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Troy Jameson was a football player who played for the Atlanta Falcons and was Nathan Scott's first client as an agent.

Character History

Early Life

As a child Troy wanted to be a Power Ranger. He and his father saw Nathan Scott play college Basketball.

Season 7

Clay Evans traveled to Troy's house in the country. Troy told him their bosses called and told him he was fired. Troy told Clay he had one shot for his whole family and that because he was an agent without an agency he could not sign with him. Clay asked who they were going to pair him with. He told him to insist on Mitchell.

Season 8

Shapeimage 2

Troy Jameson's first game for the Falcons

Troy fired his agents and got a visit from Nathan Scott, who wanted to sign him. Nathan and Troy ran into Tony Gonzales, Tony told Troy he should be with the Falcons and Troy said he hoped to be to soon. Nathan convinced Troy that the deal he had been offered by the Falcons was good. Troy agreed and officially joined the NFL. Troy signed a football for Nathan. Troy Jameson #13 – Nathan asked what it felt like to be an Atlanta Falcon. Troy said it was a dream come true.


  • Troy was signed by Nathan Scott and his agency Fortitude and joined the Atlanta Falcons


  • He and his father watched a game between Maryland and Duke while Nathan played for Maryland.

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