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Will Bennett
Will Bennett
Biographical information
Birthplace: Onslow County, North Carolina
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Unknown
Other information
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6' 0"
Family: Bill Bennett (brother)
Series information
Portrayed By: Edwin Hodge
First Appearance: "The Space Inbetween" (episode 8.03)
Latest Appearance: "The Space Inbetween" (episode 8.03)
Episode Count: 1

Will Bennett was a hospital patient who Clay Evans befriended during his comatose state, and was the first spirit he interacted with in his subconscious following Quinn James's recovery a week before. Will spends his time showing Clay the people that love and care about him such as Quinn, Jamie, Nathan and Haley. Clay learns that Will had gotten into a car accident due to texting while driving, which the former chastises Will for. While the two are in the waiting room, they hear flatlining and realize that one of them has died. Will is revealed to have been the one that died and many of his internal organs were donated to other patients in need, including his kidney, which is donated to Clay and helps to save Clay's life.

Clay later visits his grave in "Mouthful Of Diamonds" after seeing his obituary in the paper that Quinn had read to him while in his coma and thanks Will for helping him be alive.

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