nag. Haley says that she should nag as Peyton thanks her for always making things good between her and Lucas. Meanwhile, Brooke storms home telling Sam she is going to make her dinner, an adult dinner as she is no longer in high school. As Sam suggests getting pizza to celebrate, Brooke says there is nothing to celebrate due to Julian and Missy, but Sam tells her that she won the essay competition. Brooke is suddenly delighted at Sam’s achievement. She tells Sam how proud she is and asks to put it on the fridge, making Sam delighted too. Sam tells her that even though she does not know why she is mad at Julian but she should be grateful he is around as she would give anything to have Jack back. Brooke changes the subject and asks her what she wants to do to celebrate and Sam asks for pizza. Lauren leaves Dan’s house as Jamie sees her out. He sits on the porch as Dan joins him. Jamie says that he thinks he will date someone his own age next time and wants to do a guys night next time. Dan asks if they are still friends and Jamie says they are best friends. Peyton leaves a message on Lucas’ mobile and cries about how much she wants him there today and the following day for the appointment. The message eventually cuts out and Peyton decides to re-record her message sounding happy, when she is actually very upset. Meanwhile, Reese and Lucas are talking about who to cast. Reese says that he once told to close his eyes and imagine an actor playing a part and if he can see it, to choose her. Reese says that he never uses it, but Lucas could. An actor who Reese wants to be cast as Peyton, arrives and asks to speak to them. She tells them that she really connects with Peyton and will sleep with them if she wants. Reese immediately makes up his mind but as she speaks, Lucas closes his eyes and listens to her and decides that he has made up his mind about Peyton.

616 l n cast gather together for read through

Lucas and the cast read through the script

After rounding up all the actors, another girl is chosen to play Peyton, by the name of Heidi Jay. As Reese announces this, Lucas says that he is sorry, but he had to go with his gut, but Reese says it was okay as she played Peyton the previous night, whilst he played Lucas. Reese introduces himself to the cast of the movie as well as Lucas and Julian and they begin a read through. Nathan is getting ready as a new player, Nino goes to see Nathan. He asks what he is doing there as Nino says that he is after his spot. Some pupils read the newspaper essay that Haley has published. They compliment Sam on her work as Sam looks up and sees Haley being taken into the Principal’s office. Brooke is in the cafe as Julian joins her. He shows her a picture from his year book and tells her that he understands that she is not who she was in high school as neither was he. In his picture, he seems very unpopular and was a mathlete and part of the debate team. He tells her that he wants the Brooke Davis now. He apologizes if the breakdown hurt her feelings, but it was what people thought before they got to know her. He hands over a breakdown of the Brooke Davis he is looking for and Brooke reads a list of compliments that Brooke is. Julian says that the girl had been impossible to find, but it was worth the wait. As Brooke begins to cry, she asks if Missy will be told this and Julian says that he wants to tell everybody. Peyton is at her scan as the doctor asks if the father will be coming and as Peyton says he will not be Lucas walks in. She is thrilled as Lucas says he would never have missed it and the baby’s heartbeat comes on the scanner and Lucas says that it is exactly what he needed to hear. As the script wraps up, Lucas tells them it is time to make a movie.

Memorable Quotes

”I like her poncho”
”Why am I shirtless”
Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott watch people audition for their parts

”Were you allowed to date in prison?”
”Some people did, I opted not to”
Dan Scott explains to an innocent Jamie Scott

”Peyton Sawyer?...Go and have a seat with the other Peyton’s and we’ll call when it’s your turn”
”Oh, no, no. I’m sorry. You don’t understand. I, I am Peyton Sawyer”
”I really appreciate your confidence but you still have to wait your turn. What’s your name?”
”It’s Peyton Sawyer”
Peyton Sawyer tells a casting woman that she is the real Peyton Sawyer

”Did you greet all the other Brooke’s that way?”
”No, just you, and the guy playing Whitey, he was just so cute”
Brooke Davis asks Julian Baker after kissing her

”I want my part in the movie to be the best. So anything that you need, you just ask”
”Okay, great because I’m a method actor so I’m gonna need to know your likes, dislikes, mannerisms, basically be glued to you until the movie starts”
Brooke Davis gets a shock from Missy

