"You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of One Tree Hill and the 99th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on March 11, 2008. On the eve of Lucas and Lindsey's marriage, they conspire to save Nathan and Haley's. Brooke pairs Peyton with a surprise old boyfriend, while dealing with Victoria. Rachel returns to Tree Hill facing old challenges, while Dan also returns hoping for a fresh start.


511 l n linds plan to get h n n together

Lucas and Lindsey plan to get Nathan and Haley back together

Lindsey wakes up and puts a blanket over a sleeping Nathan on her and Lucas couch. She goes into the kitchen and kisses Lucas who is writing. They talk about how Haley and Nathan have not spoken in the last week and Lindsey is guilt ridden that she has asked Haley to organise her bachelorette party when her marriage is struggling. Lucas tells her that Skills is so excited to throw his bachelor party that he has took the week off. Lucas has an idea that they should throw their parties in the same place, and if Nathan and Haley don’t know about it then they have to talk. Meanwhile, Haley finds a sad Jamie at breakfast. He tells her he saw his Grandpa in his dream. Haley tells him they will double check his room tonight before giving him his smiley faced breakfast the way he likes it, but Jamie doesn’t cheer up. He asks when his dad is coming home and Haley tells him that he might not be back for a while, so Jamie changes his smiley faced breakfast into a sad face.

511 mou finds out r is back

Millicent watches Mouth's reaction as he finds out Rachel is back

Later that day, Lindsey and Lucas tell Haley and Nathan exactly the same stories, that they want a low key party at Haley’s house and that they have agreed it will only be the girls or boys in the house. Nathan checks it is just the guys and Lucas confirms it is. Skills is scrapping his party idea now Lucas has changed the arrangements as Jamie talks about his great party he went to and Skills crosses everything off his list sadly. Peyton goes to see Lucas and asks for the lecture after getting trapped in the library and how mean she was, but Lucas is oblivious to all of it and Peyton finds Lindsey did not say anything. Realising this, Peyton tells Lucas that Lindsey is great and Lucas thanks her for saying that. Brooke is in her store with Millicent and seems very happy and tells Millicent everything is good. She asks Millicent about her and Mouth and she is told that they are together. Mouth then walks in to give Millicent a gift as Brooke breaks the news to him that Rachel is back in Tree Hill. Shocked, Mouth checks it is Rachel Gatina and Millicent is shocked by his reaction. Mouth leaves and Millicent is shocked that she didn’t get her kiss. Meanwhile at Tree Hill Jail, Dan takes his first steps out as a free man.

511 bev sees b n l

Bevin sees Brooke and Lucas in the store she works in

Peyton goes to see Brooke and gives her a letter and Brooke is shocked to find the content, the money that she was leant to start up her record label doubled as she has been paid for Mia’s success. Brooke happily accepts it and as Peyton asks what is going on, Brooke tries to avoid it, just as Lindsey walks in wearing a wedding dress. They both look at each other in shock and Peyton tells her how beautiful she looks. Lindsey tells them about her and Lucas’ plan to get Nathan and Haley back together and the girls think it is a great idea. Skills takes Jamie to a shopping store to get all the stuff in for the party as Jamie sees a child playing rock band with his father. He asks if his parents are going to be at the party, and Skills tells him they are, but it is a secret. They go and buy rock band the game ready for the party. Meanwhile, Lucas and Lindsey are also grabbing some stuff in as Lindsey asks for something for the book, and Lucas says he will eventually. They then see Brooke and Owen together. As they chat, Bevin screams as she sees them. She begins chanting the Raven cheerleader chant. She tells them she got a job and got married when she graduated and then had a baby called Nathan, confirming she is married to Tim Smith. Brooke looks at the picture of Bevin’s child and puts the pieces together and is in shock. Bevin then asks if Lucas is marrying Brooke as she always thought he would marry Peyton. Then she asks how Rachel is, and Brooke sighs in the awkwardness that she has caused. Meanwhile, Rachel is sitting on the balcony at Brooke’s house. Peyton joins her and asks how she is and Rachel tells her she knows she can beat it and when she does, she will pay Brooke back.

