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*[[Deb]] and [[Dan]] do not appear in this episode.
*[[Deb]] and [[Dan]] do not appear in this episode.
*This is the last episode of [[Season 6]] to credit regularly [[Barbara Alyn Woods]] in a starring role. She is removed from the credits starting with the following [[A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene|episode]] but her name is restored to the credits for her two subsequent appearances in ''[[You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight]]'' and ''[[Searching For A Former Clarity]]''.
*This is the last episode of [[Season 6]] to credit regularly [[Barbara Alyn Woods]] in a starring role. She is removed from the credits starting with the following [[A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene|episode]] but her name is restored to the credits for her two subsequent appearances in ''[[You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight|You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight]]'' and ''[[Searching for a Former Clarity|Searching For A Former Clarity]]''[[Searching for a Former Clarity|.]]
===Episode References===
===Episode References===

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"Things A Mama Don't Know" is the thirteenth episode and mid-season premiere of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 119th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on January 5, 2009. Peyton receives some startling news that she must share with Lucas who, while still in LA, discovers that Julian has been keeping another secret regarding the movie. Nathan struggles in a new professional environment, and Brooke's search for runaway Sam forces her to confront her own feelings about the night of her attack.


613 jam finds out n is on team

Jamie finds out Nathan is on a basketball team

Peyton looks at a photo of her and Ellie as she rings Lucas to tell him something. Worried, Lucas asks what is wrong as Peyton begins to crying admitting that she cannot call him her fiancé anymore. As Lucas goes into a state of shock, Peyton tells him instead, she can call him her baby’s father and confirms she is having his baby. As Peyton asks for him to be okay about it and knows that it is too early to tell anyone, but Lucas tells her that he is excited and that he loves her, relieving Peyton of her worry. Meanwhile, Haley goes to see Nathan after finding out Deb is ‘sleeping’ at Skills’ house. She goes to get into bed as she sees Nathan is in shock. He tells her that the Charleston Chiefs basketball team has employed him as their newest point guard, overwhelming Haley. Skills sits down with Mouth and is told that Millicent left him. Skills tells him that Gigi was trouble and he told him so. Mouth admits that Millicent was right and he might have enjoyed flirting with Gigi. Skills assures him that she will come back, but Mouth doubts she can come back from a broken heart. The following day, Millicent is in Brooke’s store in tears. As Brooke arrives outside and sees the police outside, she tells the cop about Sam being missing. The cop asks if it has happened before and Brooke says she does, but this time it is different. As the cop tells her that so far he has found out that Sam is not her daughter and that she regularly stays out and tells her to come and find him the following day, infuriating Brooke. Haley and Nathan wake Jamie up and they tell him what a big day it is as Jamie realizes he has made the basketball team and they hug happily. Sam wakes up in Xavier’s house and finds him glaring over her. She gets up and thanks him as Xavier says they are friends now. As she finds out that Jack is out, Sam picks up her bag to leave, but Xavier stops her. He tells her that he wishes she had not gone through his stuff and knows that she took the sketches and now she has pissed him off.
613 p comforts mia

Peyton comforts Mia

In L.A., Lucas is packing just as Julian rings. Julian asks what has happened as the studio wants to meet with him and as he wrote the script, he has to do as the studio says. Julian tells Lucas that he has screwed up his movie and needs to fix it, and Lucas is forced to go. Back at Xavier’s house, Sam is telling Xavier that she never told Brooke who took the sketches as she never knew, she just gave them to her. As Sam tells X it was her fault, Xavier asks if she is feeling guilty and Sam confirms that Brooke was nice to her. Xavier says that she was good from putting her up in her house and saving her from being people like him and Jack. He tells her that he used to like her when Jack introduced them, but he does not like people who forget where they belong. As he says this, Jack interrupts him and tells him to lay off her, but Xavier hits him across the face. As Sam attempts to run, Xavier pushes her back down and tells her that Brooke tried to run too. He walks off telling them they need some time to think about how idiotic they are. He shuts the door and locks them inside. At TRIC, Owen is drinking as Peyton catches him and finds out he is no longer sober. She walks in to see Mia and asks why she is there and Mia apologises as she knows that Peyton is the one who guided her career. She tells Peyton that she will record the record if she wants, but Peyton tells her that she has to realize that she will always believe in Mia and she was her first artist and that is like being her first child. She tells Mia that she will always support her but needs to know what is going on. Mia admits that she cannot right when comparing to her first record. Peyton tells her she can do it but has to realize her first CD was a lifetime of work, so she will buy her some more time, if she begins to try her hardest to write. Mia promises she will and leaves as Peyton tells her belly she totally rocked the situation, just as Brooke storms in telling her that Sam is missing.

