Show Me How To Live

May 4, 2009
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"Show Me How To Live" is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 128th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on May 4, 2009. Brooke and Haley throw Peyton a baby shower, while Sam grows closer to Victoria. Lucas and Jamie bond while working on Peyton's car, and Nathan learns that NBA scouts will be at his next game. Meanwhile, Antwon and Lauren go on a date that goes all wrong.


622 l catches p recording messager

Lucas catches Peyton recording a message for their child

Peyton is recording a message for her unborn child and is listing different arts including both The Cure and Haley James Scott and then says that it is all in an iPod for music to set to your life. She tells the camera that she is recording the message on that it can help her get through some hard times in her life whether she has just had a bad breakup or really misses someone. She tells the camera about Mia Catalano and how her music is good. Meanwhile, Mia is continuing to record her new album. Peyton continues to record her message and moves onto about her best friend and tells the child to choose wisely and begins to talk about Brooke and how brilliant she is. She also lists the qualities that are not so good but says that she would never change her and says that if the child is ever in trouble then Brooke would be the person to call as she will look after her. Brooke is outside the cafe watching Sam and her birth mom talking. Victoria comes up behind her and tells her it has been a month and needs to stop spying on Sam. Brooke asks how she would know as Victoria says she has been watching her and Sam too. Brooke says that Sam is even eating food she does not like. Meanwhile, Peyton tells the recording that it sucks to be a child without a mom and knows this as she has been there, twice. She explains that if her child watches the recording than she is in that position too. She apologizes and tells the unborn child that if she ever needs a parent fix, to go to Haley and Nathan. In their house, Nathan is tickling Jamie. Haley walks in as she goes to leave to pick Mia up and then go to Peyton’s baby shower. She kisses Nathan saying that she will miss him and to call her after his game. Mia finishes recording her track as Peyton says that she has collected some stuff in case she does not make it and tells her it is all in the tin that she shows the camera. She then asks for her child’s help as Lucas will need to be loved and taken care of if she dies and needs to know that her child will do this. As she says this, Lucas walks in and asks what she is doing with the tin and video camera. Peyton wipes away her tears saying that she thought she should but Lucas says no as she should not of as everything is going to be okay. Peyton assures him it was just in case so that her child could still remember her, but Lucas says that their child will not have to as the child will know her. He refuses her to do any of that as he asks what is next and Peyton says he wants to get married. Lucas refuses saying that she is meant to be resting and does not need to do anything in case something happens. He walks back into the garage telling her she should be in bed as Peyton is left in tears.
622 v tries to take b shoppin

Victoria tries to take Brooke shopping

Brooke and Victoria are walking through a department store as Victoria shows her a shoe and says to know her competition. Brooke tells her that she could not meet up with them as she has Sam to look after, especially now she is talking to her birth mom. Victoria admits that she has researched and found that the mother has a low credit score so they can build up a case against her. Brooke tells her they are not building a case up as she has every right to see her birth mom. Victoria picks up a piece of clothing and says that it would really suit Brooke and Brooke realises that Victoria is attempting to shop with her. Victoria denies it as Brooke runs after her repeating what she has realized. Nathan and Jamie go to see Lucas and Jamie asks if he can help fix Peyton’s car. Nathan asks if it is okay for him to look after Jamie as Lucas says that he needs the company. He explains what he found Peyton doing and admits that he is terrified about the birth and is supposed the be the best day of his life. Nathan tells him that he was scared too, but Lucas tells him it is not the same and does not understand how they got that far. Nathan says they got this far by Peyton wanting it. He reminds him of when Karen let him play with his HCM and had to hold her breathe as he really wanted to do it. He tells her that it is his turn to hold his breath Lucas tells him about how she wants to get married, forcing Nathan to ask what he would prefer to do on the last day with Peyton, argue or get married. Brooke goes to see Sam in her room and asks if she is ready to go to Peyton’s baby shower. Sam had forgotten and as she stares at a picture of a house Brooke asks how it is going with her mom and Sam confirms it is going well. Brooke asks what she has and Sam says it is her house. They talk about why she was given up and Brooke relates to it and says she will wait for her to get dressed, but Sam wants to meet her at Peyton’s later on. Mouth is reporting a game that Nathan is playing in. As Nathan walks past him and into the changing rooms, Nino begins to argue with him. Nathan is shocked that Nino is behaving in this way as Nino bursts out laughing at how easy it was to make him believe it. Bobby walks in and is surprised to see Nathan and Nino getting along. He tells them that there is an NBA scout watching them tonight as Nino and Nathan are thrilled with the possibility.

