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Tara Richards
Biographical information
Full name: Tara Richards
Status: Alive
Residence: Season 9:
Unspecified (Tree Hill)
Occupation: Former
Barista and café owner
(Tree Hill Café)
Other information
Nickname: The Bitch (by Brooke)
Chris Keller's Lady
Alias: Not Alex (in Chase's phone)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5’ 6”
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Chris Keller
(ex-boyfriend: S9)
Chase Adams
(fling: S9)
Series information
Portrayed By: Chelsea Kane
First Appearance: "Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?"
(episode 9.04)
Latest Appearance: "One Tree Hill"
(episode 9.13)
Episode Count: 7

Tara Richards was the rival café owner who antagonized Karen's Café after its reopening in season nine. This animosity caused problems between her and the owners of Karen's Café, Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott, especially with the latter. During her time in Tree Hill, she was also involved in a love triangle between best friends Chris Keller, whom she was dating officially, and Chase Adams, with whom she had a more casual arrangement.

Character arc

Season 9

Tara was first seen as Chase's nameless one night stand. She left his apartment later, leaving her number in his phone under 'Not Alex'. She was later revealed dating Chris Keller, but sleeping with Chase. She was the owner of the Tree Hill Cafe, the rival cafe. Brooke takes a huge dislike in her when Tara hangs up a sign saying "Karen's Cafe hires murderers". She then tries to be civil and gives Brooke a plant and a note, and it was later revealed that she put cockroaches in the plant. After a disturbing note was found on Julian's car, Brooke looked at the handwriting and realized Tara wrote the note. She then went over to the cafe, and trashed it.

Tara hires Brooke's attacker, Xavier, even after Brooke warns her that he was dangerous. However, when Xavier attacked Brooke, she tases him and saves Brooke's life.

In the aftermath of Xavier's attack, she inadvertently apologized for hiring Xavier, not realizing what really happened in the past. She then insults Karen's Cafe, but quickly realizes she has to sell Tree Hill Cafe because it makes her bitchy towards others. After this, we do not hear from her again.

Based on the location of Baker Man, the company from Brooke, it's assumed that Tara sold Tree Hill Cafe to her.




Chase Adams

Tara and Chase started as a one-night-stand as a result of Chase mourning Alex leaving. He then finds out she's also seeing Chris Keller and questions her about it but she tells him she wants them to be a secret from Chris. Chase finds he can't resist her (Don't You Want To Share The Guilt?).


  • She didn't like Chuck.
  • She sleeps with both Chase Adams and Chris Keller. Both slept with Tara's enemy Brooke during their Teens Years.

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