"We Change, We Wait" is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 121st produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on January 19, 2009. Lucas and Julian struggle to choose a director for their movie while Peyton has mixed feelings about a surprise gift from Lucas. Brooke struggles with issues about her relationship with Julian and Mia finally feels inspired by Chase.


615 b n jul are caught

Sam catches Brooke and Julian making out

At a Charleston Chief’s game, they are playing a very close game and in their last play, Bobby instructs them to go four out and instructs a confident Devon with what to do. As Devon goes to play, he asks Nathan if he knows where he is supposed to be as he is on the bench. Nathan looks up in shame as his son shouts for him to play. As the final point needs to be scored, Devon shoots but misses and the whole team is disappointed. Going into the changing rooms, Devon is boasting about his playing even though he missed the final shot. As he boasts, Nathan asks if he realizes they lost as Devon says they lost, but he scored 33 points. Nathan reminds him it is a team sport as Devon laughs it off as he put up big numbers which is what the NBA scouts look for, unlike players who spend their time on the bench. Nathan gets up as Bobby walks in and Devon says he was just reminded Nathan whose team it was. Peyton walks in on Lucas cleaning dishes as it helps him think. He tells Peyton that he is worrying about the movie as him and Julian have turned down 5 directors and the following day director number 6 is being seen as well as Julian’s dad is coming to town as he is unhappy with their progress. Peyton assures him that director number 6 will be the right one, but Lucas has doubts as he needs someone with his visions. As Nathan leaves the gym, Jamie is fired up about him losing the game and says that it is the losers that lost the game not him, but Nathan reminds him it is a team effort and that Jamie should remember that. Brooke and Julian are making out as she worries what she will tell Peyton. As Julian asks to move it on to the bedroom, Brooke refuses saying that she told Sam ‘no boys’ and so she will not be a hypocrite mom. She kisses him again as Julian reminds her that she broke the rule, but Brooke still refuses just as Sam walks in. She asks if the rules have been changed and that she is allowed to make out with boys on the couch but not in her room. She tells Brooke that she will use her headphones tonight, just in case and Brooke is embarrassed. As Julian asks to continue in her bedroom, without their clothes, Brooke storms off and slams the door.
615 l loses hope for a good director

Lucas loses hope in the search for a film director

The following day, the director comes to town and is weird to Lucas. He points out a trailer from a dump that is Lucas’ new house for the movie but Lucas refuses. The director then decides to use a hand held camera for the movie, but Julian refuses. He tells the director, it is good to have a vision but they want to keep the story real. The director then says that his Uncle Keith will be killed in Lucas’ rival gang and Lucas walks off in anger saying that he is done. Dan is at the doctors and is told that the chances of a heart are still slim. He is given another beeper as Dan remembers Carrie throwing it against the wall in fury as the doctor tells him to call him this time. Nathan goes to see Bobby and asks to talk about game time. As Bobby says he is still learning to play offense, but Nathan says that the team is keep losing and that is why they are talking. Bobby tells him to wait his turn as Nathan argues that Devon is not playing as a team. Bobby gives him a book about new offense strategies for him to look over and Nathan takes it. Lucas and Julian meet Paul at a restaurant. He asks what was wrong with the director as Lucas says he was too idiotic. Julian agrees as Paul says it is time for him step in and asks them to pick one or he will pick one for them. He tells them they have until tomorrow. Nathan walks in on Haley playing piano as he admires her talent. She asks how it went with the coach as Nathan says that he is not going to be playing so her and Jamie should stop going to see the games as his inspiration is sat on the bench. But Haley believes it is good for Jamie to see him on the bench and also tells him that they, as a family, are a team so they will keep coming. Julian goes to see Brooke at her store and finds all the clothes lined up for the film. She shows him a letterman jacket and Julian is amazed. Julian tells her that he did not play sport in high school so never had a letterman jacket, so Brooke gives him one. As they talk, Peyton walks in and asks if they had sex as she can sense it. Brooke tells her that they did not have sex as Peyton would hate her. Peyton says she would not hate her as he can draw people in easily, however she should know that the weekend he broke up with her that he slept with someone else immediately and that is when she realized how bad he was and she may end up like that so she should be careful.

