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"Searching For A Former Clarity" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 124th produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on March 23, 2009.

Episode Summary[]

Lucas and Julian hit a setback with the production of the film. Peyton and Haley help Mia with her new single. Brooke must intervene when Sam is arrested and Jamie discovers the truth about Dan and Uncle Keith.


618 sam is framed for shoplifting

Sam is framed for shoplifting

On the Sims 3, a Sim looking like Dan sits down in a hospital waiting room. Dan flips his buzzer as it goes off to tell him he has the opportunity to get a new heart. Mia is recording her new record. A helicopter lands in Tree Hill and a human organ is transferred from the helicopter to the hospital. At the hospital, a man is asking if his dog will be okay after eating something it was not supposed to. The nurse tells the man that she call a veterinarian for him and then turns to Dan and tells him that he will need to get prepped soon for his heart transfer. As this news is delivered, Peyton and Lucas walk past him. Dan asks if everything is okay with them as Dan tells them he is getting a heart and Lucas says it is about time. Deb visits Keith’s grave still feeling guilt ridden after her conversation with Dan. Reese goes to see Julian and tells him that they need a helicopter. Julian explains that Lucas has already told them that they can shoot the final scene with a crane but Reese admits he just wants to have sex in it. As Julian sighs, a receptionist tells Julian that Brooke has called him as Julian says that he will have to call him back. He notices that the receptionist is the girl who auditioned for Peyton as Reese confirms it. The receptionist returns and tells her that his father is on the line and Julian goes to answer it in a hurry. Skills is yelling at a team on how to play, demanding different team structures and as he checks that the team is clear, his team is revealed as a bunch of kindergartens that are Jamie’s age. He tells them how to play and they set off and as they miss the shot, Skills argues that there was a foul as the referee tells him that there were a dozen fouls and to go home. Principal Rimkus sits Haley down in her office and explains she wants to talk through her suspension as she does not like to have her staff on suspension. Haley says it is up to her to end her suspension as Principal Rimkus hands over a template of an apology that Haley is expected to print in the following newspaper issue due to her actions. Haley asks what happens if she does not and Principal Rimkus tells her she will be fired. Sam is reading a magazine in a shop as she sees Jack. She races after him as Jack rushes out and sets the alarms off. He is eventually trapped due to a row of trolleys and Sam offers to take the fall for him and Jack hands over what he has stolen just as the body guard catches up with Sam. Dan is wheeled through the reception as his heart is being rushed into the hospital. As the paramedic rushes through the reception, he trips on the dog’s lead and the heart falls out of it’s case. The dog then picks up the heart and eats it as Lucas and Dan look on in shock.

618 h organises draws whilst stressed

Haley organises drawers whilst ranting to Nathan

Brooke brings Sam back furious after her actions. Sam tells her that it might have been a case of mistaken identity, but Brooke refuses to believe her. The phone rings, but Brooke lets it go to answering machine and finds it is Julian asking to talk. Sam asks if that is why she is mad at her but Brooke says she is mad because she is making no progress since taking her in. She tells her that since moving in, she has made Brooke feel like an idiot. Sam asks if she thinks she is unfix-able but Brooke refuses to let it be pinned on her. Sam tells her again that it was not her but she can believe what she wants. She slams the door behind and then in anger, Brooke does the same, but much louder.

Reese is playing with a toy helicopter as Julian finishes a call. Julian tells Lucas that his father has been fired. As he says this, Reese goes to make a call. Julian explains that his father has been giving a bit before he left, he tells Lucas that he does not understand what this means for the movie. As he says this, Reese gets off the phone and tells them that they have had a good run and tells Lucas that the movie has died and Julian explains that the movie will now go on turn-around, which means that it has been put on hold and is most likely dead. Julian begins to make some calls to try and keep the movie going, but Reese still believes the movie is dead. Meanwhile, the kids apologize to Skills for losing the game, but Skills tells them to look on the good side of things as Chuck survived a game without fouling or punching people in the crotch and Madison relaxed and had fun and Jamie, Andre and Caroline scored some good points. As they talk, Deb arrives and gives the kids snacks. As she does, she compliments Skills’ attitude with them and Skills admits his love for children and his hope that one day him and Deb could have kids. He walks off as Deb begins to worry about that comment. Haley rings Nathan and tells him how annoyed she is with Rimkus. As she rants about it, Nathan tells her that he knows she will do the right thing and take the high road as she is a good teacher who cares about her pupils. As Haley continues to yell, Nathan tells her that he will understand if she tells Rimkus to shove her job, but she knows that her students will lose a good teacher if she ends her job. As Haley agrees that she is most likely to take the high road, she confirms Nathan’s predictions that the drawers are tidy as she organizes when stressed.

