Victoria 1
Victoria Davis
Biographical information
Full name: Victoria Anne Montgomery
(maiden name)
Victoria Anne Davis
(married name)
Status: Alive
Other information
Nickname: Momzilla, Bitchtoria, Vic-whore-ia, Hamtoria, Ice Queen, Bar hag, Frankenmom, Concernicus, Vicky, Vic, V.Davis, Barbara, Botoxed Vampiress
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Family: Mr. Montgomery (father)
Mrs. Montgomery (mother)
Brooke Davis (daughter)
Jude Baker
(grandson, via Brooke and Julian)
Davis Baker
(grandson, via Brooke and Julian)
Sam Walker
(former foster granddaughter)
Julian Baker (son-in-law)
Series information
Portrayed By: Daphne Zuniga
First Appearance: "4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days"
(episode 5.01)
Latest Appearance: "One Tree Hill"
(episode 9.13)
Episode Count: 41

Victoria Anne Davis (née Montgomery) is the mother of Brooke Davis and the grandmother of Davis and Jude Baker. She was a co-owner of Clothes Over Bros. She has a turbulent relationship with her daughter stemming from Victoria never wanting to be a mother. She moved to California after Brooke's junior year and largely ignored her daughter. Years later, she became involved in Clothes Over Bros and seemingly sacrificed her daughterly relationship for a business relationship. Brooke struggled with her mother's coldness and eventually gave up the company, and ex-communicated her. However, recently, they reunited and tried to reinvent Clothes Over Bros with Victoria finally telling Brooke that she is proud of her. After the birth of her grandsons Jude and Davis Baker her husband Ted Davis came back to Tree Hill causing new fight with Brooke, who is glad to see her father. But eventually she recommended a relation with her husband and formed a close bond with her family; daughter and grandsons.

Character History

Victoria Anne Montgomery was raised in Tree Hill by very judgemental parents, Mr and Mrs Montgomery, who expected her to follow in their footsteps. Victoria, however, fell in love with a boy who wasn't from her group of friends and didn't fit in her life and, so to please her parents, she let him go and settled down with Ted Davis, eventually marrying him. Victoria grew regretful of her decision as she entered an often loveless marriage. ("Remember Me as a Time of Day")

While growing up, she always dreamed of having her own business and her own clothing line and strived towards her dream. However, she and Ted were later surprised to learn that she had fallen pregnant. Ted strived to have a son and when their daughter Brooke was born Victoria realized that she now couldn't have her dream and couldn't start her own company, so she made sure she would never fall pregnant again so Richard would never have his son. ("Bridge Over Troubled Water")

Victoria was always distant from Brooke and blamed her child for taking away her dream. Because of this she wasn’t nurturing and was uncaring of Brooke during her adolescence which greatly affected Brooke as she grew up.

Season 2

Victoria's time in Tree Hill came to a sudden end during Brooke's junior year when her husband got a new job in California. Unlike Brooke, Victoria readily accepted her departure from the quiet town while Brooke didn't want to say goodbye to her home. Lucas then came to Brooke's rescue by offering her his room under Karen's supervision as she was granted permission to stay in Tree Hill. Victoria left the following week. ("Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking") ("Something I Can Never Have")

Brooke and Peyton came to California for the summers following both their junior and senior years, and stayed with Brooke's parents. ("The Leavers Dance") ("Ashes of Dreams You Let Die")

The Missing Years


Victoria tries to persuade Brooke to expand Clothes Over Bros. ("I Forgot to Remember to Forget")

Victoria left California for New York with Brooke, separating from her husband Ted because he travelled so much. She then became involved in Brooke's company, Clothes Over Bros, following her daughters graduation. She eventually became a prominent figure in the company and tried to persuade Brooke to expand, making Clothes Over Bros a more multi-faceted company with the addition of a cosmetics line and a magazine. Around the time with Victoria was trying to persuade Brooke to expand the company, Lucas visited Brooke and the two spent a night on the town and this caused a confrontation between mother and daughter in which Victoria told her to focus on the company and not on love. Brooke reluctantly agreed to take the company to the next level. She then asked Brooke to call her Victoria, claiming that thought "mom" made her sound too old. ("I Forgot to Remember to Forget")