615 b n jul end fling

Brooke ends her fling with Julian

Haley answers a knock at the door and finds Lucas at the bottom of the stairs proposing to her. She tells him it is creepy as Lucas laughs that the crazy director in L.A. wanted that to happen in the movie. He shows Haley the ring and asks if she thinks that Peyton will like it and Haley is amazed by it. Haley admits that she always thought he would give Peyton Keith’s ring, but Lucas has her doubts as he gave it to Lindsey too so he couldn’t go wrong with a new ring. Haley agrees as she pretends it is stuck and walks off with it. Brooke is designing some more clothes as Julian walks in with his letterman jacket on and Brooke is instantly distant. When asked if she is okay, Brooke tells him that she does not want to make it awkward but asks if they are going anywhere, what are they doing together and Julian says that they are having fun. As Brooke walks away, she explains that she is trying to set a good example for Sam and does not want to have to explain having fun to Sam. As Julian asks what it is about, whether it is her, Sam or Peyton, Brooke says that it does not matter as he will be leaving after the movie anyway. Julian realizes that is her problem and tells her that if it is a worry then maybe they should slow it down and as Brooke begins to take offense, Julian says that she had already decided to put the brakes on before he even arrived. He walks out telling her it can be whatever she wants it to be. Jamie and Dan are at the river as they talk about the beeper as Jamie tells him about his dad not playing as Dan says that Nathan has the heart to make it work for him. Meanwhile, Chase and Mia are kissing in the studio as Mia asks to play a song for him. As she sits down, she explains that she is nervous as she has never played it to anyone before. She reminds him of the conversation they had the previous night about flying over the city and things looking different from a distant and that inspired her to write and she begins to play.

615 l proposes at lake

Lucas proposes to Peyton at their lake

Lucas and Peyton are in the car as Lucas pulls up against the lake where Peyton’s car broke down when they first spoke, which they now know as ‘their spot.’ Lucas admits he came here a lot when she was away and that they are using it as part of his movie. They remember their first awkward conversation as Lucas says that, even though Peyton thought otherwise, he always knew her. He then gets down on one knee and proposes as Peyton is overwhelmed by the ring and admits that she is so glad that he always knew her. At the river court, Nathan is playing basketball and as he trains, Dan comes up to him and compliments him on his training. He begins to boast as Dan says that losing has it’s advantages as Nathan begins to laugh at his advice. Eventually Nathan listens to Dan telling him that even though Devon is their lead player, eventually he will be playing on Nathan’s team, but Nathan has doubts. Dan promises he will get his chance but he needs to be ready. Dan shows him the buzzer and tells him that it decides whether he gets a second chance and if he does, he will make the most of it, but they both have to wait. Peyton arrives back at her studio and is thrilled to see Paul. He compliments her on her happiness as Peyton shows him her engagement ring. They think how long it has been since they have spoken as Paul reveals that he believes that letting her go was the top of Julian’s mistakes that he has made in his life. He also tells her that although she believes otherwise, Julian was heartbroken when they broke up and he planted the tabloid story that he was sleeping around as Julian skipped his film premiere and Sundance to heal his heart. Meanwhile, Julian is laying out cards of possible directors for the movie. Julian and Lucas end up looking for the best of the worst directors as they need one for the movie.