622 b n p get ready for shower

Brooke and Peyton get ready for the baby shower

Victoria is picking out dresses for Sam, who is refusing to wear them. She asks how it is going with her birth mom and Sam tells her it is going well. As Victoria begins to get mean, Sam tells her not to be as she does not feel like that about her birth mom now and understands that she had her problems and is a lot like her. Victoria asks if she has asked for her back as Sam says that it does not matter as she is happy there. As Victoria is pleased, Sam admits that she does not want to hurt Brooke’s feelings but still wants to get to know her mom. She denies wanting to live with her birth mom as Victoria tries to persuade her to stay with her daughter. Skills walks in the apartment to find Fergie and Junk on a games console. He tells them that they have to leave as Lauren and him are going on their 3rd date and needs them gone. Brooke is putting Peyton’s dress on as she compliments her by saying she is glowing. Peyton tells her that she loves the dress and asks where Sam is as Brooke assures her that she is coming. Peyton says that she has done a good job with her and knows Sam loves her. Brooke says she hopes so as Brooke wants to adopt her, properly. She then asks what happens if she prefers her birth mom over her as Peyton assures her that Sam is the luckiest girl in the world to have the possibility to be her daughter. They hug as Peyton begins to cry, but Brooke tells her to stop as they will not ruin their night with tears. Meanwhile, Jamie is going through Peyton’s tin of memories and finds the iPod as well as the newspaper article of when they won the State Championship. Jamie then shows Lucas some new artwork from the State Championship as Jamie asks why that night was so important and Lucas says it was the first night that he realized he wanted to marry Peyton. He takes the box to have a look through with Jamie. At the game, Mouth asks Nathan how he is dealing with the long distance relationship. Nathan admits it is killing him and asks if Mouth figures out how to deal with it to let him know. He tells Mouth that there is a scout watching tonight and as Mouth wishes him luck, Nathan tells him it has nothing to do with luck.

622 mia takes foto

Mia takes a photo at the baby shower

Peyton begins opening presents and starts with Mia’s. She opens it to find a picture of Mia and says that she gets to pick the cover of her new record and they go through the photos and find the perfect picture for Mia’s second record. Haley is then shocked as she sees Sam walk through the door in a dress. They are amazed and Brooke is thrilled with Sam. Skills knocks for Lauren and finds that Lauren has a problem. She explains that Chuck’s mom has been drinking and could not pick him up from school, so Lauren volunteered to watch him. She says that they should probably cancel as Skills says that he can come. Lauren is thrilled and runs to get her coat as Chuck asks where they are going. They go to play mini golf, followed by go karting and as Chuck enjoys himself, Lauren and Skills flirt and Lauren says that he is so glad they didn’t cancel. They go to kiss as Chuck disrupts them as he does when they go in the photo booth. Nathan begins his game that could decide his future and him and Nino begin scoring the points. As they play, the scouts make notes of their progress as Nino and Nathan help to lead at half time. Jamie is looking at a photo of Brooke, Peyton and Haley as cheerleaders and realize how long they have been friends. He then finds another photo and points out Karen and Keith, but does not know who the child is until Lucas tells him that it is him as a baby. Jamie says that Lucas is his Uncle Keith and Lucas says that he would like to think so. Jamie picks up another piece of art as Peyton as an angel and says that she would make a great angel. Lucas is thrown into silence as Jamie asks if she will be okay and Lucas says that he does not know. Jamie hugs Lucas and assures him that everything will be okay. Haley’s present for Peyton is a photo album of baby memories that can be used to see how much the baby has grown. Peyton begins to cry and as Brooke and Haley comfort her, she tells Haley that she loves it. To break the tears as Peyton says she loves them, Mia takes a photo of them smiling. As the team go back out to play, Bobby tells Nathan that he is doing a good job but to take more shots if he gets the opportunity as he needs to impress the scout more, but Nathan says the scout is watching everyone, including Bobby. Brooke gets home and tells Victoria that she is not mad but would like to know before she starts lavishing Sam in fancy clothes. Victoria says she thought she looked night and says she wants to talk about Sam. She says that Brooke should let her spend more time with her mom on a more permanent basis. She explains that she has been talking to her about it and Brooke is furious and argues that it is not her business and had no right. She says that she knew nothing good would have come of her mother and Sam spending time together, but Victoria argues that they get along. Brooke says that she cannot do this, try to be the mother she was trying to be to her. She tells Victoria that she pushed everyone out of her life from friends such as Peyton to boys and now wants to get rid of Sam. She snatches the adoption papers out of her draw and says that she will be staying if she has anything to do with it. Victoria tells her to be careful as she will get hurt, but Brooke says that she has avoided being her mother all her life and should not think that gets to change now. Sam walks in asking what is happening as Victoria tells her to ask her mother, before walking out. Brooke explains to her that she wants to talk to her about something important. She checks that she is happy there and as Sam confirms it as Brooke asks to adopt her for real and wants to be a family, like her dream. As she asks, Sam agrees to it and Brooke is thrilled and as they hug, Brooke notices that she is not very happy and asks what is wrong as Sam asks if she can still see her real mom and Brooke agrees to it.