511 rach is denied her job bk

Brooke tells Rachel she can't get her job back

Owen and Brooke are talking about Rachel and Owen says it is good what she is doing as Brooke tells him she is helping her because she needs it. As she says this, Victoria comes down the escalator. Confused, Brooke asks what she is doing there and Victoria tells her the meeting she was going to was moved forward and that she wasn’t needed. Shocked, Brooke is yet again disappointed by her mother as Victoria says she would never understand it. She tells Brooke to go back to doing what she’s been doing for the last week and go play, as she does this best. Annoyed, Owen tells her she shouldn’t have to put up with her, but Brooke still refuses to talk about it. Lucas drops Jamie off at Haley’s and asks how he is, but Haley tells him she is still seen as the bad guy. Haley asks how the book is going and Lucas tells her that Lindsey wants his first pages first and he is not sure they are ready and Haley offers to edit it for him, which Lucas was hinting at. Brooke gets home and tells Peyton that she has got her a date for the bachelorette/bachelor party tonight. He is one of Owen’s friends and he is apparently very cute. Brooke tells her she should take a date to prove she is over Lucas. Peyton agrees to it but warns her he better be cute. Rachel walks in and Brooke tells her she would invite her, but Rachel understands that it wouldn’t be very good for the detox. Rachel then asks if she could begin working back as a model for Clothes Over Bro’s again, like Brooke helped Peyton out, but Brooke tells her she meant more of a job at the store in retail. Brooke tells her she cannot be around the lifestyle yet and Rachel reluctantly accepts. Brooke tells her she let her down once and she won’t do it again, but Rachel assures it was her fault and she will not let it happen again, but Brooke tells her to give it time first and to take baby steps.

511 chase returns as ps date

Chase shows up as Peyton's date

Dan is buying a ball for Jamie and begins flirting with the worker. Millicent calls in at Mouth’s and asks if he is going to see Rachel as she knows what Rachel is like having met her before and also knows her and Mouth have history. Millicent tells him she is afraid of the way they know each other, but she tells him to go and she will see him at the party. As Lucas and Nathan arrive at the party, Lucas goes to tell Nathan about Haley being inside and Nathan says he knows as Lucas always meddles in people’s business, but Nathan says it is okay as he misses his wife. Brooke gets ready for her date with Owen and calls for Peyton to meet her blind date. She opens the door to find Owen and his friend. She is shocked to realise his friend is her ex-boyfriend Chase Adams. Haley opens the door to find Nathan and politely greets him and the two brothers walk in. Brooke storms upstairs telling the others that Peyton’s date is Chase. The others laugh as Brooke panics with what to tell Owen and Peyton tells her that if it is awkward just to say the word. In the car together, Owen asks for an explanation for the awkwardness and Chase reminds him about when they first moved in how he kept talking about Brooke, pleasing her a lot, and Owen remembers. Chase then asks if Owen remembers her name, and Owen is thrown into shock as he realises Chase has slept with Brooke.

511 b tries to cheer jamie up

Brooke tries to cheer Jamie up

As the party begins, Nathan tells Haley if she wants him to go, she will, but Haley asks him to stay as they need to talk, just as Jamie walks in. He asks to play rock band with Nathan and Haley and Haley tells him to play with his dad as he misses him. Owen and Chase arrive with the girls as they laugh at how they didn’t realise. Meanwhile, Rachel opens the door to Mouth after putting on make up and doing her hair. Nathan and Haley begin to talk as Jamie asks them to play rock band again, but Haley refuses again and Jamie is left disappointed. Skills then comes up and asks to play rock band with him, but Jamie refuses. He runs upstairs as Brooke watches him sadly. Meanwhile, Mouth and Rachel are talking as Mouth asks why she never called him as he would of helped, but Rachel admits that is why she didn’t. Mouth offers his help now and Rachel asks for some ‘natural relief,’ but Mouth pushes her away and tells her to let go of whatever makes her think she isn’t good enough and to learn that she matters. He leaves her alone and upset. She picks up her phone and finds a text about a party. Brooke goes upstairs with Owen to find Jamie sitting on his bed looking at a photo. She realises it is of Nathan and Haley and tells him that they are the people that love him most. Jamie then asks if Owen is her boyfriend and Brooke tells him that he is the only boyfriend in her life. Downstairs, Lucas apologises to Haley for the set up, but she admits that she expected it and tells Lucas he picked the right person to spend the rest of his life with, as Lucas tells her that she did too. Outside, Chase goes to see Peyton and asks if she still loves Lucas, and Peyton tells him he is with someone else. As she says this, Chases kisses her and as Peyton asks what he is doing, Chase tells her Lucas was looking so he thought he would help out. Mouth gets to the party and finds Millicent and she tells him she really likes him and to consider her next time he goes to see a model who he has a sexual history with. Meanwhile, Brooke and Owen are eating cake together as they compare parents, Owen’s obviously being the better comparison.

