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Sylvia Baker (previously Norris) was the mother of Julian Baker who arrived in Tree Hill to help Brooke and Julian plan their wedding. She had been described as a "monster-in-law" and had a bad relationship with Brooke, but shortly before the wedding their relationship improved, and was friends with Brooke's mother; Victoria. She was also the grandmother of Julian and Brooke's twin sons Jude and Davis Baker.

Character History

Before the Series

Sylvia julian sing

Sylvia and her son

During her childhood, Sylvia Baker was best friend of Melissa. Their friendship was similar at the friendship of Brooke Davis, Sylvia's daughter-in-law, and her best friend, Peyton Sawyer Scott. Sylvia Baker was married to Paul Norris and together they had a son Julian Andrew Norris. Julian admired the magic he believed his mother had inside of her but he slowly saw the magic fade away as his mother started to feel unloved due to Paul's involvement in his work. When his mother sunk into a depression and Julian was unable to save her, this prompted him to develop a complex about saving people, which would affect his later relationships with Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis and Alex Dupré. With his close relationship to his mother and distant relationship with his father, Julian took on his mother's surname. ("Some Roads Lead Nowhere")

Season 8

Sylvia appeared for the first time the day of Halloween. She introduced to Brooke in asking her candy. Brooke doesn't know her and noted her that she too old for that. Then, Sylvia asks where was her son and Brooke understood that she was Julian's mother. She later offered to pay for the entire wedding, but began to give unwanted opinions, caused tension with Brooke. Eventually, they reconciled and Sylvia formed a friendship with Brooke's mother, Victoria.


Romantic Life

She was married to Paul Norris, but they have divorced due Paul's several absent in Sylvia and Julian's life.


Sylvia has a very good relationship with her son Julian. So she saw her new daughter-in-law like a rival and they have a mixed relationships, Brooke accusing Sylvia to nurse her son. But their relationships was improved during Brooke's bachelorette party. Through her son and daughter-in-law, Sylvia has two grandsons: Davis and Jude Baker, who live with their parents in Tree Hill, so she can't see them often. She is good friends with Brooke's mother, Victoria.


  • She had a Aston Martin.
  • She had a problem drinking and her son Julian worried about it.
  • She had always wanted a daughter.
  • On Brooke's phone she was named 'Smother-in-law'.

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