618 jul tells l tht movie is over

Julian tells Lucas and Peyton that the movie is over

Lucas and Jamie go to visit Q’s grave and they talk about Jamie’s game with Andre that day. As he talks to Quentin, Lucas sees Peyton at her mom’s grave. He approaches her as Peyton tells her mom how scared she is and asks her to put out a good word. Lucas joins her and tells her that the graveyard is full of too many people who he loves and there is no room for another, not even one. Peyton goes to wait in the car as Lucas goes to see Jamie who is sat by Keith’s grave. He asks how Keith died and Lucas tells him he was shot like Quentin. As Jamie asks why people do stuff like that, Lucas tells him to ask his Grandpa Dan. Meanwhile, Dan is at Tree Hill beach. He throws his heart buzzer in the sea and asks if that is all God has got. He walks into the water saying that he does not need lessons and will not apologize as he has shown remorse and will not pray either. He goes deeper in the water and says that he gives up as the water covers him. Eventually, he is brought back to shore and sits on the bank in sadness. Julian goes to see Lucas and tells him that the movie is over. Peyton asks if he has told Brooke and Julian admits that he is not worried about Brooke as she’ll be fine. Peyton tells him she did not mean about the movie as Julian says that he did not either. As Julian leaves, Peyton tells Lucas it might have been for the best as he worried about some scenes of the movie anyway. Jamie asks if he can have the picture of Lucas and Keith as Peyton’s phone rings. Once she has ended the call, she gathers Mia and Haley in the studio and tells them that they did not like Mia’s new record. As Mia tells Peyton that the studio are wrong, Haley asks what they want to do with it. Peyton says the studio has asked for it on guitar rather than piano and as Mia argues against it, Haley says sometimes you have to play the game. Skills goes to see Jamie who is making a Sims 3 version of One Tree Hill. He shows him the town of Tree Hill and tells him that Skills gets mushy with Nanny Deb all the time. Skills then goes downstairs to see Deb who is looking at the photo of Keith and Lucas together. Deb tells him that she wants to end their relationship as he should be a father and part of a family that she cannot give him as she does not want to have a baby at her age. Skills assures her that he can live without children, but Deb tells him that he deserves more than her, but Skills says he does not want more than what they have. Deb tells him that it is enough for her, but not for him and apologizes as she ends their relationship. Julian rings Brooke and as Sam shouts through for her to answer, Brooke walks through the house eating ice cream and being stubborn by not answering the phone. Sam asks if they are fighting and what happened as Brooke refuses to talk about it. Sam advises that she talks to him as her phone rings. Sam reaches for it as Brooke races to get it off her, but Sam is too quick. She answers the phone and gives it to Brooke, who is less than impressed. She finds out the movie is cancelled and finds out that Julian is leaving Tree Hill for another movie, for good. Sam tells her that she got the time apart she wished for and goes into her room as Brooke is left.

618 b, h, mia, sk n l drown sorrows

Brooke, Haley, Mia, Skills and Lucas drown their sorrows whilst Reese celebreates

Dan goes to see Deb who calls him evil. She asks how he dares to pin Keith’s murder on her. Dan agrees that it was not her fault as Deb asks if he got his heart, but Dan admits it is not happening. Dan then asks if he can take Jamie out, but Deb refuses. Dan begs as his grandson is all he has left and offers for Deb to come with them. He tells her that he wants to say goodbye to Jamie as Jamie runs down the stairs to see his grandfather with his new heart. Dan tells him that it was a false alarm and as Jamie asks if where is pager is, Deb allows Jamie out with him for two hours. Jamie asks if Deb wants to go with them as Deb tells him no as this is where she says goodbye. She looks at Dan as Dan bids her farewell too and also tells her not to feel guilty. Brooke is at TRIC with Haley, Mia, Skills and Lucas who are all complaining about their problems. As they do, Reese is there also and admits that he is there to celebrate about the movie folding as he is getting paid for doing nothing. He jumps up announcing drinks on him as everyone turns around and glares at him. Julian is finishing a call saying that he is going to miss Tree Hill more than though as Sam approaches from behind. She apologises about the movie as Julian tells her it is okay. Sam checks he is leaving and says that it is not okay for him to leave as Brooke is in Tree Hill and the only reason Brooke did not ring him back was because she was shoplifting. As Julian asks about shoplifting, Sam confesses that she took the fall for Jack and did not tell Brooke. She also admits that she is upset that Brooke called her unfixable. Sam tells him that she was mad at her because of him and that she does not understand what happened between them. As Julian tells her that he said he loved her and she never said it back but it does not matter anymore, Sam tells him that it is the only thing that matters and walks out. At the river court, Jamie is eating ice cream as Dan says he is going to miss watching him grow up and wishes he could be there. He hugs his grandson as Jamie asks if he would lie to him and as Dan says he would not, Jamie asks him who killed Keith and Dan admits that he did. As he says this, Jamie gets up and says he wants to go home, and Dan loses the only friend he had left.

