The following are the details of the relationships that Victoria Davis has been a part of throughout and before the series.

Dan Scott

Unnamed boy
Start Up: Before Pilot
Ended: Before Pilot

Relationship: Ex-Boyfriend
Details: Victoria Montgomery fell in love with that boy when she was young, but her parents didn't approve of her relationship with someone of a lower status, and she left was forced to leave him.

Keith Scott

Ted Davis
Start Up: Before Pilot
Marriage: Before Pilot

Relationship: Husband
Details: Victoria and Ted got married due to Victoria's pregnancy with their daughter Brooke but it was a marriage of convenience and the two were often unhappy. But they remained together for over 20 years but then separated although they have never divorced. But they have since recoiled.

Bucko the Clown

Paul Norris
Start Up: Unknown

Relationship: Fling
Details: Victoria filtered with Paul Norris, the future father-in-law of her daughter. Although Brooke started to suspect a relationship between the two although its not known if it was with Paul or Alexander Coin.
Paul victoria

Skills Taylor

Alexander Coin
Start Up: At The Bottom Of Everything
Break Up: Before Danny Boy
Relationship: Ex-Boyfriend
Details: After having a fling together the two began an affair despite Alexander sleeping multiply times with Alex Dupre. Although Alexander later wanted to make the relationship more committed and after sometime Victoria agreed to make the relationship public.

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