Weeks Go By Like Days

January 18, 2010
Written by
Joe Davola
Directed by
Karin Gist

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"Weeks Go By Like Days" is the thirteenth episode and mid-season premiere of the seventh season of One Tree Hill and the 143rd produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on January 18, 2010. The Scott family joins Haley on the last leg of her tour, while Brooke and Julian reconnect after their six-week break. Clay and Quinn try to figure out how to move forward after his public declaration of love, and a post-rehab Alex tries to make amends with herself and the people she's let down.


The show starts off with Nathan and Jamie wishing Haley a good luck before she goes on stage. Then Brooke is introducing her new fashion line Clothes 4 Bros with her new co-designer Alexander Coyne. Julian is looking at picture of him and Brooke longing for her. Meanwhile, Alex is talking to a therapist when she is asked how she is feeling Alex says better than yesterday. Millie is sitting alone watching T.V. in a dark room. Quinn takes a picture of a couple and sends it to Clay who gives out his number to a basketball player basically proposing to be his agent. Haley, Nathan, and Jamie arrive home when Jamie shows Quinn all the photos he took of the tour. Haley hands Quinn her mail and Quinn opens it to find her divorce papers. Brooke's new assistant, Calliope,answers the phone and someone asks for Millicent but Calliope tells them she doesn't work at Clothes over Bros and Victoria hears this and looks surprised. Millicent is in court for the charges of her drunk driving and the judge tells Millicent she's going down a dangerous path especially since she doesn't have a job but then Victoria steps in saying Millicent works for her.

Brooke and Alexander arrive in Tree Hill and they're talking about his job when Brooke stops because shes sees Julian whom she hasn't talked to in 6 weeks. Brooke's asks Julian how he knew she was coming home and Julian says he didn't then Alex comes in yelling for Julian in a rather 'loose' outfit which shows Brooke he was waiting for her and leaves Julian. Quinn and Haley are in Haley's room checking for spiders because Haley was afraid they would be in her bed since she hasn't slept in it for so long. Haley asks Quinn if she is okay about the divorce papers and Quinn says yes that they were already divorced and that the paper just makes it official. Haley then asks how her and Clay are and a big smile is brought upon her face saying they are good but he's been gone for a couple weeks but comes home today Haley realizes she really likes him and the two begin to tease each other. Back at the courthouse the hearing is over and Millicent is asking Victoria what she wants with her and Victoria tells her she meant what she said and Millicent can come back to Clothes over Bros and be Victoria's assistant which makes Millie ask why Victoria would help her and Victoria says because she needs it. Back at the Scott house, Nathan and Jamie are greeted by Clay who gives Nathan the endorsement papers and is greeted happily by Quinn but is awkward around her but when Nathan leaves he greets her happily too. Brooke is sketching designs when Alexander walks in wanting to celebrate with wine leading Brooke to shut it down saying she likes Vodka better and they need to work instead of celebrate but Alexander insists and Brooke says one drink only making her gulp down the whole thing and asking for another. Alexander then asks what is the deal with her, Julian, and the 'hot girl' referring to Alex. Brooke snaps and tells him not talk about 'Skanky Alex' like that. Alexander apologizes and says that she knows about him but he knows nothing of her and she explains she likes to work not talk when she's pissed off. Alexander tells her that her work should be her passion and not so that she can hide from her love life and Brooke remarks that her hiding has made her rich. Alexander then tells her that Julian doesn't deserve her.

