We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)

November 17, 2008
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"We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me)" is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 117th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on November 17, 2008. In a very special episode, Chad Michael Murray pens an homage to the classic films of the 1940s. Karen's Cafe is transformed into a glamorous nightclub with Lucas as its proprietor.



Lucas receives a call from Peyton.

While busy writing and reviewing the script for An Unkindness Of Ravens, Lucas watches the film Casablanca and is interrupted by a phone call from Peyton, who is at Red Bedroom Records. She asks him about Julian and how the film writing is going, but Lucas is distracted by a pendant hanging on Peyton's dressing with a dove on it. She tells her that her father bought it for her while out at sea. She then tells Lucas to get back to writing but Lucas grows distracted by the TV - as Casablanca plays...

...A figure walks through a crowded club, greeting the many customers while a band plays. Reaching the bar, he reveals himself to be Lucas Scott - the owner of the prestigious Karen's Cafe. Making his way around the club he comes across Marvin McFadden, a gossip columnist planning on making it big with a life-changing story that he claims is going to shake up the whole town. Lucas then makes his way to his piano player Antwon Taylor before settling at the bar with Brooke Davis, an old friend of Lucas'. Down on her luck with both men and money, Brooke reminds Lucas that he could help her out with both problems but Lucas urges to her that ever since his mother Karen passed the Cafe down to him he has no time to mix business and pleasure. He leaves, but Brooke assures him that he'll be back. Working his way down the bar, Lucas stops to talk to his bartender Nathan Scott who asks how the search for his replacement is going, given that Nathan will soon be called up to fight in the war. Lucas tells him that the job and the room is there for him until he leaves, and when he gets back. Nathan then asks how long it is until his new lounge singer takes to the stage, and Lucas tells him to give the woman a minute.


Haley James takes to the stage.

In the backroom of Karen's Cafe, Haley James prepares to take to the stage while listening to a news report - and she is rudely interrupted by Dan Scott the owner of the Comet Club, a rival club to Karen's Cafe. Dan reminds Haley that she is his singer and she can't run away from him. He tells her that her return to the Comet Club, which Haley recently departed, is inevitable but Haley refuses to go back to "that hellhole". The two get into an argument and Dan kisses Haley, telling her that he decides what is final. Haley slaps him and tells him to get out of her as Dan tells Haley that he'll be watching her performance. Minutes later, Haley puts on a confident demeanor and goes on stage at Karen's Cafe. While she performs, Lucas and Nathan discuss her and Nathan asks if a girl like her could ever like a "bartender like her". As her performance goes on, Karen's Cafe receives some unwelcome visitors - Dan Scott, his surrogate daughter Peyton Sawyer and his henchman Julian Baker. While watching the show, Dan runs into Brooke and reminds her that she had debts that need to be repaid. She claims that she has something in the works, but has to keep drinking expensive champagne to keep up appearances. Dan threatens her, saying her appearance will suffer if he doesn't get the money and Brooke leaves, worried.

Lucas then approaches Dan and Dan goads him about the relationship he had with his mother, Karen, and tells him that if Lucas gives Haley back then he will consider letting Lucas live. Julian then smashes a bottle and threatens Lucas, but Officer Owen Morello breaks up the would-be fight and persuades Dan to leave the cafe. As he leaves, Lucas and Peyton Sawyer share a meaningful glance before Dan leads her out and Lucas returns to his customers - offering them all a drink on the house for the disruption.


Dan intimidates Brooke.

After her performance, Haley walks to the bar but is harassed on her way by a drunken patron who asks her for a dance. Despite Haley's persistence, he doesn't back off until Nathan hits his head off the bar knocking him unconscious. Haley then recommends that Nathan cuts the guy off, but Nathan instead shows his intent to buy the man a drink for giving him an excuse to talk to "the gorgerous singer". . Stunned, Haley said she should buy him too, the second being from her. Elsewhere, Julian drives Dan and Peyton back to her house, but gives them a moment alone where Dan tells Peyton he saw her making eyes to Lucas and tells her not to lie to him, because he promised her mother that he would look after her. Meanwhile, Lucas closes the Cafe, saying goodbye to a drunken Marvin and a seductive Brooke who leaves a trial to hail a cab, before realizing she doesn't have enough money. She decides to walk home and shows her generous nature by giving what money she does have to a homeless man on the street. During her walk home, Brooke encounters Dan who starts to intimidate her demanding his money. When she asks for more time, he obliges giving her one more day to get his money back to him.


