"Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1" is the first episode of the sixth season premiere of One Tree Hill and the 107th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on September 1, 2008. The girl of Lucas' dreams shows up at the airport. Nathan's comeback is halted by news that could change his career, while Dan's life hangs in the balance. Marvin and Millicent wrestle with leaving Tree Hill, as Brooke and Victoria's battle over Clothes Over Bros comes to a surprising head.



Lucas imagines a life married to Brooke

Lucas is in New York as a man asks him to play a game with cards. Lucas agrees as the man tells him that there are three queens and all he has to do is pick one and follow his heart. As he begins to play, Brooke comes up to him and gives him flowers for their one year anniversary. Lucas tells her that he is her husband and he should be given the flowers. They walk off and Lucas gives her the flowers. He asks if Brooke ever misses Tree Hill and Brooke admits she does, especially her friends, but they are so busy. Lucas comments on how much travelling they have to do apart, and Brooke tells him that it is worth it when they get back. He agrees and tells her he loves her, kisses her and wishes her a happy anniversary. They go through some doors and Lucas steps out the other side into the house. He wishes someone a happy anniversary and Peyton comes round the corner. They kiss as Peyton tells him that they are living the life she always wished for. Lucas then goes for a sit down, and as he does, Lindsey comes round the corner with some flowers. Lucas compliments her looks and Lindsey kisses him happily, amazed at his sweetness. As Lindsey goes to get dressed, Lucas asks if it is easy with them and Lindsey tells him it is the easiest. He gets up and follows Lindsey through the curtains. As he gets to the other side, the man playing the card asks him the same question. As he shuffles them, Lucas looks up and Haley stands over him telling him to pick one, Nathan then appears shuffling them and tells him to pick one. Jamie then tells him followed by Lindsey, Peyton and Brooke. Lucas eventually picks one and turns over the card to find it to be the queen of hearts. The man asks how he knew and Lucas says he always knew. Lucas then is distracted from his daydream as a man, who appears to be the same man who was playing with the cards, asking him what he was saying. Amazed, he touches the man to see if he is dreaming, and he is not, but embarrasses himself. He picks up the phone to rings someone and asks them to get married to him in Vegas.
601 p agrees to marry l

Peyton agrees to marry Lucas in Vegas

Dan steps out the hospital and after helping an old man gets ran over, just as his beeper goes off. Someone then picks up the beeper. Back at the airport, Lucas tells the man how he might be getting married if the girl shows. The man assures him that she will and tells him that love is the most important thing. Lucas tells him that he made the right choice and the man tells him that he never had a choice. It was partly destiny. He is then told he has made the right choice, and as Lucas asks why, the man tells him that the girl showed up. Lucas turns around and through the crowds of the airport, the girl he has proposed to arrives: Peyton. She tells him that he cannot call her like that in such a mess, but then tells him that he is her mess. She announces her love and they kiss happily, ready to go to Vegas. Brooke is on the phone to Victoria telling her that she cannot argue as she is waiting for another call. She tells her that she has no business in the business anymore since she was fired and as Victoria tells her that she is her mother, Brooke tells her that she was her mother, not anymore. The doorbell goes and Brooke hangs up calling her a bitch. She opens the door to find Victoria who storms in. She tells Brooke that she is her legal partner and it is therefore still half her company. As the two continue to argue, Victoria warns Brooke that designers come and go, but she grows the brand and it is the brand that matters. Brooke tells her that she is nothing without her designs and the board would not dare to fire her. Victoria tells her to wait and see as Brooke kicks her out. She tells Brooke her new line better be the best she has ever done or else her career is over.

Deb and Skills are making out in a car at the river court as they realize how stupid they are sneaking around. Skills offers to tell Nathan that they are sleeping together, but the prospect puts Deb on edge and they agree to sneak around. Mouth gets home to Millicent who is working. He tells her that he quit his job and asks if she was serious about moving to Omaha. He tells her he has three days if they want to move out there, and Millicent tells him that she will leave Brooke’s company for him. Lucas and Peyton are on the plane as Peyton still wonders if it is real. Lucas assures her it is as she asks to be told again. He tells her again it is real and Peyton tells him that if it is not real, she does not ever want to wake up. Dan wakes up with hospital equipment around him. He hears a nurse come in sounding glad he is awake. She tells him that she was worried he had died when she knocked him over. As Dan goes to look at who the nurse is, the nurse says that it would have been no fun if he had died. He then realises Carrie is the nurse, and the person who ran him over.