618 jul leaves b

Julian leaves Brooke and Tree Hill

Later that day, Lucas and Julian are drinking at the river court. Julian says that although Lucas lost the movie too, he also lost two girls. He tells Lucas how him and Brooke just ended breaking things up. Lucas says that maybe they will work it out and as Julian says he will see, Lucas tells him that he has to try as it is Brooke Davis. He tells him that Peyton came home for love, so maybe Brooke will leave home for it, with Julian. As they laugh together about Peyton being in love with Julian, Reese arrives at the court. He gives them a glass of champagne each as the production is paying for it as Lucas asks if anything matters to him as they really wants to make the movie. Reese understands that they wanted the money, Lucas tells him it is not about the money, that it is about the actual movie. He begins to mock Lucas and tells Reese that sometimes beauty is in the attempt and they gave it everything they could and should be celebrating their attempt. He tells them not to let it get them down and to go and find another project to do. As he says this, the girl who auditioned for Peyton gets out the car and he tells them that he has lied and she thinks that the movie has pulled through and that she can play Peyton, only so he can sleep with her. He goes off with the girl and tells a helicopter comes down on the river court. As he goes to get it, he tells Lucas and Julian that he has left them a present in the limo. He gets in the helicopter, that was charged to the movie, as Lucas and Julian wave him off, laughing at his style. Haley is in front of her class and tells the class she has been told to tell them that she made an error in judgement. As she begins to say this, she realizes she is making a mistake. She tells the class to stand up for what they believe in and that they are too young to play the game. She grabs her bag and walks out past Principal Rimkus, who is left shocked. Julian goes to see Brooke and as Brooke says she was going to call him, Julian says that even though he said he loved her and she did not say it back and they thought it would be okay, it was not. Brooke agrees as Julian tells her that Sam was covering for Jack when shoplifting. Julian says that she knows Sam is fixable and that she loves Brooke, like he does. As Brooke continues to remain silent, Julian tells her it is okay to be quiet as the beauty is in the attempt. He hugs Brooke goodbye who tells him that she does not want him to go and Julian says he does not want to go, but has to. He leaves as Brooke goes to tell him she loves him, but does not manage to say it. Instead, Julian says that he will miss her and leaves.

618 dan says gdby to l n n

Dan says his goodbyes to his sons

Lucas and Nathan are playing basketball on the river court as Nathan calls Lucas’ skills rusty. He shows off by shooting a basket backwards as he apologises about the movie. Nathan tells him that Haley got fired and laughs that as soon as he leaves town that everything goes to hell. Lucas tells him that Dan’s heart was eaten by a dog as the brothers realise that their father is really going to die. Meanwhile, Dan picks up a photo of him and Jamie and puts it in his bag. He looks at the wall and remembers when murderer was painted across it and the shock he felt when seeing this. He leaves without looking back. Brooke gets home and tells Sam she owes her an apology as she is not unfixable and apologizes. As a present for being sorry, she calls to the door and Jack walks in. Smugly, Brooke walks off reminding her of the room rule. Haley goes to see Peyton and Mia and asks how they would feel about having a full time producer for Mia’s record. Peyton happily accepts and Mia admits that her song sounds not so bad on guitar, but Haley says to change it back as they want to make great records, not okay records. They hug as Haley declares her love for the team. Jack goes to settle down on the sofa as Sam goes to bed. Before she goes, she hugs him and tells him that she is glad he is there. Nathan and Lucas play basketball as Dan comes up behind them and apologizes for the way he has acted, but also tells them that he is proud of them and should not let the world change them. He then goes to visit Keith’s grave and touches it before leaving. Meanwhile, Haley finds Jamie on the Sims 3 making Tree Hill. He tells her that Quentin is still alive in the game and shows her the different houses. He then shows her Dan who is getting a new heart. Haley notices someone next to Dan and asks who it is. Jamie tells her that it is Keith as he is still alive too and came to see if Dan was okay as they still love each other. As he says this, Haley fills up with tears in her eyes and tells him to say goodnight to Tree Hill, which he does.