Peyton tells Lucas that she wants to be free.

At the closed Cafe, Haley and Nathan talk and Haley tells Nathan that she likes Tree Hill City because of the rain because it feels like home to her. Nathan tells Haley that Karen would approve of her and she would be honored to have a woman of Haley's class in her club and Nathan then asks Haley to go out with him sometime. However, Lucas calls him over and shows him a letter telling him that he is being called up to serve in the war. The news of his imminent departure spurs Nathan on to ask Haley to go out with him, tonight. Their date is interrupted when Peyton arrives, having broken down her car, needing help from Lucas telling him that Dan isn't with her. They bond as he attempts to fix her car. Unable to fix her car, Lucas instead offers to walk her home. On the walk home, Peyton asks Lucas if he thinks she's pretty but Lucas tells her that he doesn't know her well enough yet, forcing Peyton to try and get to know him. Lucas later asks her why she associated herself with Dan and she tells him the true story about Dan and her mother falling in love and her mother dying, leaving Dan to care for Peyton. Peyton, however, tells Lucas that she needs to be free from Dan, and she needs love.

Haley and Nathan are dancing at the cafe as Haley laughs that she never imagined having a night at Karen’s cafe but Nathan asks why not. The two dance and as they flirt, Nathan tells Haley that his unit has been called up for military duty and he has to leave the following night. As Haley sighs with sadness, Nathan tells her there is no one else he would rather spend his night with. Haley asks if it is the truth as she wants to believe it is as Nathan confirms it is and they kiss as he declares the night is perfect to him. Peyton is walking with Lucas as she is telling him how she wants to be free and make her own decisions instead of having the life that Dan planned for her. She admits she came to see him as she wanted to experience something different and Lucas is the first thing she has laid her eyes on that is. She then realised she has said too much and as she goes to walk away as Lucas tells her that she is pretty in an answer to her question previously. He tells her that her heart makes her more than pretty, it makes her beautiful. As she thanks him, she tells him that no one knows about her mother and Dan except for her and now him and Lucas promises never to say a word. He tells her about the sign above his cafe and invites her to do something else one night. Lucas then is about to ask a question as Peyton tells him just to do it and they kiss happily, before bidding each other goodnight. As Peyton leaves, Lucas walks off happily, unaware Brooke has been watching from a distance.

611 n n h in park

Haley and Nathan spend the day together

Nathan and Haley are sitting in the park as Haley laughs as their simplistic date. She asks what he is thinking as Nathan tells her that he loves her and always has. He tells her that he knows it sounds crazy, but he is afraid of dying without letting her know how much he loves her. Haley kisses him and tells him that he is not going to die, he is going to come back to her and kisses him. She then tells him that she has had a crazy idea and to trust him. Meanwhile, Brooke goes to see Dan who is eating his dinner. She tells him that she does not have the money she owes him, but has something much more valuable, just as Julian walks in telling Dan that Officer Morello will be there shortly and has to cover up by saying for his appointment. Dan asks her what he would want from her and Brooke tells him that she has information that she will share if he drops her debt, but Dan tells her to say it and he will consider dropping her debt. With no other choice, Brooke tells Dan that Peyton and Lucas were together last night, something Dan refuses to believe as he told her not to and drove her home. Brooke tells him that she must have misheard him unless he told Peyton to kiss Lucas. Shocked, Dan accuses Brooke of lying and kicks her out, but as Brooke leaves, she says that it is such a pity that Peyton’s mother died after him being in love with her. She tells Dan that her debt is paid as Dan tells her that there is still hope for her and that there is one more thing for her to do before her debt is completely cleared. Later, Antwon leaves the club to find Julian waiting outside for him. He offers him a lift then a job at the Comet Club, but Skills refuses telling him that he is doing just fine at Karen’s Cafe. Julian shakes his hand but then grabs it and tells him that a piano player with a broken hand is not ‘just fine.’ He pushes him against the car and begins slamming the car door on his hand.