Following the expansion of the company, Brooke did start to feel that Victoria's involvement in Clothes Over Bros was making the company less personal to her. Their relationship remained, at best, a working relationship with any trace of a mother-daughter relationship lost. Brooke also grew annoyed with Victoria's cut-throat approach to business and the two often clashed over their different views on how to lead the company, with Brooke often having to remind Victoria that she worked for her despite Victoria often asserting to Brooke that she was more capable of handling the business side of things. ("4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days")

Season 5


Victoria returns to Tree Hill to bring Brooke back to New York. ("My Way Home Is Through You")

Brooke and Victoria clashed once again when Victoria demanded Brooke to fire a model, Rachel, whose drug addiction caused her to start messing up photo shoots and her being in Clothes Over Bros employ started to created scrutiny among the press. After Brooke let Rachel go, she started to resent the responsibility of running the company and she realized that, although she got what she wished for, she still wasn't happy and this was something Victoria couldn't understand. Victoria was then surprised to learn that Brooke had decided to go return home to Tree Hill with Peyton. ("4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days")

Having learned that Brooke returned home to Tree Hill, Victoria chastised her for putting the company on the line for her personal happiness. She is infuriated when Brooke reveals that she is opening a Clothes Over Bros store in Tree Hill which Victoria never approved. Worrying about the future of the company, Victoria headed to Tree Hill and arrived at Brooke's house and told her that her vacation was over and she had to come back to New York. Despite Brooke's determination that she would not go back, Victoria gave her plane tickets and told her daughter that she expected to see her onboard. ("My Way Home Is Through You")


Brooke and Victoria at the opening of the Tree Hill Clothes Over Bros store. ("It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)")

Brooke decided against going to New York because she needed to be "home" and she wanted to open her store in Tree Hill. Victoria reluctantly agreed but secretly knew that she was setting her daughter up to fail as she believed the Tree Hill location wouldn't be a success. In order to ensure that the store would fail and Brooke would return to New York, she told Millicent to order all of the pieces from the company’s couture line, knowing the items wouldn't sell. While preparing for the launch, Victoria confronted Peyton and told her that she was the reason that Brooke returned, and she returned to Tree Hill to ensure that Peyton wouldn't ruin her daughter's life. Victoria then attended the launch party of the new store and afterwards they discovered that, because the Couture line had been stocked, no expensive items had been purchased. Brooke then discovered that Victoria knew the store would fail and told her that if she had sold just one Couture piece she would let her keep the store. Millicent then stepped up and bought a dress and Victoria was forced to let Brooke keep the store, despite claiming that Millie's purchase meant nothing. ("It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)")


Victoria tries to embarrass Brooke at Tric. ("In Da Club")

When Victoria learned that Brooke had agreed to bankroll Peyton's new record label Red Bedroom Records Victoria stormed the recording studio and demanded to hear Mia's, with the help of Haley, play her new song. Victoria left immediately stating that the label was a disaster and she needed to speak with Peyton to close it down. Peyton then asked Brooke to talk to her and, when they met, Brooke reminded her that it was her money and asked Victoria to leave for New York given how unhappy she was in Tree Hill. Victoria then promised to stop meddling in RBR, but she wouldn't stand by and watch Brooke destroy the company. Brooke later arranged a conference without Victoria's knowledge she berated her daughter and told her that she wasn't smart enough to deal with the business side of things and reminded Brooke that she dealt with that. Brooke later asked Victoria to trust her and reminded her that she loved and appreciated her, but Victoria responded only with "whatever" which left Brooke devastated as she longed to hear Victoria say that she loved her as well. Feeling hurt, Brooke became determined to prove that she could survive without Victoria and she re-arranged the business conference. ("Don't Dream It's Over")

With Brooke trying to control all aspects of the business, Victoria fought back by attending Tric when the Honorary Title performed, knowing that Brooke and all her friends would be there. Trying to infuriate her, Victoria told her that now Brooke seems to think she knows how to run the business she finally has time to relax and party and as much as she tried to deny it, Victoria's presence greatly affected Brooke. Towards the end of the night, Victoria approached Brooke and told her that she was acting like a child in deciding to stay in Tree Hill and told her that she had lost her way. Brooke, however, told her that she had found her way as she was home and surrounded by her friends. When Victoria argued that Peyton and the rest of her friends are using her and she told Brooke that if she really thought she could run Clothes Over Bros on her own then Victoria would let her — but she would lose both her CEO and her mother. ("In Da Club")