613 n finds out n15

Nathan finds out he is playing with jersey number 15

Nathan arrives at the gym he will be playing at on his new team. He picks up a basketball and shoots it straight away just as Bobby Irons walks in. Nathan asks why he is there as Bobby tells him that he is the team’s new coach as his heart was never into being a GM and needed someone to remind him to never give up on a dream, much like Q did to Nathan. Jamie is in a tree house with Andre as he tells him about his dad’s new job. Andre leans against the wall in sadness as Jamie realizes it has reminded him on Q. Andre admits he misses him and wishes he could go to his grave but his mom finds it too sad. Jamie offers to go with him next time him and Haley go. Andre wishes he could go that day as Jamie says he could find the way. Skills goes to see Millicent, but Millicent tries to look busy. Skills says to talk to Mouth as everything can be taking back as they obviously still love each other. Lucas goes to greet a man at the studio. As he tries to explain about why the director was no good, the man admits that he wants to talk about the producer, Julian. Lucas tells the man, Paul, that he has no right to judge but Paul disagrees and tells Lucas that it seems that Julian is looking unprofessional due to the director wanting to quit. Lucas apologizes about that, but Paul insists it is not his fault, it was Julian’s. He tells Lucas that Julian is like a loose cannon and as Lucas asks why he is still working with him, Paul admits it is because he is his son. Nathan is getting changed as he sticks photos up of Q and his family in his locker as well as his new jersey, number 15. A player asks if he is looking for number 23 and as Nathan looks up, he is told that the player already uses 23. He introduces himself as Devin Fox who knows a lot about Nathan. As Nathan tells Devin how he has changed to point guard, Devin says that it is a bad move as it is his team and his shot at the NBA and he is not going to throw that chance away, unlike Nathan. Back in L.A., Paul tells Lucas how Julian changed to his mother’s surname to be his own and moved to a little studio apartment in North Hollywood and fell in love. As he says this, he asks how Peyton is and Lucas replies ‘we’re good.’ As he finds this out, Paul tells Lucas about how Peyton helped Julian get his film to Sundance. Lucas says he knew the movie had a lot of buzz, but Paul tells him that buzz fades and that he is successful by being harsh and Julian still comes to him for money to make films, such as Lucas’. Lucas thanks him as Paul says that Julian is a good director, but is always unable to finish projects, so Lucas should be asking him the same question he is thinking, is Julian there for a movie or to win back Peyton.

613 b n p search

Brooke and Peyton search for Sam

Mia is recording in the studio as Haley goes to see her. Mia tells her that she is fed up with not being influenced to record as Haley tells Mia that both her and Peyton have her back. She gives Mia her jacket that she recorded most of her old record in and Mia is thrilled. Haley explains that when the tour came around, Mia left it, so Haley looked after it for her. They then go to work trying to find the girl who recorded in that jacket. Andre goes to see Denise who is making cookies. Andre asks if she is making Quentin’s favourites and Denise confirms she is and begins to cry, sending Andre to play with Jamie outside. Andre picks up some cookies and takes them outside in a bag as Denise cries in the kitchen. Andre goes outside and tells Jamie that Denise said they could go to Quentin’s grave. Brooke and Peyton are looking for Sam and Peyton as Brooke speeds down roads and Peyton rings Sam. They pull over as Peyton claims to be carsick and asks for Brooke to slow down. Brooke tells Peyton she told Sam that she could talk to her about anything, and when Sam did, she froze. Peyton asks if she knows where Sam got the sketches, but Brooke admits that she did not even ask. As she begins to cry she admits that she never said anything, never said she loved her and never said she would always be there for her. Peyton assures her they will find her so that Brooke can tell her that a thousand times. Meanwhile, Sam and Jack try to break out the window, Sam yells as she realizes Xavier has taken her cell and says they have to go to the police. Jack tells her that they are not going to the police as X is still his brother. Sam tells him that he does not have to live the way he does, or be beaten, or be scared to go home at nights. As she says this, Jack gets the window open. He gets out as Sam grabs her bag. She turns to get out, but Xavier drags her inside and throws her to the floor. As Sam screams for Jack, he runs off and Xavier shuts the window and ties her up.