Peyton goes to the club that night and gives Lucas a dove pendent. She tells Lucas that she used to go to the seaside with her mother and would be taken out by this man on a boat. Whilst out there she would feel free and would cry when she had to go back to the harbour. One day, the man on the boat gave her the pendent and told her that one day she would be free and until that day to keep the dove as a reminder of her dream. She tells him that the dove has always stood for freedom to her and it comforts her, like he does. She goes to leave as Lucas asks her to stay, but Peyton refuses saying she would will wait till that night cap as she does not want to look too needy. Meanwhile, Dan throws a bucket of water over Officer Owen Morello. He accuses him of being stubborn as he did not look the other way with Dan’s behaviour. He hits an already bloody Officer Owen Morello across the face. Dan begins mocking Officer Morello for not begging for his life as it takes the fun out of killing him, a lot like when he murdered Keith Scott. He begins punching him as Marvin watches from a distance in fear. He goes to leave as he is too scared, but Julian taps him on the back. As Mouth turns round, Julian punches him, knocking him out.

611 mou pushed off bridge

Dan pushes Mouth off a bridge

At a bridge, Julian is making Mouth drink. They have tied him up and stood him in a bucket of cement which has dried. As Mouth shivers with fear, Dan tells him that he should have stuck to gossip columns as that would not have gotten him killed. As he threatens Mouth, Peyton runs onto the bridge and accuses Dan of being evil. She tells him that she wanted to believe otherwise but believes she always knew, so she followed him. As she says this, Dan asks how Lucas is and calls her a whore. Mouth then shouts that he killed Keith and knew he was on to something. Shocked, Peyton asks if it is true and as she questions Dan, he hits her across the face and tells her to wait in the car, which she does due to fear. Dan then goes up to Mouth as they push him towards the edge of the bridge. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley imagine their life in Tree Hill City with a big house and some children. Nathan asks for a little girl, but Haley wants a son and Nathan suggests calling him James after her surname and Haley shortens the name down to Jamie. Dan is leaning Marvin off a bridge ready to kill him and offers him one last chance, as he is a charitable guy. He tells Marvin to beg for his life, but Marvin refuses and says no one else will beg soon as they will find out what he done and he will go down. Dan then tells him he will be the only one going down and begins laughing, but Mouth spits in his face. Dan wipes his face with a cloth and then throws it off the bridge. He asks Marvin to get it for him and throws him off the bridge. He watches as he sees Mouth’s hat float to the top of the river. As he turns around, Julian tells him that Peyton has gone. At Karen’s cafe, Antwon walks in and shows Lucas his hand. Lucas asks what happened and Antwon tells him it was Julian and Dan. Peyton then storms in and tells them that they are going to kill Marvin and also reveals that Dan killed Keith. Furious, Lucas grabs a case from underneath the bar. He grabs out a gun as Peyton and Skills try to get him not to do anything stupid and to leave with Peyton that night or else he will get hurt. Lucas tells them that he has hurt him by taking Keith away and has hurt everybody, including Peyton and somebody needs to stop him. He asks if Peyton is still willing to go away with him and she confirms she is. He then tells Antwon he has been a good friend and gives him the cafe refusing to let Skills leave the cafe.

611 p dies

Peyton dies in Lucas' arms

As they go outside, a car comes flying towards him. They run, but another one blocks them off in the middle of the street. Julian gets out of his car and tells Peyton to come and stand with him, but Lucas refuses to let her go, to which Julian laughs at. He takes out a gun and Lucas does too and shoots Julian dead. Dan then gets out the car and the gun is pointed at him. He puts his hands up and turns his back on Lucas. He tells him that he would not shoot a man in the back, and then admits he has but would not recommend he does it as he has a surprise for Lucas. He gets Brooke to get out of the car and as Lucas lowers his gun, Dan turns around and points a gun at him. Lucas lowers his gun as Dan laughs at how fun the situation is. He hands over the gun to Brooke telling her that if she does as asked, her debt will be cleared. Brooke apologises to Lucas and picks up the gun and points it at him. Lucas tries to talk her out of killing him, but Brooke tells him that she should have done this a long time ago. She quickly turns around and pulls the trigger at Dan, but realises the gun is empty. She gasps as Dan admits he thought so and hits her to the ground. He picks out another gun and tells him that if he wants something done right just as Antwon tackles him to the ground. As he does Dan shoots his gun as Lucas ducks to the floor. Skills grabs the gun off Dan, who surrenders, as Lucas gets off the ground realising he is okay. As he stands back up, Peyton calls for him. She has been shot and collapses to the floor. Lucas catches her and tells her she will be okay. He tells her they were going to leave as Peyton says she loves him and dies in the street. Haley sees Nathan to the plane. He tells her that he is coming back to her and Haley asks if it is a promise. Nathan tells her he will as long as she waits and Haley tells him that she will wait always and forever. They kiss as Nathan reveals it was the best day of his life and runs for the plane. As he does, Haley is left in tears as she watches the plane leave. Lucas is crying in the rain and hugs Peyton one last time. Dan and Brooke watch in shock and despair on the street. Lucas gets the dove pendent out of his pocket and tells her that she is free now and hugs her in the street. Suddenly, a cell phone rings and Lucas answers his phone from his pocket...