Brooke fires Victoria after she drives Rachel away from Tree Hill. ("You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side")

Victoria started to manipulate the business so she would regain control, moving the meeting Brooke planned with Macy's forward so she could handle it and not Brooke. Brooke was devastated to learn what Victoria had done, especially after Victoria to told that she wasn't able to handle the business alone. When Owen told Brooke that she shouldn't be partners with someone who treats her that way, but Brooke told Owen that he didn't know what he was talking about when it came to her and Victoria, insisting that Victoria loved her but showed it in an unconventional manner. When Victoria learned that Rachel had returned into Brooke's life and was staying with her during her detox she went to Brooke's house to confront her. Victoria told Rachel that she was never going to beat her addiction and that she was only hurting Brooke by pretending to try and face her problems. Feeling hurt and vulnerable, Rachel fled and when Brooke learned of Victoria's involvement she called her over to the Clothes Over Bros store to face her. In the confrontation, Victoria told Brooke that she was always there for her and Brooke reminded her that she wasn't always there and Victoria only wanted anything to do with her until she started the company and "earned her love. Brooke then proceeded to fire her mother, saying that a mother's love should never have to be earned. Victoria then left Tree Hill and returned to New York. ("You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side")

Season 6


Victoria reveals she intends to take Clothes Over Bros from Brooke. ("Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 1")

Victoria later made a return to Tree Hill to tell Brooke that the company was failing without her being a part of it, and because she was still Brooke's legal partner she had a right to be a part of the company. Despite Brooke claiming that she fired her both as a CEO and a mother, Victoria reminded her that she is responsible for the success of Clothes Over Bros and it is her who grew the brand, while Brooke is nothing but a designer. Stating that designers come and go, Victoria told Brooke that the board would recognize that she was a more important part of the company and they would fire Brooke giving Victoria full control. With the threat of her taking the company delivered, Victoria tried to get ahold of the sketches to Brooke's new line but Millicent refused to show them too her, calling her an 'evil bitch'. Victoria then left for New York leaving Brooke panicked but determined to fight her. ("Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 1")

Later night that, Brooke was attacked by Xavier Daniels who also destroyed the store and stole her sketches, and Brooke initially believed that Victoria was to blame, telling this to her therapist Olivia. Olivia convinced her to face Victoria and, heeding her advice she headed to New York to confront her mother after Brooke realized that she wouldn't care if her mother was dead. Arriving in New York, Brooke showed up at her mother's house and placed a loaded gun on the table, offering Victoria the chance to hurt her if she really wanted to. However, when Victoria learned of the attack she insisted she didn't hurt her and that she could never physically harm her. Their conversation led Victoria to reveal that she always dreamed of having her own clothing line and she didn't want to have a child. Brooke then signed over her company to her mother, divesting her interest in Clothes Over Bros. She then noted that Victoria had everything she ever wanted — a company and no daughter. ("Bridge Over Troubled Water")


Victoria reaches out to Sam after Jack leaves Tree Hill. ("I Would for You")

After running the company alone, Victoria learned that Clothes Over Bros was failing despite her best efforts to salvage what was left of the business and make it a success. She then returned to Tree Hill to try and get Brooke (who was struggling to cope with her break up with boyfriend Julian) to return to the company, despite Brooke telling her that she wasn't part of the company anymore and she didn't want to be. Victoria later revealed to Brooke that the business was in trouble and she needed her to return not for her, but for all the employees of Clothes Over Bros who would be out of work if Brooke refused to help. Despite her reluctance to go back into business with Victoria, Brooke eventually agreed to return to the company for 51% ownership but she assured Victoria that it was still strictly business. While in Tree Hill, Victoria also met Sam Walker, the teenager who Brooke was fostering and Victoria immediately accused Sam of sponging off Brooke, just like Peyton and Haley. However, Victoria and Sam started to bond after Victoria was there for her after Jack left Tree Hill. ("I Would for You")

