Lucas and Peyton vs Lucas and Brooke.

" The triangle " : Lucas, Brooke and Peyton, was the central theme of the first three seasons. This triangle,involves Lucas Scott, lead star of the first six seasons, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis. Everything started in the first season and culminated in the sixth season when Lucas finally chose the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Season 1

Lucas Scott has always been in love with his half brother's girlfriend : Peyton Sawyer, a beautiful cheerleader, but with hard-tempered due to having lost her mother at a young age. Lucas has tried to approach Peyton many times, but because of her big loss, the girl fails to open up very easily with people. The only person who can reveal the true character of Peyton is her best friend since childhood : Brooke Davis. But thanks to Lucas's kindness and goodness, Peyton eventually finally opens to Lucas, so much to fall in love with him. But in the meantime, Lucas has tightened a special bond with Brooke Davis, finding that she was not as he thought, he began to become more and more interested in her. Brooke, who is not accustomed to the fact that a guy is interested in her as a person and not just for her body, falls seriously in love with Lucas. Then Peyton decides to open with Lucas and goes to his home, but finds it together with Brooke, realizing that the two have a relationship. At this point, the girl goes to tears. Lucas at school tells her he did not want to hurt her, but Peyton stopped him telling him she was happy for her best friend and for him. For not hurt Brooke, she decides to keep everything inside, and not to reveal his feelings to Lucas. In the meantime Lucas and Brooke become a couple, even though Lucas still feels something for Peyton. At some point Lucas and Peyton also begin a secret relationship behind Brooke. Unfortunately, the girl will eventually find out. Brooke with a broken heart, will decide at the beginning, to close all relations with both Peyton that Lucas, enventually in the end, she's able to forgive her best friend, but not, her now ex-boyfriend.

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