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Thud Magazine was a publication run in Tree Hill, North Carolina. Owned and operated by Jeff Nelson, the magazine featured artwork by Peyton Sawyer briefly during her junior year in season one.


Season 1

Peyton Sawyer grappled with her inability to submit her sketches to the magazine as she didn't feel they were good enough. When he became inspired by her artwork, Lucas Scott submitted it on her behalf. Although she was initially angered by his interference, Peyton attended her interview with the magazine's editor, Jeff Nelson. The editor agreed to give her a comic strip in their publication, but requested that she change her characters from their dark and twisted tones to happier, more stereotypical characters. After thinking it over, she refused to compromise who she was and Thud agreed to run her original sketches. ("The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most") ("Are You True?")

Peyton's sketches ran in anonymity for some time but were not well received by the some of the students at Tree Hill High School, namely her then-boyfriend Nathan Scott and her best friend Brooke Davis, who felt insulted at the artist's rendition of stereotypical cheerleaders. ("Crash Into You")

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