511 h tells n she is done changing him

Haley tells Nathan she is done trying to change him

Victoria goes into Brooke’s department and yells at Rachel to get up calling her vermin and tells her she cannot beat the addiction and never will as she is pathetic. She tells her to think about her friends before relapsing and leaves Rachel devastated. Skills, Junk and Fergie play with Jamie on the bouncy castle as Haley tells him to go to bed and tells Skills to remember he is only little, but Skills tells her that it is not him that forgot how little he is as all he wanted was for her and Nathan to be a family with him again, but it didn’t happen. Annoyed, Haley storms off. Lucas and Lindsey sit together and see Haley and Nathan who are talking about their situation. Nathan apologises again and Haley tells him that she knows who he was when she married him and it was wrong of her to try and change him. She apologises for trying to change them and tells him she is done trying. She walks off leaving a devastated Nathan. Skills goes to see Jamie in his room and tells him he will always be there for him. Brooke is finding her coat as Chase joins her and tells her he is saving up for pilot lessons by working as a carpet salesman. He tells her Owen is a good guy and they both agree on it. Lucas and Lindsey are sitting on the bouncy castle thinking about Keith and her dad. Lucas tells Lindsey that he thinks Keith and her dad would get on well and Lindsey tells Lucas how much her dad loved Lucas. Mouth and Millicent are talking, and as she goes to leave, Mouth kisses her and cheers Millicent up. Skills is getting Jamie to read to him as Haley walks in. He gets up to see her and Haley thanks him. They hug happily as Haley watches Jamie on his bed. Peyton and Chase are walking as they thank each other for a good night. Peyton then kisses him and tells him that Brooke was watching and she thought she’d help out. Jamie and Nathan are lying on his bed as Jamie asks if he will be there in the morning, but Nathan says he will not, and it is not because of Haley, as Haley is the best mom in the world but it is because he is on a time-out and as Jamie asks if he is ever coming back, Nathan says he hopes so, and Jamie says he hopes so as well. As they hug, Haley listens to what they have said from the corridor.

511 b fires her mom

Brooke fires her mom

Brooke gets home shouting for Rachel. Peyton tells her she has gone and has took the money Peyton gave her for the label. She tells her that she wasn’t ready for her help, but at least she tried, but Brooke is still upset. Dan is kissing the worker as she asks for his story and Dan tells the woman he just got out of jail for murdering his brother, and the woman is shocked at who she has just slept with. Victoria visits Brooke’s store to find her working on Lindsey’s dress. She tells her that she knows Rachel is in town and Brooke realises she has been in her house. She warns Victoria to leave her friends alone and tells her she does not want her to business to be run by treating people in a way that they should be treat better. Annoyed, Victoria tells her that this is why she was not invited to the meeting as she is too emotional in her business and that is why she is there. Brooke tells her she is only there for the company not to be a part of her family, but Victoria insists that she helped her. Victoria says she earned it, but Brooke tells her she should not have to earn her help, and she fires her. Shocked, Victoria tells her she will destroy their company but Brooke says it is her company. Victoria tells her she is not an employee she is her mother, but Brooke still fires her and asks her to leave. As she walks out, Brooke begins to cry, but covers herself so Victoria cannot see her.

Haley then calls Lucas and tells him he can't marry Lindsey.

Memorable Quotes

”You know, if a guy like me happens to throw a party in the same place that a girl like you is throwing a party...”
”Then Haley and Nathan would have to talk. Nice, but they’ll never go for it”
”Well they will if they...”
”Don’t know about it. Oh, you’re bad”
Lucas Scott and Lindsey Strauss devise a plan to get Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott back together

”If that’s letter number 86 from the Sad Box of Lucas Summer, you can keep it
Brooke Davis gets a mysterious envelope from Peyton Sawyer

”Oh, PDA in the mall is so seventh grade. Owen, kiss me. They’re doing it”
Brooke Davis as she catches Lucas Scott and Lindsey Strauss kissing