601 b confronts sam

Brooke confronts a shoplifter at her store

Lucas carried Peyton into their hotel room in Vegas. He puts her on the bed as they realize they have a mirror above their bed. As they laugh at Vegas’ version of romantic, Lucas tells Peyton how beautiful she is as Peyton tells him that his ass will look good in the mirror. Back in Tree Hill, Jamie and Nathan are pretending to play basketball and Jamie pretends to his father. Haley walks in to join in and Jamie greets his mom and goes upstairs to feed Chester. Nathan tells Haley how he finally feels he is on his way back, as Haley feels the same way about her music. In Brooke’s store, Millicent is preparing her speech to tell Brooke she is leaving. As she does, Brooke storms in telling her how pissed off she is. Brooke tells her how Victoria threatened to take the company off her and all the access to the new line has to be changed. She tells her that they will fight her together. As Millicent tries to tell Brooke she is leaving, Brooke notices a girl in her store, she walks over and accuses her of shoplifting. The girl goes to leave denying it, so Brooke grabs a top out of her bag. Brooke tries to get her to come with her as the girl breaks free, pushes Brooke away and runs out. Quentin is training with the Ravens as Nathan and Jamie walk in. Jamie plays with the high school students as Nathan goes to Skills and tells him how his mom is dating a freak. Skills tells Nathan that the man might not be a freak and might be a nice guy, but Nathan assures him he will be. He admits that Deb’s pill addiction was bad, but he is shocked that she is dating an internet guy. He promises that if he finds out who the guy he is, it will not be nice. The team then put on some music and start dancing with Jamie. Nathan then grabs the basketball and shoots. As he jumps, he holds his back in pain.

601 car taunts dan

Carrie taunts an injured Dan

Victoria visits the store and tells Millicent she wants to see the new sketches that Brooke has warned her not to show. Millicent goes to call Brooke, but Victoria tells her that she is an equal part in the company and have rights to the sketches. Millicent tells her that Brooke has told her not to so she won’t. She tells Victoria she does not like her as she is an evil bitch and Victoria warns her she will pay for that before walking out. Carrie watches over Dan who tries to move. She tells him not to move as he has a broken leg, broken ribs and trauma to his throat. She tells him he will not be able to speak and warns him that if he cannot speak, then he cannot scream. Brooke goes to see Haley at Red Bedroom Records and shows her the CCTV of the girl stealing in hope that Haley might know her from teaching. Haley lets her know she does not, but Brooke tells her that she has Victoria to worry about more. She asks Haley if she has seen Peyton recently as she did not sleep at her house last night just as both their phones go off. Brooke reads her text out from Peyton which is identical to the one from Haley’s text, but Haley’s is from Lucas. The two realize what is happening and smile smugly. In Vegas, Peyton and Lucas finish sending their texts as Peyton receives one from Lucas, asking her to get married to him. She asks him if a text message can change their life, and Lucas says he hopes so. Dan wakes up to find Carrie telling him he is living a nightmare. She tells him that it makes her angry to think about how her and Jamie would have been happy if it was not for him and his death threats. She warms up a fork as she tells him that she has been watching him and Jamie and waiting for them. She begins singing ‘Hot Stuff’ as she dangles the burning fork over his face. She gets his hand and forces it into his grasp. Dan tries to scream, as Carrie smiles smugly.