622 l n jam go thru tin

Jamie and Lucas look through Peyton's memory tin

Chuck is eating ice cream as Skills and Lauren talk about his past relationship. Skills explains that they had a difference of lifestyle choices. As they talk, Chuck says that his ex was a grandma and as Lauren laughs it off, they go to kiss, but Chuck has eaten too much ice cream and throws up all over Skills’ shoe. He apologizes and goes back to eating as Lauren tries to stop him. Back at the basketball game, Nathan and Nino are continuing to score points. Lucas and Jamie are going through Peyton’s stuff as Haley tells him it is time to go. Jamie goes to leave as Haley is shocked to find Lucas working on the comet. As she finds out it is supposed to be a surprise, she hugs Lucas apologizing for shouting. Lucas checks how Peyton is as Haley confirms she is okay and asks how Lucas is who says that he is doing okay. As they go to leave, Jamie tells Lucas that his whole life is in Peyton’s memory box and wishes he had one. Skills drops Lauren off as Chuck is asleep in the back seat. They laugh at their laugh and arrange just the two of them for the next date. They go to kiss as Chuck wakes up and interrupts them. They laugh as Lauren gets out the car and Skills takes Chuck home. Sam is sitting on the floor staring at her dress. Brooke walks in and asks to talk. She joins her on the floor and explains that she did not mean to ambush her and it was not right of her. She says that she has thought about and thinks she should live with her mom as it is what she wants. Sam agrees and begins to cry asking her not to hate her as she knows that she stayed for her when Julian asked her to leave. Brooke assures her that she could never hate her as Brooke says that she was doing what is best for her and is doing that now. Brooke assures her that she always has a place in her house if she needs it. Sam tells her that she has been so good to her as Brooke tells her it is because she loves her. Sam asks to keep the dress as Victoria said it made her look like a Davis as Brooke says she will always be a Davis as Sam says she will always be her first mom.

622 n waits for call

Nathan waits for a phone call for the NBA

Mouth is packing away his news stuff as the scout walks past him. He asks what he thought of Nathan as the scout says that he was impressed as he has never seen him as a point guard. He says that Nathan has a bright future and as Mouth asks if it is with Clippers, the scout walks off smiling. Skills gets home and tells Junk and Fergie what happened. He gets a knock at the door and finds Lauren saying he forgot something. As he asks what, Lauren kisses him. Brooke says goodbye to Sam saying that she always has a home for her as they both say they will miss each other. Sam then goes to say goodbye to Victoria who is shocked that she gets a hug. After, Sam grabs her bags and as Brooke and Sam hug in tears, Sam leaves. Brooke turns around in tears and is shocked to find Victoria crying, who tries to lie and blame it on the mascara. Brooke asks what they do next as Victoria says that they focus on their work. Brooke agrees and walks past her to her room in sadness. Nathan and Nino are waiting for Bobby and asks if he has heard from a scout as Bobby confirms he has not but they done the best they could and they just have to wait for the phone to ring. Sam arrives at her new home and smiles as she runs to the door. Victoria and Brooke work late in the store as Brooke looks at sketches she drew of Sam. She finishes them off in tears as she misses her foster daughter. As she cries, Victoria sees her and promises her it will be okay. As Brooke assures her that she is okay as they have their work to focus on and puts the sketches away. Nathan is lying in bed waiting for his phone to ring and switches his light off when he gets no call. Peyton puts a picture up on the fridge as Lucas walks in with the tin of memories. He tells her that they can get married soon if the doctor says it is okay. He tells her that it is not because of the baby or anything else, but because they love each other. Overwhelmed with the news, Peyton kisses her soon to be husband.