”OMG. Brooke? Lucas? R-A-V-E-N-S! Go, Ravens!”
Bevin Mirskey as she sees Lucas Scott and Brooke Davis

”I know I can beat this, I just got so deep in it, I forgot which way was up”
”The light is always up. When I first came back home, I really didn’t know what I wanted. And Brooke believed in me, and today it felt really, really good to prove her right. She believes in you too, you know”
”I know, and I’m gonna make it up to her”
Rachel Gatina and Peyton Sawyer

”It’s Chase”
”Like, ‘Clean Teen’ Chase? Oh my god this is getting so good. Are you sure you don’t want in?”
”I’m barely clean, and hardly a teen”
Brooke Davis is laughed at by Peyton Sawyer and Rachel Gatina when they realise Chase Adams is Peyton’s date

”Hey, coming out of high school we all wanted to rule the word, but it’s tough. I basically had to sleep with my boss to keep my job”
”Well you’ve come a long way Mouth. I’d probably still have my job if Brooke had that rule. I gotta say, I’m a little jealous of everyone’s success”
Mouth to Rachel Gatina

”Hey, I hear I owe you one. You got me another chance with Brooke. What underneath the clothes Brooke Davis?”
”So, did you find out?”
Owen Morello thanks Jamie Scott

”I really like you Marvin, so the next time you go to visit some really hot former model, who you have some sort of sexual history with and who’s in a vulnerable state, just consider me”
Millicent Huxtable

”I convinced her to cut you loose once. I can do it again...Look at you, you’re pathetic, and the sad thing is, you’re gonna lie to yourself long enough to hurt the people who still give a damn. Why don’t you think of them before you relapse and waste all their time and money. I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t beat this thing and deep down inside, you know it too. Don’t you?”
Victoria Davis to Rachel Gatina

”Look Haley, I don’t want to disrespect cause I know you and Nathan are going through some things right now, but I never lost sight on how little that boy is. Actually, I’m amazed how little he is because his heart is so big. You know, today all he wanted to do was make sure y’all was a whole family again. That’s what today meant to him, and if you hadn’t noticed, I just think y’all are the ones that done lost sight of things.”

”Now. You’re here now. What about all those years I was growing up? You never wanted to be a part of my life until I started this company”
”What? Cheerleading, school president. Stop being childish. You’re the face of a company, and you took your company as far as you could on your own. Then you came to me when you needed help”
”Well Rachel needed my help, and you made me fire her”
”Rachel didn’t earn your help, you earned it”
”I earned it? A daughter is not supposed to have to earn her mother’s help or her love. It is supposed to be unconditional...You’re fired”
Brooke Davis stands up to Victoria Davis

”I need to talk to can’t marry Lindsey”
Haley James Scott to Lucas Scott


”Albert Camus once wrote, ‘Blessed are the hearts that can bend. They shall never be broken.’”
Lucas Scott (opening voice-over)

”Albert Camus once wrote, ‘Blessed are the hearts that can bend. They shall never be broken.’ But I wonder, if there’s no breaking, then there’s no healing, and if there’s no healing, then there’s no learning. And if there’s no learning, then there’s no struggle. But struggle is a part of life. So must all hearts be broken?”
Lucas Scott (closing voice-over)


  • "Something In My Eye" - Turin Brakes
  • "Here It Goes Again" - Ok Go
  • "My Own" - The Perishers
  • "Ballroom Blitz" - Sweet
  • "Waking Dream" - Natalie Walker
  • "Superstar" - Lupe Fiasco
  • "In The Building" - Sermand
  • "Open Late" - Ryan Lindsey
  • "Never Find Again" - Jason Reeves
  • "She Holds A Key" - Gavin DeGraw
  • "I Taught Myself How To Grow Old" - Ryan Adams

This episode's title originated from the song You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side, originally sung by Morrisey.


  • In this episode, the prediction Lucas made in All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone comes true. Everyone who was on the Rivercourt that night appears in this episode. This would also be the last episode to feature all those characters in one episode.
  • This episode marks the return of Chase and Bevin who were last seen in the season four finale

Episode References

  • Lucas' letter to Brooke is mentioned.
  • Lucas tells Haley to worry about Jamie when he applies for emancipation, like Nathan did during his parents' divorce.
  • Honeygrove motel is mentioned.

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