Brooke grew concerned by Sam and Victoria's growing relationship and tried to protect Sam, knowing that Victoria would just end up hurting her. However, Victoria's affection for Sam was displayed when she discovered that Sam's mother was trying to contact her and she proceeded to shred the letter not wanting her and Brooke, or herself, to lose Sam. Brooke eventually found the letter and confronted Victoria, telling her to stop trying to make amends for her relationship with Brooke by trying to be a good mother figure to Sam. Brooke eventually gave Sam the letter and persuaded her to make contact with her birth mother. ("A Kiss to Build a Dream On")


Julian confronts Victoria about her treatment of Brooke. ("Forever and Almost Always")

One month after Sam met her birth mother Victoria struggled in her own way to stop them from losing Sam, and she prepared to fight for her while Brooke told her that Sam needed to do what she had to, and they couldn't stop her from being with her mother. Victoria then tried to remind Sam that she was part of the family, referring to her as "a Davis" and Sam was forced to hide her desires to get to know her mother better but Victoria picked up on Sam's resistance to leave her mother behind. Victoria's efforts didn't go unnoticed by Brooke who confronted her, and berated her mother for trying to be a mother to Sam to make up for what she wasn't for her own daughter — and in the process Brooke revealed she planned to adopt Sam. However, Sam eventually left Brooke's home to move in her with mother after Brooke realized it was what she wanted and, after saying goodbye; Victoria started to cry making Brooke realize that she truly did care for Sam. However, with Sam gone, Victoria told Brooke that they had to focus on work. ("Show Me How to Live")

When Julian, Brooke's ex-boyfriend, returned to Tree Hill for Lucas and Peyton's wedding, he went to the Clothes Over Bros store to talk to Brooke but instead found Victoria. After introducing himself, Victoria reminded him that the company was called "Clothes Over Bros" and that Brooke had her work to focus on. This forced Julian to confront her about her treatment of her daughter, telling Victoria that Brooke doesn't think that she is good enough and that was Victoria's fault. Telling Victoria that he is in love with Brooke, he told her that she had to start being nicer to her daughter or eventually he would ensure she wasn't in Brooke's life anymore and asked her to tell Brooke to call him. ("Forever and Almost Always")


Victoria and Brooke reconcile. ("Remember Me as a Time of Day")

While working towards the re-launch of Clothes Over Bros, Victoria didn't want to distract Brooke from her work and didn't want Julian to have a chance to executer his threat and so she didn't tell her about Julian's visit, nor his request for her to make contact with him. However, Julian's words started to affect Victoria as she realised how hurt and fragile Brooke was after losing both Julian and Sam. With the company's re-launch set in motion Victoria decided to return to New York but before she left she told Brooke to go to L.A and tell Julian that she loves him, speaking to Brooke from her own experience. Victoria then told her that she never told her the story of her first love because she was a terrible mother who nearly broke her beautiful, kind and strong daughter. Victoria then told Brooke that love was the most important thing "and the clothes can wait." Victoria then gave Brooke the company, in its entirety, saying Brooke was more important to her than Clothes Over Bros. Saying she was proud of Brooke, Victoria finally told Brooke that she loved her and the two reconciled.

Victoria then returned to New York and with her relationship with Brooke repaired and Brooke followed her mother's advice and opened her heart to Julian. ("Remember Me as a Time of Day")


With Brooke now running Clothes Over Bros, Victoria started running the New York branch of the company but she remained happy that her daughter was taking control in spite of it inhibiting her own success. Victoria's prominence in the company diminished as Millicent started to rise in the ranks of the company eventually becoming Victoria's boss. However, with both Brooke and Millie in Tree Hill, Victoria took temporary leadership of the New York branch. Despite her repaired relationship with Brooke, Victoria still maintained her cold and malicious nature with many employees such as Millicent who, despite her superiority to Victoria, was still intimidated by her. ("4:30 A.M (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)") ("Believe Me, I'm Lying")

Season 7


Victoria and Julian watch the Clothes Over Bros fashion show. ("Believe Me, I'm Lying")

