"You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 111th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on September 29, 2009. Lucas and Lindsey face a tenuous future, while Nathan receives an offer from a pro basketball team. Brooke struggles with giving up her company while Peyton discovers a dark secret about her new recording artist. Haley unwittingly puts Jamie’s life in peril when she learns the truth about Dan, which leads to a final showdown with Carrie.


605 n is asked to nba

Nathan is asked to the NBA

Outside her house, Carrie is digging a grave in her garden, next to her son’s grave. Lucas sleeps as Peyton watches him and smiles happily as Nathan trains at the River Court. Brooke looks in the mirror at her healing bruises after her attack as Carrie continues to dig a grave. Peyton gets up and pours Lucas a cup of coffee as he joins her. Peyton tells him that she has arranged a date for their wedding. Lucas is shocked at how quick it is as Peyton teases asking if he still wants to get married. Lucas assures her he does but tells her that he has to take the shuttle to New York today for his book launch meeting and he is going to see Lindsey, and he hasn’t told her about Peyton as it is not something they can talk about over the phone. Peyton then goes to see Brooke and tells her that her wedding date has been set. She asks Brooke for a wedding dress that is non traditional and sort of rock. Brooke then calls the dress skanky and then apologises explaining that she and Victoria had another argument. Brooke then tells her how happy she is to see her happy and Peyton thanks her telling her how good everything is. Peyton tells her how Mick Wolf has been in her studio and that he knew Ellie. She tells Brooke how good it is to find out how her mom was when she was little, but Brooke understands. Realising something is up, Peyton asks what happened with Brooke’s mom, but Brooke lies that it is nothing and changes the subject to get started on the dress. At the Scott house, Nathan receives a phone call and is taken back by the conversation. As he talks, Haley realises something is up and asks him what the call was about. Nathan tells her that he has a meeting with the NBA D league. Jamie jumps up with excitement as the family celebrates his success. Meanwhile, Carrie has finished her grave and as she looks down it, she announces that Dan Scott will die that day and she will get Jamie back.

605 brooke finds out inventory removed

Brooke finds out her store inventory is being shipped

Sam goes to Brooke’s store and gives her back her dresses she offered as a gift. Brooke tells her she has a lot of nerve returning to the store, but Sam tells her that she is returning gift items. As Brooke tells her that it was wrong of her to steal, Sam tells her that she was never given the chance to pay. Brooke laughs the comment off. As she laughs, two men work in telling Brooke they have been given the order to ship all inventory back to New York and her stores there. As Brooke questions who gave them the order, the men confirm that it was Victoria. Furious, Brooke gets most of the money out of the cash register and gives Sam it as a refund. She walks off as Sam happily takes the money. Mick is playing guitar as Peyton listens to him with admiration. As he finishes, they discuss his music and his guitar. The conversation then moves on to Ellie and Peyton’s dad. Mick explains that Peyton’s dad fell in love with Ellie as soon as they lay eyes on each other. Although her dad played it cool, everybody knew they were going to be together. As Peyton imagines it, she lets Mick continue to play and looks on in wonder. Meanwhile, Nathan goes to see Bobby who works at the NBA D League. He begins to show Nathan around the gym at the state of the art facility. He tells Nathan that with the right coaching, some of the players will go on to play higher up. Back at the house, Jamie gives the phone to Haley and the recipient of the call compliments her son. Haley thanks the recipient but asks where they are from and she finds out they are from the hospice. She begins to make a note on the fridge as the recipient of the call is revealed, Carrie. Pretending to be English, Carrie puts on an accent and ends the call telling Haley how she is looking forward to seeing both her and her son. She laughs and storms over to Dan telling him that her plan is going to work. She rips off the tape around his mouth and refers to him as ‘it’ and asks him what he wants as his last meal.