611 p collapses

Peyton collapses in pain

...Lucas sees it is Peyton ringing and answers the phone. She asks if she woke him up and Lucas admits that she did. She apologises and promises to be home soon as Lucas tells her he has just had the craziest dream and will tell her about it when she gets home. He tells her to never leave him and Peyton assures him that she won’t. As they hang up, Peyton gets a pain in her stomach and falls to the floor in pain.

Memorable Quotes

”And how is Brooke Davis tonight?”
”Problems with men, problems with money. You could help me with both”
Lucas Scott checks up on Brooke Davis

”One of these days, someone’s gonna stand up to you, Dan Scott, and I for one can’t wait”
Haley James to Dan Scott

”You know this club had such an elegance when your mom ran it. I remember being treated with such respect and sometimes I was treated to a few other things. It’s too bad your mom ran off after that horrible accident with Keith. I mean she was always so...hospitable”
Dan Scott taunts Lucas Scott

”The rain. I know nobody likes the rain, but I was travelling from theatre to theatre performing and, while the money was great, well, I really missed having a place I could call home. So I moved here and fell for the rhythm of the rain”
Haley James on why she moved to Tree Hill

”I’m not sure how I feel about the war. I do mostly feel sorry for our boys having to leave home. I could fight though. What? I could, or be a nurse”
Peyton Sawyer gives her preference on the war

”My mother and Dan were in love and when she died, he vowed he would always look after me. I’m not his girl, I have my own place. He just keeps me close to him and takes me out...I’m cared for”
Peyton Sawyer

”I wanna fall in love. My whole life has been safe and planned. Dan won’t let men court me, but for once I want to make my own choices. Even if that means my heart shatters into a million pieces and I have to find the strength to put it back together”
Peyton Sawyer

”You know, there’s a sign above the door of my bar. It reads ‘People always leave, but I say, stay a while. Have a nightcap’”
Lucas Scott

”All this time, I didn’t want to believe you were evil, that you were a liar. But I think I knew all along, so I followed you”
Peyton Sawyer to Dan Scott

”He hurt me when he took Keith away. He’s hurt everybody, including you. Somebody’s got to stop him”
Lucas Scott after finding out Dan Scott killed Keith

”I love you”
Peyton Sawyer says her final words

”I’m coming back to you Haley, I am”
”Is that a promise”
”As long as you wait for me, it is”
”Oh, I’ll wait for you, always and forever”
Nathan Scott goes to war and bids farewell to Haley James

”You’re free now Peyton”
Lucas Scott

”I just had the craziest dream. I’ll tell you about it when you get home, okay? All right, I’ll see you soon. And Peyton, don’t ever leave me, okay?”
Lucas Scott


No Voice-over


  • "Karen's Cafe" - Bethany Joy Lenz
  • "I Know" - Meaghan Smith
  • "Brash Crash" - APM Music
  • "Midnight Serenade" - APM Music
  • "Scheming Star" - Bethany Joy Lenz
  • "Unless" - St. Lola In The Fields
  • "Midnight Serenade" - APM Music
  • "Smokey Joe's" - APM Music
  • "Mrs. Scott" - Bethany Joy Lenz
  • "Don't Say" - St. Lola In The Fields

This episode's title originated from the song We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me), originally sung by The Ink Spots.


  • The songs performed by Bethany Joy Lenz as Haley in this episode are all from the EP Mission Bell by the band Everly, of which Lenz is a part. The song "Karen's Cafe", originally titled "Hotel Cafe" was re-recorded especially for usage in this episode.
  • Despite being main characters on the series at the time, the characters of Jamie, Deb and Millicent were not recreated for the 1940's Tree Hill.
  • The episode creates no link between Dan and Lucas or Nathan and so doesn't explain why they share a surname. However, Lucas does call Keith his uncle in a conversation with Peyton.
  • This episode marks the second episode of a television series on the CW which was based on the noir-style of films. The first of which was Smallville's Noir which was broadcast in May 2007, predating We Three by over a year.
  • Paul Johansson makes his 100th appearance in this episode.

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