Alex and Julian walk in to Alex's place and begin talking about their movie, her suicide attempt, and how she changed. When Julian leaves Alex calls McKenna asking where the party is. Jamie is bragging to all his friends about his tour but they shut him down saying they all have to go to Karate together leaving Jamie. Julian walks into Brooke's store welcoming her back and saying she could have let him know and she says they are taking a break and he acknowledges that he knows but they need to talk about all their problems like Alex and she says that she can't understand why he wants to save Alex and he asks her if that is the reason she shows up with some guy (Alexander) like it is a game which Brooke says it isn't and Julian remarks that his name is ALEXander just like Alex an Brooke tells him her mother hired him and he says imagine that he actually believes her and Brooke starts tearing saying it hasn't been easy for and he says that she never talks about it and she says that she tried but she says forget it and Julian walks out reminding himself he forgot that it was Clothes OVER Bros. Nathan and Jamie are talking about his friends shut him down and that he didn't ask how their summer was and Nathan says that they aren't able to do stuff like Jamie does but that he has to remember their lives too because none of it matters without them. Haley walks into greet Brooke and realizes the 'excessive sketching' asking whats going on with her and Brooke tells her that she thought the time apart would help her and Julian and Haley says that they love each other so who cares Brooke tells her that its because of Alex and asks if Haley ever doubted Nathan with the Renee situation and Haley tells her yes but she isn't proud of it and that Brooke needs to start trusting Julian because he isn't Lucas and Alex isn't Peyton.

Meanwhile, Quinn tells Clay that she is nervous and he asks why and she says that he gives her butterflies and he tells her that he agrees especially after his public declaration they then decide to take it slow. Victoria is at a bar when Julian shows up telling her to stop pushing guys on to her and she says that Brooke deserves better then a cheater and Julian says hes not with Alex but Victoria shuts him down saying that he might not be with her but he likes the idea of Alex wanting him she then tells him not to stroke his ego by breaking Brooke's heart and he says that it was already broken, because of Victoria, when he met her and that hes been trying to mend it and Victoria tells him to fight for her and he tells her that it is a 2 person job and tells Victoria to tell Brooke to fight for him. Alex walks into a party full of drugs and alcohol and asks McKenna where Millie is and McKenna says to call 1-800-snow nose Alex spots Millie fighting with her self on wether or not she should take the line of cocaine sitting in front of her. Alex grabs Millie by the arm and Millie asks what shes doing and Alex says taking her home when Millie asks why Alex says because no one did it for her. When they arrive at Millie's Millie tells her to go but she says no she wants to talk Alex finds it a mess and gasps and Millie says to go screw herself and locks herself in what used to be her and Marvin's room.

Quinn and Clay are back at Clays house on their 'first date' teasing, talking, and telling stories. Quinn remarks that back at the house Clay was awkward around her when Nathan was around and he says it was because he wants to keep it professional between him and Nathan. Back at the store Brooke is walking Alexander out and he asks if she wants to get something to something to eat but she says that she has plans while almost out the door Victoria walks in while he tells Brooke that if she needs someone to talk to he is there for her. After Alexander leaves Victoria tells Brooke that he seemed interested in Brooke and Brooke tells her not to push and Victoria says she isn't and that she just wants Brooke to be happy. Victoria then asks if Brooke still loves Julian and Brooke says of course and Victoria tells her how Julian came to see her and she told him to fight for Brooke but then she asks Brooke if he has and Brooke doesn't know what to say and Victoria tells her not to let their break to be the end. Brooke smiles and says Bitchtoria is getting soft. Victoria tells Brooke that she gave Millie a job and that she called the cops on Millie when she was drunk driving but Brooke tells her she doesn't deserves it but that it is okay. Millie walks out of her room and finds Alex on the couch and asks what shes still doing there and Alex tells her she is staying until they talk. Millie asks what she wants to talk about because she already knows about the DUI, the cocaine, and Marvin whom she has run out of chances with. Alex tells her she can always get another chance she learned that from rehab Millie then says that she doesn't care that Alex is the perfect one now and Millie is the screwed up one. Alex tells her that she can be mean all she wants but she doesn't care and that she is staying because she cares and she loves Millie and wants to help her. Millie then breaks down into tears telling her to stop being nice to her because she believes she is the reason Alex tried to kill herself but Alex tells her that it was her own fault not Millie and Millie tells her that she doesn't know if she can get back to her old self, and Alex boosts her confidence and tells her she can.

