The Tree Hill Ravens was the Tree Hill High basketball team.

Notable Ravens

First Generation

Notable members: Whitey Durham

Second generation

Notable members: Dan Scott, Keith Scott

Third generation

Notable members: Jake Jagielski, Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Skills Taylor, Tim Smith

Fourth generation

Notable members: Quentin Fields

Fifth generation

Notable members: Jamie Scott


Season 1

Lucas Scott joined the ravens team. Nathan Scott briefly quit the team before rejoining it.

Season 2

Season 3

Lucas Scott quits the team due to his heart condition.

Season 4


The Ravens won their first State Championship in their school's history in 2005, leading to widespread local fame for the Tree Hill basketball team. This was also the last Ravens game to be coached by Whitey Durham, who officially retired after the end of the season.

Season 5

This season was coached by former Tree Hill Ravens and alumni Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, and Antwon Taylor. Despite a rocky season, they were able to come back with the leadership of Quentin Fields, a troublesome player who changed his ways thanks to the mentorship of Nathan and his wife, Haley.

Lucas was ejected from the last game of the tournament after grabbing a player from the opposing team who had insulted him. 

Season 6

The second season to be coached by Nathan, Lucas, and Skills. It was marred early on by the murder of star player Quentin Fields, who had been shot during a robbery. The team pursued through the season with only a four-man lineup, reserving the last spot for Quentin, whose jersey was also retired by Lucas. This is the last season to be coached by the three as Lucas left Tree Hill following his marriage to Peyton, Nathan joined the NBA as a member of the Charlotte Bobcats, and Skills became a coach for Nathan's son, Jamie's school. 

Season 9

Known members




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