Memorable Quotes[]

”I’m getting a heart”
”It’s about time”
Dan Scott receives no congratulations from Lucas Scott

”Shoplifting, Sam? You have everything you could ever want and you are out stealing like a common thief?”
”They’re not even pressing charges”
”Because I cried and begged and told them you were semi retarded. That is not the point, what the hell?”
Brooke Davis yells at Sam Walker

”This place is way too full of people I love and miss. There’s not any room for any more. You hear me? Not even one”
Lucas Scott to Peyton Sawyer about Tree Hill Graveyard

”It’s over. I talked to everybody I could at the studio and unfortunately, they’re shutting down production. It’s just politics and bad timing, Luke”
Julian Baker closes down production on An Unkindness of Ravens

”When I hang up, I’m going to kill you, and then your dead body is grounded”
Brooke Davis to Sam Walker

”This is where I say goodbye”
Deb Scott tells Dan Scott

”As a teacher I must adhere to a higher standard of conduct and I failed to live up to that standard for that I am truly sorry. I’m also sorry Principal Rimkus is a hairy-backed bitch”
Haley James Scott

”What the hell she mean, I’m too good for her? I’m not too good for her. Trust me, I know me. Luke, am I too good for anybody you know?”
”Dude, I just lost $300,000. Do you understand that? Three-hundred thousand dollars, and you lost Deb?”
Skills and Lucas Scott moan about their problems

”You know Jamie, I’m going to miss watching you grow into the man you’re going to be someday. Because I know you’re gonna do great things in your life. You know I’d be there if I could, right?”
Dan Scott

”What’s the first thing I told you about writing?”
”Tell the truth”
”Tell the truth. So I would be a hypocrite if I stood up here and didn’t tell you the truth, right? Look, the truth is I love teaching all of you and I’m proud of you. But, I did what any good teacher would do when I published Sam’s essay in the school paper. It was a powerful piece of writing. It was honest and naked and real and everything your writing should be and by the look on Prinicpal Rimkus’ face, I should probably say goodbye. Just try to remember, it’s too early for you to start playing the game, hell, it’s too early for me to start playing the game. Stand up for what you believe in. The truth matters, so tell it, no matter what”
Haley James Scott quits her job

”I’m standing right there and this stoner guy’s dog trips the paramedic and gobbles up his heart...I’m not joking”
”Wow, so I guess this means he’s really going to die”
Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott about Dan Scott and his heart

”You’re my sons, and I failed you. I’m sorry for that, and for so many other things but I’m proud that each of you have become the kind of man I can never be. You’re good men, and you’re good brothers, don’t let the world change that”
Dan Scott to his sons, Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott

Sometimes the beauty is in the attempt, we took the shot, we gave it everything we could we did it well. It just didn’t work out. And when​ that happens, you get two options: You can sit in a public park like a couple of homos pouting, drinking cheap beers or you can celebrate the attempt!
Adam Reese to Lucas Scott and Julian Baker


No Voiceover


  • "Manhattan From The Sky" - Kate Voegele
  • "Devil's Got My Soul" - Gone City
  • "Le Fantasy" - Minnutes
  • "Love Is The End" - Keane
  • "On My Own" - Trigger Code
  • "Easy To Love" - Sons Of William
  • "Stinger" - Razorlight
  • "Glass" - Gavin DeGraw
  • "Little Tornado" - Aimee Mann
  • "Never Say Never" - The Fray

This episode's title originated from the song Searching for a Former Clarity, originally sung by Against Me!.


  • Mouth and Millicent do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the last episode of the season to credit Barbara Alyn Woods in a starring role.
  • Jamie is seen playing the game The Sims 3. This was a special feature in this episode as the creators of the game made a special town for Tree Hill and the characters.

Episode References[]

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