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Solaris 1
Solaris Coburn
Biographical information
Full name: Solaris Cara Coburn
Status: Alive
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'5”
Family: Sophie Coburn (sister)
Series information
Portrayed By: Peyton List
First Appearance: "All Tomorrow's Parties "
Latest Appearance: "All Tomorrow's Parties "
Episode Count: 1

Solaris was Brooke's model at Rogue Vogue. Solaris was fifteen, but appeared much older. Solaris was very bubbly and friendly to Brooke, and invited her out with her. However, Solaris then proved to be very troubled. Before when Brooke had said she looked more like 25, Solaris said so did every bartender in the city, insinuating she was a regular drinker. When asked for a cigarette, Solaris insisted she had quit. Solaris also disappeared during her night with Brooke, overdosed on heroin and passed out, something she did quite often, according to the other models. An older man attempts to hit on Brooke, and when she says she's seventeen he calls her old, saying he thought she was more Solaris's age, hinting he may have taken advantage of Solaris before. Solaris appeared to be very well known, knowing several other models and having her poster on a bus stop. The next morning, Solaris was being insulted about her drug use, when people beginning gossiping about Brooke quitting Rogue Vogue, as they can't comprehend her giving up such an opportunity. Solaris smiled at the news.

Season 5

When Brooke, Lindsey, Peyton, Mia, and Haley get stuck in the library in For Tonight You're Only Here To Know , Brooke was reading a B. Davis magazine and a picture of Solaris was in the back of the magazine.

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