Jacob Marcus James is a former wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens that grew up in Tree Hill, North Carolina in a large family. He is the final child of Lydia and Jimmy James and is the younger brother of three brothers and four sisters. As he was growing up, Jacob suffered from Apserger syndrome and had no choice to go to another school compared to his sister Haley.


Early life 

Jacob was born on March 13, 1989 to Lydia and Jimmy James. Jacob is the last child of Lydia and Jimmy James as well as the second youngest in the family next to Haley. At a young age he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome a developmental disorder that affects his social interactions and behavior. Two years after being diagnosed with Asperger's Jacob had started in a school called the Citadel, where kids with the same issues attend. 

Personality and traits

Jacob is considered by many to be a innocent kid with good grades and a good sense of humor amoung the Tree Hill community. He has shown to really love his family especially his older sisters Haley, Quinn and Taylor. Jacob can get attached to people who have been his life one prime example is his older sisters and is also protective of the people he loves. 

Character arc

Season 1

After a night at the river court, Jacob returns home to a questionable Haley and Karen who explain to him that Lucas wanted Jacob to join the Ravens with him and Nathan but he refuses because he would rather spend time with the people he cares about. The next day, Jacob gives Emma a tour of the high school, but was eventually stopped by Peyton, asking him to talk to her for a moment. He apologizes to Emma for cutting the tour short and promises to catch up with her soon. 

Season 2

After Haley married Nathan, Jacob had no choice, but to move in with Quinn, until Haley let him move in with them.



Jacob grew up with seven siblings in a chaotic house. He was raised by Lydia and Jimmy James the majority of his life. He'd 



  • He reveals that he'd saved Keith because he didn't want Lucas and Karen to hate him.
  • Although he told Peyton he loved her like a sister, he clearly fell in love with her before dating Emma.
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