615 p admits desire for kei ring

Peyton admits she wants Keith's ring

Jamie goes to see Nathan who is looking up work and asks if he is ever going to play and Nathan says that he will eventually but it is up to the coach who wants the best for the team. Jamie then sits down to help him learn some new skills. Jamie checks if he cannot play until the coach wants him to as Nathan confirms it, making Jamie think. Lucas goes to see Brooke and asks for a letterman jacket. As Brooke says he will have to wait, Lucas says that Julian didn’t have to and she immediately thinks that he is talking about sex. Brooke asks if that is what Julian has been saying and Lucas says that it is about his jacket but realizes that she and Julian have been up to something. He asks as Brooke tells him that it ended today and that they were only having fun. Lucas says that he never knew but that is probably because he does not like Julian. They talk about the desperate search for a director as Brooke tells him that he does not have to compromise as it has to be his vision, not someone else’s and should do what it takes to make sure the story is told the way he remembers it. Peyton goes to see Haley as Jamie makes a call on the phone. Peyton sits down and reveals Mia’s new record that she believes is fantastic. Haley is ecstatic as Jamie says down the phone that him and the recipient have to talk. Peyton then shows Haley her ring as Peyton admits she always saw herself wearing Keith’s ring, so Haley tells her how Lucas thought it was inappropriate. On the phone, Jamie repeats what his grandfather told him to Bobby Irons and tells him to think about it and Bobby agrees that he will.

615 n is chosen to play

Nathan is asked to replace Devon

Julian is talking to Lucas about the director who has changed his mind. As Julian asks for an answer, a limo pulls up in front of Lucas’ house. They wonder who it is and is shocked as Reece steps out of the car. He tells them that he has decided to give them another chance as he knows they are struggling to find a director, but Julian and Lucas are less than thrilled about it. Chase brings Mia a drink and they joke and kiss happily. Meanwhile, Reese tells them that even though he knows they are thinking about fast food and getting laid, he is also thinking about why he should be directing the film. He tells them that they need a director that can translate the film to the big screen. Lucas tells him that he is not going to direct the movie as he cannot identify with the movie and can therefore not understand how the small things are the big things so he cannot direct the movie. Peyton goes to see Brooke and tells her that she sucks. She admits to Brooke that she was wrong about Julian as she has just found out it was all lies. Brooke thanks her but says that she will not violate the girl code. Peyton tells her that she is exempt from the girl code considering she is engaged to her ex. Nathan is at training and goes to Devon and tells him about who he will be facing that night. He tells him what to change to win the game, but Devon just laughs in his face and tells him to sit on the bench, unaware Bobby is listening. Lucas joins Paul at a bar and tells him that he has decided to choose none of the directors. Lucas tells him that they can do better, but Paul tells him that his time is up. During the game, Bobby tries to coach Devon, but he puts up a stand when told not to take the last shot, so Bobby sits him on the bench and puts Nathan in the game. As he does, Jamie and Haley cheer and Nathan begins to play. As instructed, he passes the ball to Rhodes who scores the winning basket.

615 l gives p kei ring

Lucas gives Peyton the ring she wants

Reese meets with Paul and is told he has two minutes to impress him so he can make the movie. Reese tells him that the movie could be the first impressive one he has made. As Paul seems unimpressed, Reese repeats the qualities that Lucas asked from a director and impresses Paul. After the game, Nathan joins Dan on the court and congratulates him. He tells him that he always knew he would make it and that he is proud of him, even though he does not get to be a part of. As he leaves, Nathan watches Haley and Jamie playing on the court. Mia is recording as Chase joins her smiling. Peyton goes to see Lucas and asks to talk to him. She gives him the ring back and says that she cannot accept it as she wants to wear Keith’s ring. Lucas gives her the ring and puts it on her finger happily, saying it is right where it belongs and Peyton promises that it will be forever. Julian goes to see Brooke and gives her the letterman jacket. He tells her that this means that they are going steady. As Brooke warns him that it is not a game, Julian tells her that everyone thought he came for the girl in the book, but he came for a movie. But now he is after the girl in the book, the other girl and kisses Brooke. Reese knocks at Lucas’ door and walks in telling him that he has signed onto the movie and he is now the official director. As he leaves, he tells Lucas that he has some plans about the ending, but they can talk about it tomorrow, and calls him his partner. He walks out leaving Lucas shocked and angry.