613 h helps mia with music

Haley inspires Mia for her music

At the store, Brooke and Peyton are panicking as Julian walks in. Peyton tells him to leave as Brooke tells him that she knows he was looking for Sam the night before and thanks him. Brooke tells him that she is still gone as she knows nothing about the kid’s life except the rules she laid down. As she lists the rules, she remembers Jack being caught in her bed. She tells the others about him and tells them that they have to find him. Julian tells her that he will keep an eye out. As he leaves, Brooke admits that he might not be so bad as Peyton says she just received a glimpse of the man she used to know. In L.A., Paul asks Lucas if he worries about Julian and Peyton as Lucas asks if he does not like his son as Paul tells him that he had a vision of what he wanted his son to be, and he fell short. He changes the topic back to the movie and tells him how Julian has certain opinions about the director and like most things, Julian and his father have had a disagreement over it. As Lucas tells him that he wants a director that shows the importance of the small moments, unlike Reece, Paul admits that Julian agreed with him. Meanwhile, Andre and Jamie are walking through the woods and talking about their belief in nice ghosts. Nathan is practising ball as Devon begins to taunt him, gets past him and scores points. As Bobby encourages Nathan to carry on, Devon continues to block him and Bobby is forced to sub an annoyed Nathan. Mia is playing music as Haley tells her to start from the beginning and asks what the song is about and Mia says that it is about making a hit so the record label do not make her record another person’s song, unlike her first record. Haley says she needs the inspiration from the challenge of her own life. She takes the guitar off Mia and tells her to go and live life and receive the inspiration. As she leaves, Brooke and Peyton walk in and tell her about Sam.

613 sam tied up

Xavier locks and ties Sam up

Millicent returns to Mouth’s apartment and he apologizes. He asks for another chance as Millicent confesses that she had sex the night before. As Mouth freezes up, he refuses to speak and begins to cry. Millicent apologizes and admits it was wrong and wishes she could take it back, but Mouth storms out. Haley is writing down Jack’s address and as Peyton prepares to go, Brooke tells her that she is going to go alone as they need to talk alone. She promises to call as she rushes out. Haley hopes she is okay as she tells Peyton how she wishes she could home school Jamie. Peyton then admits that it is her plan and then realising what she has said lies that in the far away future she will do that. As she says this, Haley realizes and blurts out that she is pregnant. Peyton rushes out, denying it as Haley rushes after her, making sure she is godmother first. Brooke arrives at Xavier’s house as he peers through the blinds. He goes into the room where Sam is tied up and tells her that if she makes one sound, she will be an orphan, again and slams the door shut. Brooke goes into Xavier’s house and is told by Xavier that he does not know where Sam is and that no one is in the house except him and Jack. She asks where they hang out as Xavier laughs that they might have sex. Xavier says that Jack comes and goes and it is better when Jack is gone. As he talks, he compliments Brooke, who is a bit freaked out by his comment. Nathan is sitting on the bench as Bobby joins him. Bobby tells him that he needs to keep working, but he also has to realize that he scares many players on his team as they know he has the ability to go to NBA. As Bobby walks off, Nathan asks if he can wear the number 12 as it is for someone special. He goes into the changing rooms and finds his photos ripped up, but Jamie still on the locker. He goes up to Devon and tells him that he is after his spot as he is better than him, but he can have it back when he goes to play NBA. Andre and Jamie talk about how Denise cries a lot and as Jamie says his dad did when he was hurt so he tried to be his friend. Meanwhile, Denise finds a note in the boy’s tree house saying they have gone to Quentin’s grave. At TRIC, Owen continues to drink as Chase appears behind him calling him an idiot. Lucas leaves L.A. as Paul says that they need the right producer. He says he is firing Julian but Lucas stands up for him saying that Julian had a lot of input in the script. Paul laughs this off as Lucas says that he has just been told he is going to be a father and if that child ever asks him to take a bet on him, he will do so. Lucas says that he believes that Julian wants to make a good movie and Paul agrees that he can stay.

613 b n x fight

Brooke and Xavier fight

Chase tells Owen that Peyton had rang him to let him know and Owen admits that he got hurt in a game of Slamball and was started on pain medication. Chase says he needs help and as Owen says that he cannot leave the bar, Chase offers to take over as he would do that for the other version of Owen. Jack goes to see Julian and tells him that he needs his help. Brooke is about to leave Xavier’s house asking him to call her if he sees Sam. Xavier asks if it feels good to take in a poor child, like him, and if is makes her feel special as Brooke says he does not know her. As she walks off, he tells her to have a nice night and Brooke remembers being attacked in her store and being told by the attacker to ‘have a nice night.’ She turns around and runs to bang on the door. As she does, Xavier answers again and she sprays pepper spray in his face. She demands to be shown where Sam is and begins kicking Xavier to the floor and in the stomach. As he grabs her leg, she kicks him in the face and runs in the house shouting for Sam. She barges into different rooms and eventually finds a tied up Sam in a wardrobe. As she unties her, Sam tells her to leave as Brooke promises it will be okay and that she is not going to leave her. As she says this, Xavier picks Brooke up by the hair and throws her to the other side of the room. He tells Brooke he needs to teach Sam some manners and as Xavier begins to attack her, Sam yells for him to stay off. He begins to strangle her as Brooke spits in his face and runs. Xavier runs behind her and trips her up. Brooke begins to crawl away as Xavier grabs at her ankles. Eventually, Brooke manages to get to her purse and gets a gun out of her purse, shocking Xavier. As Xavier mocks her for being weak, Brooke tells him that she is not the same girl from the store that night as he changed her and turned her life into a nightmare. She prepares to shoot as Sam runs in and listens to her tell Xavier that she hates him. She begins to beg her not to shoot him as Julian and Jack run in behind her. Sam then says that she needs Brooke and calls her mom. Brooke tells Xavier that he is not worth her time and especially not the rest of her life. She hits Xavier with the gun and knocks him out, telling him to have a good night. Sam runs to her and they hug as Brooke tells her that she is safe now.