601 p n l go to vegas wedding

Lucas and Peyton change their mind about a Vegas wedding

Nathan goes outside and finds Deb topless in the pool. He tells her he wants to know who she has been seeing, but Deb tries to refuse. As he walks back in angrily, Skills pops out from under the water and he runs out trying to hide himself from Nathan. Millicent gets home and tells Mouth that she cannot leave Tree Hill with him as Victoria is trying to take the company from Brooke, and she needs her. Millicent assures him that she will want to stay with him and Mouth tells her that she can stay and he will set up in Omaha. Carrie is mixing morphine telling Dan how too much could kill him and too little could put him in serious pain. Carrie tells him that she is a good nurse as she had to look after her father for many years, even though he died in the end. She then asks him whether he wants to die or be in agony. She decides agony for now and stabs him with the needle warning him that soon she will kill him. As she walks out, Dan grasps his fist in anger and determination. Haley gets home from work to find Jamie practising the dance moves that Q had been teaching him. She goes to see Nathan and asks where Deb is. Nathan tells her about her swimming topless and Haley is thrown into disbelief. She then tells him that Peyton and Lucas have been out all night and they wonder what they have been doing. In Vegas, Lucas is getting ready as Peyton walks in behind him in her dress. He is amazed as he realizes he does not have a ring. She gives him her mom’s ring as Lucas tells her that he knows how selfish it is to get married in Vegas, but he will try and make it romantic. They get to the altar and see a load of odd looking couples waiting to get married, an old woman playing electric keyboard and they find the ceremonies are being held by a person dressed as Elvis. Lucas tells her it is not right and that they cannot get married in Vegas, so Peyton tells him she has an idea and drags him out.

601 mou says goodbye to b

Mouth says goodbye to a devastated Brooke

Brooke is sketching as Mouth goes to see her. He shows her the boy toy auction leaflet he found when going through his stuff and they remember how that night began their friendship. Brooke tells him that she is glad she is going to Omaha with him, but Mouth breaks it to her that she is staying to help with Victoria. Brooke refuses, but Mouth assures her that when things calm down, Millicent can move then. Brooke agrees happily and asks when Mouth leaves. They hug as Brooke cries and Mouth leaves. Dan is able to move slightly and throws himself out of his hospital bed. He rips off all the hospital equipment and goes for the door. He opens it and finds himself on the balcony of a house in the middle of nowhere. He tries to get out as Carrie opens the door, grabs him by the legs and drags him back inside. Lucas and Peyton are driving as she whispers the quote of Lucas’ resolution that Peyton Sawyer will become Peyton Scott. She smiles happily and hugs Lucas. Brooke goes to see Millicent and fires her. She tells her to go to Omaha as love does not happen often. She assures her she will be fine as Millicent tells her that if she needs anything she will be there, but Brooke tells her that she needs her to be happy. She gets her to leave and as she does, Brooke cries to see another person leaving her life.

601 n watches h n jam dance

Nathan watches Haley and Jamie dancing

Mouth goes to the River Court and as he looks around, Skills stands there waiting to see him. Mouth tells Skills he was hoping Lucas would be there as he is not answering. Skills tells him that Lucas has a lot going on but he will tell him he says goodbye. He tells Mouth they are proud of him and Mouth realizes they grew up in the River Court and that he is going to miss it. Jamie is dancing in the gym as Nathan and Q are training. Q tells him he has been taking it easy as he has realized that his back is hurting, but Nathan assures him it is not and they begin to play. Lucas is led into a room by Peyton, and as he looks around, he realizes he is in the room where he proposed to her four years ago. She reminds him of the dream she has where he proposes and she says yes every time. They kiss happily. Millicent joins Mouth who is packing and breaks the news that she is coming to Omaha and Mouth is delighted. Meanwhile, Haley and Jamie are dancing in the house and Nathan watches on amused. Jamie is about to go to bed as he tells Nathan that he should play for the Bobcats when he goes to play for the NBA so he can stay at home more often. Nathan laughs and picks him up, but as he does, his back hurts him.

601 b is attacked

Brooke is attacked in her store

Brooke rings Victoria and tells her that she is the company and that she is the reason it is successful, so if she wants a fight then she has one. She hangs up furious and looks around the empty store. Carrie ties Dan down in restraints and tells him how she got him to the house, as no one bothered to ID him. She then tells him that she is going to do the world a favour and kill him. She puts another painful injection into Dan and tells him that before she does kill him, he is going to help her get Jamie back. Mouth and Millicent drive away from Tree Hill. Lucas goes to propose and before he says it, Peyton says she will and kisses him. Brooke locks away the sketches and packs up her bags ready to leave. As she approaches the door, she looks around and says it is her life, store and what she wished for. She opens the door to leave as the door is pushed open and someone comes in and pushes her over. They wrestle her to the ground and begin punching her repeatedly and Brooke is forced to take it as no one is there to help. To be continued...