At a concert Jamie walks out on stage welcoming his mom out to the stage to perform. Backstage at the concert Alex walks up to Julian and they talk about her recovery and Julian begins to boost up her confidence about her scars. Back at the store, Millie is looking at a dress when Victoria walks in and Millie asks if the job offer was still open and Victoria says yes and that she has to organize her files because Calliope doesn't do it very well. Millie tells Victoria that Calliope is great but Victoria tells her that Calliope isn't Millicent and Millie tells her thank you.Clay and Quinn are at the concert too holding hands when thy run into Nathan when Clay lets go of Quinn's hand and Nathan notices Nathan asks to talk and Clay asks if everything is okay and Nathan tells him that he just wants to talk to his friend then Nathan justs gets right to it that he loves him as an agent but misses his friend and he should stop being weird around Quinn when Nathan is around. Quinn and Jamie talk about their home and how they love it since it is a place they can always turn to. Brooke goes to talk to Julian when Alex again interrupts them again but then realizes she should go and leaves. Brooke complains that he is always her and she can't get past it. Julian tells her that they bumped into each other and says that it is always about her and tells her to stop and she says she will as long as he admits that it isn't all in her head but Julian tells her that it is and she says no that she saw them in the hospital holding hands and he exclaims that it was because he was trying to be a good friend and she says that it was more than that and Julian tells her than she keeps waiting for their relationship on purpose and that hes in tree hill for her not Alex Brooke then says that shes tired of fighting and he agrees but says that he doesn't think he can handle it anymore and that maybe shes right that hes the guy that needs to save people all the time but hes also the guy that loves her and the guy that she is pushing away and that she can't trust him even though he wants her to Brooke then asks what he is really saying and Julian tells her that they should concentrate on their own lives not their lives together. After the concert Jamie goes to congratulate his mom and then his friends show up and says that Jamie was right that it is cool backstage. Jamie goes to run off with them but tells his dad thank you first since he brought them there.

Millicent phone rings and its McKenna calling to party but Victoria walks in asking if she'll see her tomorrow for work. Back at the concert Taylor James shows up and Nathan tells her Haley didn't tell him she was coming and she tells him it was because Haley didn't know either then asks if she could stay at Nathans house with her new man Nathan said nothing to this comment and she assumed no and walked away. Clay is dropping Quinn off talking about how their first date went well when he gives her a note asking to be his girlfriend with boxes labeled yes, no, and maybe they begin to kiss and she says yes. Julian walked Alex back to her hotel room and Alex asks how they got the funding for the movie and Julian tells her that they found a small production company and she tells him that she was wondering because it miraculously came up when she needed a break and he then admits him and his father put up the money she asks him why he would do that and he says it was because he believed in her and a big smile appears on her face.

Back at the concert, Jamie goes up on stage again to sing with his mom. Quinn opens up the door to find David, her ex-husband, and Haley, who is also surprised, walks in behind Quinn and tells David to come in and Quinn and Haley both look confused at each other when Taylor walks in and Haley, not knowing that Taylor and David know each other, introduces David to Taylor as Quinn's ex-husband and Taylor says that he was her Quinn's ex-husband but he is her new boyfriend and turns to kiss him. Haley and Quinn stand in the doorway shocked and Taylor asks which room is theirs and Quinn angrily slams the door. Back at Millie's, Millie walks in to find Marvin standing there. Julian puts a picture of him and Brooke away in a drawer. And Brooke Knocks on Alexander's door crying and asks if he still wants to go out to eat.

Memorable Quotes

"I know you Victoria, what do you want?"
"Is that "I'm sorry" in coke whore land?"
Millicent Huxtable and Victoria Davis

"I'm sorry to keep you.. you must have mirrors to clean!"
Victoria Davis to Millicent


  • "Flying Machine" - Bethany Joy Lenz of Everly
  • "Out Of The Day" - Blue Judy
  • "Been This Way Too Long" - WAIT.THINK.FAST.
  • "Something To Hope For" - The Undeserving
  • "Funhouse" - Pink
  • "The Rain" - Vedera
  • "The Girl In The Moon" - Bethany Joy Lenz of Everly
  • "We Belong" - Bethany Joy 'Lenz
  • "Never Gonna Be" - Bethany Joy Lenz
  • "From Where You Are" - Lifehouse

This episode's title originated from the song Weeks Go By Like Days, originally sung by My Morning Jacket.


  • Skills and Dan do not appear in this episode.
  • Lee Norris makes his 100th appearance as Mouth McFadden in this episode.

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