605 l is made 2 work with linds

Lucas meets up with Lindsey in New York

Deb walks into the kitchen and sees Haley looking distressed. She asks what is wrong as Haley tells her that Dan only has a matter of hours before he dies. She tells Deb she is sorry as Deb tells her not to be as it does not sound like Dan as he would normally do more grandstanding. Haley reveals that Dan has been asking to see him as Deb tells her it might not be appropriate, but Haley tells her that after Quentin, she should let him see his grandfather. As Deb asks what she is going to do, Haley tells her she does not know and wishes Nathan was there. Lucas arrives in New York and is greeted by a happy Lindsey. As Lucas tries to tell her about him and Peyton as Lindsey interrupts telling him not to make things awkward between them. Lucas agrees as Lindsey shows him his book cover as Lucas is amazed. Mick is looking at Peyton’s records on her wall and they write down their favourite records of all time as Mick claims to know everything about a person through their record choice. Brooke is in therapy again and telling the therapist about Sam when she shoplifted. She admits that she felt jealous of Sam as she realised she has let the company matter too much and that when she saw this girl who didn’t answer to anyone she was jealous. As the therapist asked what she is going to do about it, Brooke tells her that it does not matter anymore as she has signed the company over to Victoria. When asked if she regrets it, Brooke is forced to think about that decision. As Nathan watches the basketball players, Bobby joins him and tells him he has been watching him for a while. He tells Nathan the team could do with a good coach like him and Nathan is shocked he is asked to be a coach not player, but Bobby tells him that his playing days are over.

605 p n mik get on

Peyton and Mick's relationship continues to grow

Peyton is listing her favourite records to Mick who is laughing at Peyton’s predictable choices. Peyton eventually gets to her favourite record, the first record she ever wrote, ‘My Aim is True’ by Elvis Costello. Mick then reveals he has the same answer and they laugh at the match. Peyton then changes the subject and asks why he thinks that her dad never reached out to him. Mick tells her he cannot answer that in a way that will make her happy. Peyton continues to ask why she was given up. Mick tells her that they were messed up and then realising he sounds like the father, Mick says all of them were screwed up and Ellie never planned for her and it would not work. Peyton, still believing that he is her father, asks him round to meet Lucas that night so he can tell her all about her parents, especially her dad. Mick then tells her to be careful what she wishes for, but agrees to it. Meanwhile, Haley rings Nathan and is put through to his voicemail. She explains about Dan as Jamie walks in asking if something is wrong with his Grandpa. Haley tells him that Dan is really sick and that he cannot get better. Jamie then asks if he is going to die like Quentin and Haley confirms it. Jamie asks if he can say goodbye to Dan as he didn’t get to say it to Q. Haley gives in and tells him that he can. Back at the NBA, Bobby is apologising for the mistake but explains why he would be a good course. Nathan tells him that he is flattered but not what he is looking for. Bobby explains his injury would put him off selecting him. Nathan tells him that he can show him that he can play, but Bobby denies him the opportunity of a player but continues to offer him his future, as a coach. Nathan puts his head in his hands as Bobby gets up and leave telling him he would be loved as a coach as he would do a good job, but Nathan is still not convinced. He then gets the voicemail Haley left him. Lucas gets a phone call from Peyton whilst he is on a break and asks what is wrong. Peyton, nearly in tears, explains that Mick is her father and she is going to get him to admit to it over dinner tonight. She admits she is nervous as Lucas is called by Lindsey back into the room. He ends the call with Peyton as she tells him she loves him and he returns the words. As he goes back into the room, he is pitched an amazing schedule due to get him lots of publicity. He then realises he has a problem with the Chicago date and has to battle against the people in the room and Lindsey without telling them why. Lindsey, furious, then calls him into her office and as they walk in she asks what could be more important and she is shocked to find out that he is getting married, to Peyton. Lucas tries to explain that he wanted to tell her, but Lindsey tells him that he should have and that she will talk about Chicago to the others. As she walks out the room, she tells Lucas that she knew she was always right about him and Peyton, but wishes he had told her over the phone.