Memorable Quotes

” The Honorary Title, Matthew Ryan, The Cure, Audioslave, Haley James Scott. They're all in here. It's music to save your life and music always helps,no matter what you're going through. So if you flunk bg testor you have a really bad breakup or you just miss someone so bad it hurts, then listen to my playlist " a hundred songs to save your life". Then that should help.. My best friend- okay this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. She's also impulsive, frustrating, um complicated, childish, but I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts friends first. So if you are ever in any kind of trouble, you know who to call. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have watching over you.. I really hope that we get to share these things together, but just in case- they're in here.Now there's just one thing I need from you, please take very special care of your father, because if I'm not around he's gonna need you to take care of him just like my dad needed me. So love him. And take cared of him. And be kind to him, just please do that for me."
Peyton Sawyer records a message for her unborn child

”I’m approaching what’s supposed to be the most exciting time of my life with nothing but complete and utter fear”
Lucas Scott

”I don’t wanna hurt Brooke’s feelings, but a part of me wants to know her, my real mom”
Sam Walker

”This was not your business, you had no right. I should’ve known that nothing good was gonna come of the two of you spending time together”
”What can I say, we get along, not like some people who shall remain nameless”
Brooke Davis and Victoria Davis argue over Sam Walker

”All my life you have avoided being a mother to me, do not think for one moment that you get to start now”
Brooke Davis to Victoria Davis

”I want to adopt you, for real. I want to make it official and forever. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I want us to be a family. I know that it’s your dream to have that, and I wanna give that to you now”
Brooke Davis offers to adopt Sam Walker

”Your whole life’s in that box, I wish I had one”
Jamie Scott tells Lucas Scott about Peyton Sawyer’s memory tin

”I’ve actually been thinking about this, and I think you should go spend time with your real mom. You want to don’t you”
”Please don’t hate me”
”Samantha, I could never hate you. I love you very much”
Brooke Davis lets Sam Walker make her decision about adoption

”Victoria said I looked like a Davis in that dress”
”Honey, you’ll always be a Davis to me”
Sam Walker and Brooke Davis

”What do we do now?”
”We have our work to focus on”
Brooke Davis and Victoria Davis as Sam Walker leaves

”We can get married right away?”
”Sure, only if the doctor says it is okay. But it’s not because of the baby or our situation or, well, any damn thing. I want you to be my wife because I love you”
Peyton Sawyer finds out that Lucas Scott will marry her

"You're kind of my Uncle Keith, aren't you?"
"I like to think that I'm just like him."
Jamie Scott and Lucas Scott


No Voiceover


  • "Lift Me Up" - Kate Voegele
  • "Angel" - Mark Geary
  • "Amelia" - Matthew Perryman Jones
  • "Everything I Want" - Matt Pelham
  • "She Is Love" - Parachute
  • "Foreign Room" - Telekenesis!
  • "I Don't Know" - Shelley Fraley
  • "Long Time Nothing New" - Pete Yorn

This episode's title originated from the song Show Me How To Live, originally sung by Audioslave.


  • Dan and Millicent do not appear in this episode.
  • When Peyton unwraps Haley's gift (a baby book), Brooke states that "Victoria almost got me one of those". This is not technically true, since in Season 4, she is showed looking at her baby book on her 18th birthday.
  • Rachel Gattina and Bevin Mirskey make cameos in a Photo.

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