Fourteen months after she and Brooke repaired their relationship, Clothes Over Bros launched a new line and, to coincide, organized a fashion show at Tric run by Millicent featuring the new face of the company, Alex Dupre, on the runway. In order to ensure the smooth running of the show, Brooke called in Victoria to assist. Victoria continued to act subservient to her boss, Millicent, but maintained her domineering manner stating that the picture of Alex that Millicent chose to include in the gifts bags would "have to do" after Victoria chose another. Victoria also met Alex and was quick to establish that she was unimpressed with the actress that she was overpaying to be there but, for once, Alex met Victoria's bitchy expressions and fought back deeming her an "old lady who used to be important." By this point, Victoria had shown her approval of Julian, despite the fact that she would never say it out loud. When one of the models overdosed, the fashion show was put in jeopardy and Millicent was forced to model, and Victoria took charge of the fashion show after spending the day acting as Millicent's "training wheels". However, Brooke saved the day by putting Millicent in a top saying, "Zero Is Not A Size" and Victoria was decidedly impressed by her daughter's talent and quick thinking. While in Tree Hill, Victoria noticed how close Julian and Alex were, and warned Brooke to stop Alex from getting too close to Julian. When Brooke reminded Victoria that Julian was a good guy, Victoria guessed that Alex has "wrecked a few good guys in her day". She returned to New York, warning Brooke to be wary of Alex and Julian. ("Believe Me, I'm Lying")


Victoria bails Millie out of jail after she is arrested. ("You Know I Love You, Don't You")

Victoria returned to Tree Hill once more when it seemed her prediction that Alex would come between Brooke and Julian came true and she needed to support her daughter. Victoria, however, became distracted by Millicent and the dark path that she was headed down, which she first recognized when Millie demanded the company pay her half a million dollars for modelling for Clothes Over Bros. While at Tric, Victoria saw Alex and Millie drinking together and Alex suggested they drive somewhere else and Victoria then called the police, reporting Millie as a drunk driver wanting to give her a wake-up call. After letting Millie spend a night in jail, Victoria bailed her out only to protect Brooke's investment in her but Victoria offering helping hand to Millie had little effect as, when promised more cocaine as a reward, Millie still stole from Brooke, Victoria and the company. Seeing how heartbroken her daughter was after Brooke told her mother about her infirtility and her problems with Julian, Victoria told Brooke that maybe Julian wasn't the right guy for her. She then told Brooke about Millie stealing the dress from her, and encouraged Brooke to talk to Millie. ("You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son") ("You Know I Love You, Don't You") ("Some Roads Lead Nowhere")

Season 8

Victoria goes to jail for investment fraud. Later in the season, she is released in time for Thanksgiving, much to Brooke's dismay. 

Season 9

Throughout Victoria’s appearances on One Tree Hill you have seen her grow in ways many never thought possible. Victoria now strives to take care of Jude and Davis and to help Brooke and Julian out. Victoria through the beginning of season nine though is constantly warning Brooke about her growing relationship with her father.



When Victoria was a young woman she fall in love with a poor boy. But his parents didn't like this relation so she brooken-up. She married the son of the weathly Robert Davis Sr. Robert Theodore Davis with whom she had a daughter Brooke Penelope. But she didn't like her husband and she left him years later. During a little time Victoria flirted with Brooke's father-in-law Paul Norris but finally she began a relationship with Brooke's employee Alexander Coin. Recently Victoria was forced to see again her husband.



Victoria and her daughter grandsons and son-in-law ("Know This, We've Noticed")

Victoria was raised by the very judgmental parents. Initally a career oriented woman who was married to her husband Ted Davis despite their marriage being almost loveless, Victoria fell pregnant and initally resented her daughter, Brooke. While Brooke was growing up, Victoria was resentful and cold towards her chosing to let her get through life on her own, which seriously impacted Brooke. At the end of Brooke's junior year, Victoria and Richard moved to California and Brooke stayed in Tree Hill under the care of Karen Roe, but Brooke stated that Victoria never made contact with her. After Brooke graduated, she and Victoria moved to New York to make her company Clothes Over Bros a sucsess and Brooke reluctantly agreed to let Victoria help her. The two began a power struggle for control of the company, with Victoria seeing Brooke as nothing more than the company's designer. However, Brooke kept Victoria around because she believed their familial bond counted for something. Victoria has two grandsons, Davis and Jude Baker, by her daughter and son-in-law, Julian. She loved her grandsons and passed very much time with them and cared of them, and even if she not has been a perfect mother for her daughter during her teens years Victoria tried to be a perfect grandmother.