605 bob continues to offer n job

Bobby continues to offer the coaching job to Nathan

Back in therapy, Brooke begins to get annoyed as she asks if the therapist thinks she is stupid for handing over the company and receives a question. The therapist tells her that in her opinion it was never going to be her company whilst Victoria was a part of it. Brooke tells her it felt good to get rid of it, but she now feels empty. The therapist tells her that the jealousy could be scary as Brooke admits she has not spoken to anyone about it and doesn’t know why, but couldn’t even tell her best friend. She admits that she feels as though she has failed and is watching all her friends move forwards with their lives as she is stuck standing still. The therapist tells her to do something else as she is clever and will figure it out. As Brooke doubts herself, the therapist tells her that she defines happiness as those with families and in relationships, but yet she is intent on going through life alone. Sam walks past a cafe and sees a bunch of friends sitting together, laughing. Nathan is sitting in the gym as Bobby joins him. He asks again about the job and Nathan admits he is unsure. Bobby tells him that even though letting go of playing is hard, he does not have to lose basketball. Nathan decides to talk to his family as Bobby agrees to hold the position. Peyton puts on some music and says she is waiting for Mick now. Lucas joins Lindsey at the bar and assures her he never meant to hurt her as Lindsey tells him that she knows, but knew about him and Peyton all along and just tried to wish it away. She tells Lucas that Chicago will be fine and she will sort it out. Lucas thanks her and tells her he has to go. As he sets off, Lindsey shouts him back and gives him a copy of his book. She tells him that she was rooting for the couple in the book and says goodbye to Lucas, knowing it will most likely be for good. He walks off as she drinks teary eyed. Carrie is creating an injection for Dan as he tells her that she can stop all of this, but Carrie refuses. Dan then says please and begins to beg, but Carrie gets furious and asks where the man is who threatened to kill her. Dan then tells her she is a crazy bitch and tells her he will kill her if she touches Jamie. Carrie then injects him and he begins to fall asleep, just as Haley and Jamie pull up outside. Haley and Jamie pull up outside the house as Haley tells him to stay in the car and keep the doors locked whilst she goes and checks Dan is there and then she will come back to get him. Haley gets out and locks the doors. She goes into the house and finds Dan tied up. Shocked, she begins to untie him asking what is going on and what happened as Dan tries to tell her to get Jamie. Unable to properly speak, Dan is forced to watch as Carrie creeps behind Haley and whacks her over the head, knocking her out.

605 deb hits car over face

Deb smashes a bottle of wine over Carrie's face

In the Scott house, Deb is going through the drawers and finds a bottle of old alcohol. She rubs the dust off it and as she gets the cloth out of the drawer, she notices a picture of Carrie. Realising it is the woman she spoke to in the playground, she figures out Carrie’s plan. She looks at the address Haley wrote on the fridge door in worry. Meanwhile, back at Carrie’s, Jamie is beginning to worry about his mom. He takes off his seatbelt and looks out the window as Carrie jumps into view. She tells him to open the door as Jamie refuses telling her that he wants his mom and knows that she is a bad person. Carrie tries to convince him different as Carrie tells him that she is his momma now and to open the door. Jamie refuses as Carrie leaves furiously. She walks off to an axe in the garden and drags in back to the car. She smashes the window to get Jamie out and as she looks out, realises he is not there. She looks and finds the other door has been opened and Jamie is running into the crop field. Carrie immediately chases after him, shouting for him. Back in the house, Dan is trying to wake Haley up, but cannot shout for her. As he tries to get out, he notices Carrie has left her gun by his bed. Back in the crop field, Jamie is running through the crops as Carrie chases behind him. He runs as Carrie tries to get him to come near her and takes out an injection ready to catch him. She tries to entice him out with something special for him, but Jamie hides in the crops on the floor. As soon as she passes, he runs the other and Carrie hears. Suddenly, someone grabs Jamie, only to be Haley who tries to calm him down quietly. Back at the NBA, Nathan listens to Haley’s voicemail about Dan. He calls her back and as Haley is promising to get Jamie home, Haley’s phone goes. She yells at Jamie to run and Carrie chases them out of the field. They run past the car, into the house. As Carrie follows behind, Deb steps out from behind the car and smashes the wine bottle she found across Carrie’s face. As Carrie is knocked out cold and possibly dead, Deb declares there is more than one crazy nanny in the town. She turns round and checks on her family. At the NBA, Nathan shoots a basketball into the net at the gym as all the lights switch off in the gym. Lucas is in the taxi to the airport and opens his book to find a personal note from Lindsey declaring her love and how she will miss him.

605 dan shoots car

Deb and Haley look on in shock as Dan shoots Carrie

Back at Carrie’s, Haley checks how Deb is as she tells her that she had been saving the bottle of wine for when Dan Scott was finally out of her life, but she can only dream about that ever happening. Haley then asks how she knew where they were, but Deb admits that she realized something was wrong with the address as Dan always hated the woods. As she tells Haley this, Carrie gets up and grabs the axe, she screams and goes to swing for Deb and Haley who turn around in fright. As she raises it above her head, she is shot in the stomach and falls dead on the ground. The girls turn back around and find Dan standing on the patio announcing how much he hates the woods. Carrie now lies dead on the ground. In a cafe, Brooke is asleep as a waitress comes to check on her. Brooke wakes up and asks for the cheque as the waitress tells her that it has already been taken care of. Brooke is puzzled as the waitress points out the payer, Sam. She goes over to see her and tells her she didn’t have to do that, but Sam tells her that she owed her for the shirt. Sam then tells she has to go as her mom wants her in by curfew. Brooke tells her it is not a bad thing to have a mom who worries about you as Sam laughs it off. Peyton blows out the candle as the record stops playing, Mick has not turned up. Instead, he is getting drunk at a bar. The bartender notices he has a sober token, but Mick just tells him to pour.