613 l n p

Peyton and Lucas think of their future child

Jamie and Andre finally get to Q’s grave as Andre takes off his bag and gives him the cookies he took from Denise. As Andre asks him to help, Denise comes running to the grave and tells Andre he should not have left. Andre admits he just wanted to talk to Q to ask him to tell her that he is alright so she does not have to worry anymore. Denise hugs him, realizing the small boy’s good intentions. Mia plays a song as Chase interrupts her. He asks if Peyton is around and as Mia tells him no, he asks if she knows how to make a Long Island Tea and Mia looks at him happily. Meanwhile, Mouth looks at a picture of him and Millicent as she packs her bags. She apologizes as Mouth says that he is too. She walks out as Mouth watches her. Mia finishes the drink as Chase comments on how she knows more about what to do than him. Mia goes to leave and tells him that she does not have an idea what she is doing in the studio. In Xavier’s house, the police have arrived and as Julian gives Jack some water, he then goes to give Brooke and Sam a lift home. As they go to leave, the police find Quentin’s wallet and Brooke breaks down against Julian’s shoulder realizing that Xavier killed Quentin. Jamie and Haley ring Nathan to ask how his day was and whether it was a dream come true. Nathan tells him it is a dream come true. Lucas gets back and kisses Peyton. He checks how she is as Peyton tells them that both her and the baby are good. Lucas kisses her stomach in happiness as Peyton tells her stomach that daddy is home and they kiss happily.

Memorable Quotes

”I’m not sure I can call you my fiancé anymore, because I was thinking maybe I’ll start calling you my baby daddy...I’m having your baby Lucas Scott”
Peyton Sawyer

”That was the Charleston Chiefs. You’re looking at their newest point guard”
Nathan Scott

”I know Julian, well. He’s an unpredictable loose cannon whose arrogance gets in the way of doing his job”
”We’re doing straight here, right? So, why do you keep working with him?”
”Because he’s my son”
Paul Norris explains about Julian Baker to Lucas Scott

”Is Julian interested in making a good movie or finding a way to get Peyton back?”
Paul Norris

”I told Sam she could always talk to me about anything and the first anything that she talks to me about, and I just stood there...I’m supposed to be her foster mother, guardian person and I just...let her go”
Brooke Davis

”Maybe he’s not so bad”
”You know what, you just got a glimpse of the guy I used to know”
Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer about Julian Baker

”Sometimes you have a vision of who you want your child to be and no matter what you do, they fall short”
Paul Norris

”I want a director that understands the characters. You know, I mean, someone who sees and appreciates the small moments because that’s what this movie’s really about...I’m sorry sir, but he’s not that director”
Lucas Scott

”It was terrifying not knowing where Jamie was. Sometimes I just wanna lock him up and home school him”
”That’s my plan. I mean in like, the future, when I need a plan”
”Oh my god, you’re pregnant”
Haley James Scott finds out that Peyton Sawyer is pregnant

”I’m taking your spot because I’m better than you. But here's the good news, when I get called up to the NBA, you can have your job back”
Nathan Scott to Devon Fox

"My Momma told me that sometimes people have to cry out all the tears to have room for a heart full of smiles"

Jamie Scott

”Probably makes you feel good taking in some poor kid, huh? Like you’re doing something special? Something with us poor folk?”
”You don’t know anything about me”
”Have a nice night”
Xavier Daniels lets the secret out that he attacked Brooke Davis

”Like I said, you don’t know me, I’m not the same girl from the store that night. She’s gone. You took my life and you turned it into a nightmare and all I have thought about is that I hate you”
”Brooke...Brooke, please don’t. Please? I need you, Mom”
”I hate you so much. But you’re not worth any more of my time and you’re not worth my life. You have a nice night”
Brooke Davis finally faces her attacker as Sam Walker watches on


No Voice-over


  • "Neon Sky" - Starsailor
  • "Hawaii" - Meiko
  • "Paper Kite" - Damien Jurado
  • "Into Your Soft Heart" - Everest
  • "I Don't Feel It Anymore" - William Fitzsimmons
  • "Backwards Walk" - Frightened Rabbit
  • "Been A Long Day" - Rosi Golan

This episode's title originated from the song Things A Mama Don't Know, originally sung by Mica Roberts.


Episode References

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