Around season 5 through 6, she was a total bitch and cold-hearted.  She and Brooke don't get a long.  She was like the female Dan Scott who pushes her daughter into achieving her dream Clothes Over Bros.  When she was a teenager, she wanted to run her own fashion line.  She got married to Ted Davis, because her parents force her to marry him.  Because he is rich and can provide everything for her.  Even though she was in love with someone else.  She and Ted have an estrange relationship and she doesn't love him like he used to be.  Ted had an ongoing affairs a lot of women behind her back. Which she was aware of.  She was pregnant with Brooke, her father wanted to have a boy.  After Brooke was born, she resented her and got her tubes tied.  If he couldn't have his son, she can't have her dream too.  Just like Dan Scott, she pushes Brooke into achieving her dream.  Brooke always wants to be a fashion designer, but Victoria pushed her into having one.  She always gives Brooke her freedom and gives her money to leave.  She was aware of Brooke promiscuity.  She always resents Brooke achievements in high school like student body president and head cheerleader.  After Brooke graduated high school, Victoria was proud of her living up her dream as a fashion designer.  So they work together in a multi-million dollar industry called clothes over bros and she and her husband separated at that time.  She and Brooke moved to New York and he stayed in California.  Victoria hated Brooke going back to Tree Hill that she calls a middle of nowhere.  She hated her daughter dating guys like Lucas Scott and Chase Adams.  She also hated her daughter moving back to Tree Hill and investing money in Peyton record company.  She also wanted to fire Rachel Gatina for messing up Clothes Over Bros, only Brooke has the authorization to fire her.  Brooke did fire her and Rachel was a mess after that day.  After Rachel decide to get clean and sober, was ready to kick the habit.  Victoria scared her off and told her she will never change.  Brooke fired her after that day.  Around season 6, Brooke may fired her, she still owns half a million shares of the company and will convince the board to fire Brooke.  Brooke was beaten up and robbed at her own store, she told Brooke, she never wanted children and she always envied you living out her dream.  Brooke gave the company to her mother.  After that, Victoria ran the company and it went down the tubes.  When she met Sam, Brooke's foster daughter.  She had a do-over with her and become a better mother to her.  She and Brooke finally reconcile and was proud she dated Julian.  Julian is the first person to fight for her.  Around season 7-8, they work really hard for the company and is really protective of Brooke.  She always fight hard to keep Julian and Brooke together.  She was upset what Milicent turning into.  She saved her life, by calling the police when she was about to have a DUI.  She covince the judge to drop the charges on her and gave her job back in Clothes over Bros.  Around season 8 Brooke sold the company, when she found out Victoria and Millicent forged her signature on a contract that she was unaware of.  She got arrested and Victoria turn herself in and got a lighter sentence.  She was mad at Brooke for selling the company to pay off the investors.  They made up and around season 9.  Brooke gave birth twin boys.  She became a better grandmother to them.  She still hated her husband Ted, trying to get back into Brooke's life.  But they made up and both of them invest in Brooke's new company Baker's boys.  It was more successful than Clothes over bros.  


  • Brooke's birth[[Click to Continue > by CS| certificate]] lists her mother's name as Barbara Anne Davis. This[[Click to Continue > by CS| continuity]] error occurred because the certificate was displayed in Things I Forgot At Birth, while Victoria's first appearance occurred one year later in 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days.
    • Also, According to Brooke's birth certificate, Victoria has Brooke at the age of 14, as it says her birthday is July 23rd, 1975, and Brooke's being March 4th, 1989.
  • Victoria confessed that she never wanted children and when she got pregnant with Brooke, she hinted that she thought of abortion. However, her husband wanted a son. But when Brooke was born, he went off and cheated on Victoria. After that, she made sure that if she didn't get the life that she wanted, then he wouldn't get his son. It is assumed she meant that she got her tubes tied.
  • Her husband calls her Vicky like her son-in-law.
  • She wanted to be the godmother of her both grandchildren as her husband was the godfather.
  • She is a good cook ("In The Room Where You Sleep").
  • She had never achieve her dreams but her daughter does.
  • She is the only main character's mother to appears in the final episode of the series.
  • She was the Dan Scott of One Tree Hill around season 5-6.  
  • Brooke and Victoria relationship is similar to Queen Helena Henstridge and her daughter Princess Eleanor in the Royals.  
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