Memorable Quotes

”I’m not allowed to have boys in the bedroom, but it’s okay if I fool around with them out here on the couch. Is that correct?
Sam Walker as she walks in on Brooke Davis and Julian Baker making out on the couch

”Okay, let’s hear it. What was wrong with this director? Too short? Too tall?”
”Too idiot”
Paul Norris to Lucas Scott

”The weekend that he broke up with me, he just jumped into bed with somebody else. Okay, he flew off to Sundance, slept with some actress before I could even wipe away the tears, you know. It was all in the tabloids and that’s when I realized what a bad guy he is. You know, I just couldn’t figure it out until then. So I want you to be careful, all right? Because the second this movie’s over, he’s gonna be off to another movie with a new conquest and before you know it, that charming guy with the sweet grin disappears. That’s just who he is”
Peyton Sawyer warns Brooke Davis about Julian Baker

”I always knew you. I have something for you, now, we’re already engaged, so I don’t know if I’m supposed to get down on one knee, but...”
”Oh my god, is that for me?”
”Yes, do you like it?”
”Are you kidding, it’s beautiful. I am so glad you always knew me”
Lucas Scott proposes to Peyton Sawyer

”Julian didn’t have to wait”
”Is that what he told you, that I didn’t make him wait?”
”No, I came to that conclusion when he showed me his new jacket”
Lucas Scott gives Brooke Davis the wrong idea

”You don’t have to compromise, not if you don’t want to. The worst thing that could happen is for this movie to fail because they went with someone else’s vision...Do whatever it takes, just make sure they tell the story the way you remember it”
Brooke Davis to Lucas Scott

”Lucas really wanted to give you Keith’s ring. He just thought that you wouldn’t want it since he already gave it to Lindsey”
Haley James Scott to Peyton Sawyer

”So you see, it’s not all about Xs and Os, it’s about heart. I just think you should really think about that”
Jamie Scott to Bobby Irons to try and get Nathan Scott to play

”Lucas Scott, you son of a bitch”
Reese returns to Tree Hill

”Okay, let me tell you why you’re not gonna direct this movie: Because you can’t identify with this world. I mean, I want a director who can recreate that feeling that I get every time I step out onto the river court at night. I want someone who can explain to the audience why one song can instantly change Peyton’s mood. Someone who can recognize that there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis, both of which are amazing. I want a director that can make the little things, the big things”
Lucas Scott

”You know, I knew you’d make it, and I know I don’t get to be a part of it but I’m so proud of you, son”
Dan Scott to Nathan Scott

”I can’t accept this ring. I mean it’s beautiful and I love it, it’s, it’s just not the ring that I wanna wear because I always dreamed of wearing Keith’s ring and I know how much it means to you so that’s the ring I wanna wear for the rest of my life”
Peyton Sawyer to Lucas Scott

”When I first got here, everyone though I came for a girl, the girl in the book. But I only came here to make a movie. But now it turns out everyone was right. I am here for the girl in the book, the other girl”
Julian Baker

”I just wanted to come round and give you the good news myself. I’m directing the movie. It’s done, I signed on tonight. You and me are going to have some fun”
Reese to Lucas Scott


No Voice-over


  • "The Nature Of Reality" - Oasis
  • "Spiralling" - Keane
  • "Destiny" - Minnutes
  • "Stuck In The Backseat" - The Noises 10
  • "When The World Ends" - The Bittersweets
  • "Manhatten From The Sky" - Kate Voegele
  • "More To Love" - Minnutes
  • "Ullyses" - Franz Ferdinand
  • "Jazz Magic" - APM Music
  • "Once When I Was Little" - James Morrison

This episode's title originated from the song We Change, We Wait, originally sung by The Maine.


Episode References

  • Chase and Mia discuss a conversation they had the night before about things looking differently from a distance, inspiring Mia to write.
  • Lucas and Peyton go to the lake where they first spoke to one another. ("Pilot")

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