Dan with Gun

Dan prepares to shoot Carrie a second time.

Meanwhile, Sam sleeps in the back of a car in the middle of the high school garages. Brooke is in her store as Millicent goes to see her. She tells her that she has heard of a new start up company looking for it’s first employee and asks to work back for Brooke. Brooke warns her it will be long hours, horrible pay and no job security, as Millicent tells her that is perfect and they hug happily. Carrie wakes up on the yard as Dan is walking into the house. She begins laughing and mocking him asking if he really though he could kill her. Dan tells her the police are on their way as Carrie tells him that she will get out and come back for Jamie. Annoyed, Dan reminds her of what he said to her when she took Jamie, that he would kill her if she came back for him. Carrie remembers but reminds Dan that she isn’t dead, as Dan tells her she is. He raises the gun again and as Carrie’s laughs turn to whimpers, he shoots her dead.

Memorable Quotes

”Today is the day Dan Scott dies, and I get my Jamie back”

”I realized I let the company matter too much. You know, we spend all this time building something up and then we don’t enjoy it. We just sit there, terrified that someone’s gonna take it away from us. And there was this girl and she didn’t answer to anything or anyone and that made me jealous”
Brooke Davis about Sam Walker

”We could really use a good young coach like you”
”You want me to coach? No, I thought you wanted me to play”
”Well Nathan, your playing days are over, come on, you must know that”
Bobby Irons to a shocked Nathan Scott

”What could possibly be more important than Chicago?”
”My wedding. It’s Peyton, we’re getting married. That’s why I can’t go to Chicago”
Lindsey Strauss finds out about Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer

”I feel a little, a little like I failed. You know? I’m watching all my friends move on with their lives. Haley and her family, and Millicent is moving to be with Mouth and Peyton with Lucas. And they’re all moving forward and it’s like I am stuck here standing still”
Brooke Davis

”I never meant to hurt you, not then, not now”
”I know. The thing is, I saw it coming all along. I just tried to wish it away. It wasn’t fair to me or to you”
Lucas Scott and Lindsey Strauss about his relationship with Peyton Sawyer

”The first time we met, right here. I told you I was pulling for the couple in the book”
Lindsey Strauss to Lucas Scott about the book An Unkindness of Ravens

”I guess there’s more than one crazy nanny in this town. Bitch”
Deb Scott as she smashes a bottle of wine over Carrie

”I’m proud of you, I love you, I’ll miss you. Lindsey”
Lindsey Strauss writes a personal note in the front cover of Lucas' Comet (novel)

”This was a 1995 Dom Perignon Rose. I was saving it for the day I was rid of Dan Scott for good. A girl can dream, right?”
Deb Scott

”God, I hate the woods”
Dan Scott

”Do you remember what I told you I’d do if you ever came near my family again? I told you I’d kill you”
”But you didn’t, I’m not dead”
”Sure you are”
Dan Scott kills Carrie


"They say we leave this world just the way we came into it, naked and alone. So if we do leave with nothing what then is the measure of a life? Is it defined by the people we choose to love? Or is life simply measured by our accomplishments? And what if we fail or are never truly loved? What then? Can we ever measure up? Or will the quiet desperation of a life gone wanting drive us mad?"
- Carrie, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Brooke Davis, and Dan Scott (opening voice-over)


  • "How Would You Like It" - Jem
  • "Moving Ground" - Mezzanine Owls
  • "Heartbeat" - Adios Control
  • "Orphans" - Jack's Mannequin
  • "Running Down" - Michelle Featherstone
  • "They Bring Me To You" - Joshua Radin
  • "Capsule" - Turin Brakes
  • "Alison" - Elvis Costello
  • "No Envy, No Fear" - Joshua Radin
  • "If I Am A Stranger" - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

This episode's title originated from the song You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It, originally sung by Kenotia.


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