”Part of me is glad that Jack’s gone and gone is a place I’d dreamed of when I was hiding in a closet from whatever drunk parent I had that month, but I was saved”
Sam Walker reads her essay out

”I know that you said it’s fine, but I kind of still feel like it violates girl code somehow and I know you’re happy and engaged and pregnant and...and he’s charming”
”Brooke, okay, it’s fine. We talked about this, all right? Girl code was shattered years ago”
Brooke Davis admits to Peyton Sawyer that she slept with Julian Baker

”I was mean, and they have every reason not to like me. But ever since I got sick, I’ve tried hard to be a better person...I would never make fun of you, you’re my best friend. Don’t you know that? Actually you’re only friend”
Dan Scott to his grandson

”Brooke Davis. Gorgeous brunette with an amazing energy and smile. Her three favourite things: Sex, sex and sex”
Brooke Davis reads her description for the movie role

”I should’ve seen this coming. You related to my character in the book and you wanted all my wardrobe sexier and you gave me your jacket. You want high school Brooke? I have news for you, I am not that girl anymore. There is a lot more to me than just sex...High school Brooke graduated”
Brooke Davis yells at Julian Baker

”I really want to play Peyton. I feel that I identify with her. We were both in the popular crowd in school even though we felt like outcasts, and we both feel that the first song you hear in the morning can affect your entire day”
An actress attempts to impress Lucas Scott so she can play Peyton Sawyer

”Does that look like Mr Popular to you? I know you’re not the person you were in high school because I’m not either. And I’m glad because that kid never would have stood a chance with you”
”Were you really a mathlete?”
”I was the mathlete. But I’m not anymore and I don’t want the high school Brooke. I’m sorry the breakdown hurt your feelings. It was meant to describe who the character was before anyone got to know the real person”
Julian Baker makes up with Brooke Davis

'Hi, I'm here to read for the part of Peyton Sawyer. "First of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me. God, why are guys such jerks?"
"Too old, but she would make a great Deb."
"Um... she's the real Peyton."
Peyton Sawyer Scott pretends to read for her part andAdam Reese tells she would make a great Deb.


”Fade in. Exterior, Tree Hill High School, night. Steady traffic filters into the parking lot as a solitary figure enters frame. Dribbling a worn basketball... I’m really lucky to have basketball, it’s pretty much my shot at everything from here on out. If I lose that, it’s over for me... When I’m tutoring someone and they get it and that light goes on, I feel good, I feel worthy... I wanted you to fight for me, to say there’s no one else that you could ever be with and you’d rather be alone than without me...I’m glad you’re here. I know we lost each other for a while there but hopefully that’s over, right?...It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? You and me...They eye each other, just a boy and a girl, alone, but together in this place called Tree Hill”
Lucas Scott, actor playing Nathan Scott, actor playing Haley James Scott, Missy playing Brooke Davis, Heidi Jay playing Peyton Sawyer and Actor playing Lucas Scott and again, Lucas Scott read through An Unkindness of Ravens Scirpt (closing voice-over)


  • "What's So Bad (About Feeling Good)" - Ben Lee
  • "Let You Down" - The Star Orphans
  • "Snow Globe" - Mezzanine Owls
  • "Let's See What Happens" - The Breakups
  • "Man Made Lake" - Calexico
  • "So Please" - Starlume
  • "Natural Disaster" - Andrew Bird
  • "You Found Me" - The Fray

This episode's title originated from the song Screenwriter's Blues, originally sung by Soul Coughing.


Episode References

  • Julians movie audition features the actors of Haley and Nathan talking about playing football, when he doesn’t play football.This is a link to Season 1 Episode 3 where Haley first tutors Nathan
  • Julian comments on understanding why Brooke was so popular in high school after sleeping with her.
  • Jamie asks Dan if he was allowed to date in prison.
  • A girl turns to Peyton and asks why people always leave.
  • Peyton pretends to audition for herself saying lines she said in her life, including ‘First of all, you don’t know me, second of all, you don’t know me’ and ‘I’m a riddle wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside a bitch’.
  • When Brooke designs an outfit for Missy’s character, Missy says that Brooke would have only worn that through her Clean Teen days.
  • Missy quotes Brooke when she says that she thought Nathan liked Haley, Haley liked Lucas and she liked Lucas.

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