Memorable Quotes

”Three simple cards, three beautiful ladies. It’s real simple, son. All you gotta do is pick one...Just follow the heart”
Lucas Scott is told to choose between his love interests

"Come on Lucas, just pick one."
"You gotta pick one, Luke."
"You can do it, Uncle Lucas!"
"Pick one."
"Pick one."
"Just pick one."
Haley James Scott, Nathan Scott, Jamie Scott, Lindsey Strauss, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis telling Lucas to choose his true love

”Oh good you’re awake. I was worried I had killed you with that car I hit you with. But what fun would that have been, huh?”
Carrie wakes up Dan Scott

”Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, Peyton”
”Don’t worry about me, I’m fine”
”Well at least she’s being thorough”
”Oh, it’s not from her...”
Brooke Davis and Haley James Scott read their matching text messages from Peyton Sawyer and Lucas Scott

”Where’s Deb?”
”Last time I saw her she was swimming topless in the pool”
”What...god, what is with you and naked nannies in the pool?”
Haley James Scott jokes with Nathan Scott

”The boy toy auction. Beginning of a beautiful friendship right here”
”For most of my life, that was the greatest night of my life”
”Most of your life? Who topped me?”
”Millicent, night she said she loved me”
Brooke Davis and Mouth reflect on their time spent together

”Goodbye Scarecrow. I’m gonna miss you most of all”
Brooke Davis as she says goodbye to Mouth

”Let me tell you something about love, Millicent Huxtable. It does not knock often, and when it does, you have to let it in. You are a wonderful friend and you’re smart and beautiful and it is gonna suck to lose you, but there is a boy out there who loves you, and I know that you love him back. So now, you have to get your wacky ass out of my store”
Brooke Davis

”We grew up here, didn’t we? I’m gonna miss this place”
Mouth whilst looking at the River Court

”I have this dream where we’re back in this hotel room and you propose to me. And every single time, I say yes”
”It’s just a dream right?”
”But it’s my dream”
Peyton Sawyer as she leads Lucas Scott back to the hotel room he proposed in 4 years ago.

”I’ve been thinking about our partnership, and I’ve come to a decision. I am this company. I am the reason it is successful. Do you understand me? So if you want a fight, you got it”
Brooke Davis on the phone to Victoria Davis

"You're such a mess. You can't just call a girl from the airport."
"Peyton, I know this sounds crazy, but..."
" You're a mess , Lucas Scott, but you're my mess and I love you."
Peyton Sawyer Scott and Lucas Scott

"You don't like me do you?"
" No."
"Because you feel like I've mistreated you."
"No, because you're an evil bitch."
Victoria Davis and Millicent Huxtable

" Responsible- I've-not-been-attackd-b-Psycho-Derek text message sent."
"Responsible-I-know-I've-been-dark-latly-but-everythng's-ok message sent."
"Oh, it's a message from you! It says" Peyton, I love you, let's go get married, Lucas" Can a text message change your life?"
"God, I hope so."
Peyton Sawyer Scott and Lucas Scott

"Peyton Sawyer, I love you..."
"You didn't let me ask you..."
"Yes, Baby yes! God, I love you."
Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer Scott


No Voice-over


  • "Feel This" - Bethany Joy Galeotti feat. Enation
  • "Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love" - Coldplay
  • "Town Where You Belong" - Earlimart
  • "Look At You" - My Morning Jacket
  • "Highly Suspicious" - My Morning Jacket
  • "In The Ayer" - Flo Rida feat. Will.I.Am
  • "I Should Be Lost Without You" - David Condos
  • "Poke" - Frightened Rabbit
  • "Violet Hill" - Coldplay

This episode's title originated from the song Touch Me I'm Going To Scream, Part 1, originally sung by My Morning Jacket.


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