This is an article about the theme. For the book, go to The Comet (novel)

The Comet is a key theme featured throughout the first six seasons of One Tree Hill. The theme revolved around the life and romances of Peyton Sawyer and her eventual husband, Lucas Scott.

During the time Peyton Sawyer spent in the town of Tree Hill, she drove a Comet. This became a well known part of her life and she valued it dearly. As well as this, Peyton first spoke to Lucas Scott after her car broke down by a lake and asked him to repair her car. The car is a much-loved vehicle, not only to Peyton but to her family.

In later years, Lucas wrote a novel which was a love story about a scientist who relied on a comet in the sky to guide him. This novel was realized by many others, before Lucas, that it was about his love for Peyton and eventually led to ruining his engagement to Lindsey Strauss.

Following the meltdown of his engagement, Lucas and Peyton rekindled their romance and had a child before leaving Tree Hill. When they left Tree Hill, they left in Peyton's car to find their new life away from the town.

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