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"You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love" is the sixteenth episode and the spring premiere of the fourth season of One Tree Hill and the 83rd produced episode of the series. It was broadcasted on May 2, 2007. It will be an unforgettable Prom at Tree Hill High when Lucas discovers who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Meanwhile, Peyton's decision to skip Prom leads to dire consequences. Nathan and Haley vow to be romantic teenagers at Prom, while Dan tries to win Karen's affections, as the witness to his murder closes in.


416 der wit p in basement

Derek ties Peyton up in the basement

Lucas knocks on Peyton’s door waiting to go to prom, but receives no answer. Inside, Psycho Derek is stopping Peyton from screaming for her boyfriend after breaking into her house. With no answer, Lucas assumes that she doesn’t want to go and walks away disappointed. Derek watches him leave and tells her he would have never left as their love is forever. He then gets a syringe out and injects Peyton with it, knocking her out. Haley and Nathan are on their way to prom happily, Nathan tells her how proud he is of her and Haley is just happy everything will be perfect, just as their car breaks down. Dan and Karen arrive at prom, and as Karen leaves, Whitey goes to Dan and asks him what he is doing as he has seen him hurt Karen before and he won’t let it happen again, saying he will be watching him. Nathan is trying to fix the car but isn’t able to and considering they both have no signal, they walk to the convenience store down the road. Rachel’s final boarding call is announced and as she stares at a photo of Mouth and Brooke at prom, she rethinks her decision. Meanwhile, Peyton is tied up in the basement. She wakes up as Derek comes behind her and kisses her neck saying how much he missed her and her smell. He tells her that he was never in jail, and the person who told her that he was in jail, was him mimicking an officer. He laughs at his trick and tells her that he has thought about their relationship and how it went wrong, and he realized they needed more romance, so they are going to have a prom together, them two alone.

416 r gets her own back at prom

Rachel gets her revenge on Principal Turner

Brooke goes to see a lonely Lucas who apologizes for Peyton’s dress. As Lucas tells her Peyton isn’t coming, Brooke goes to Mouth and asks for his keys saying she has to go somewhere. She doesn’t tell him where she is going, but says that she will be back in time to be crowned prom queen. Mouth laughs at her overconfidence as she leaves. Meanwhile, Derek sets up the camera and tells her the hardest part of them breaking up last time was losing all his photos of her. As he says this, Peyton tries to silently and slyly get her phone out of her bag. He goes to take a photo of them together, and takes off the gag around her mouth. He tells her to smile as Peyton screams whilst the photo is being taken. Deb is driving Nathan and Haley to prom and they laugh at how they feel like kids with his mom driving them to work, but the two agree they like it. Derek is looking through his photos as Peyton gets her phone out. As she does, it rings and Derek grabs it off her to find Lucas calling her. Furious, he screams Lucas’ name who is at prom leaving a message saying that it is wrong that she isn’t there. Rachel arrives at prom as Turner turns her away threatening to ring the police. So instead, she tells everyone she is a limo and a stocked up fridge and asks who wants to go, but no one votes to go. She goes to walk away as Mouth comes after her as that is what friends do. She leaves telling the Principal to expect a call from her lawyer about the sexual harassment. She walks off as Turner assures everyone she is kidding. Dan tells him to calm down and offers him a drink he confiscated off one of the students. As he gets it out of his pocket, a piece of paper falls out. He picks it up and finds that on it is written ‘Does your date know you murdered her fiance?’ In Peyton’s basement, Derek puts a song on and declares it to be their first dance. As the song plays, Peyton soon finds it is parts of her podcast turned into a song. He tells her it is special to them and tells her that he couldn’t bear the thought of Lucas and her having sex after prom, so instead, they will enjoy their own prom and afterwards, they can go upstairs.

Derek continues to dance with Peyton as she gets a text from Lucas. Derek reads it aloud and texts him back saying she is running late and to wait at prom for her. As he gets the text, Derek smashes the phone, as Lucas smiles excitedly for the night ahead with his girlfriend. He is joined by Glenda and the two decide to hang out until Peyton gets there. Nathan and Haley get the keys to the D.U. not I car for their journey home, and as Haley gets up to dance, she soon finds she can’t due to her leg. Nathan goes to get her some punch, and as she goes to drink it, she realizes it is not punch and Nathan goes mad on the boy who spiked the punch. The boy defends himself saying it is prom, and Nathan suddenly realizes he is over reacting and lets him go. Haley is soon to make him laugh though. Dan gets a text saying ‘I bet you wish no one was watching.’ Lucas tells Glenda his mom is wondering whether to forgive Dan for the way he behaved. Brooke goes to Peyton’s house and as she gets no answer, she begins banging on the door but still receives no answer. She goes round the back and gets the spare key letting herself in. As she does, Derek watches from the basement window realizing someone else is in the house.

416 n n h at prom

Haley and Nathan sit at the prom

Brooke is wandering around Peyton’s house shouting for her as she is nowhere to be seen. Convinced that she is in, Brooke notices the basement door is open. She stands at the top of the stairs telling her to hide in the basement as she knows how much she hates it. She walks down the stairs, unaware that Derek is watching her between them and is shocked to find Peyton tied up. She goes to untie her as Peyton yells for her to run, but it is too late. Psycho Derek grabs her and asks her if one kiss wasn’t enough. Brooke tries to escape but Derek grabs her by the neck and starts strangling her whilst Peyton watches in distress. Meanwhile, Rachel is lying about her plane being delayed so she could crash prom. They decide to skip prom as Mouth can’t stop thinking about Shelley. Rachel tells him to talk to her and he reveals that they had sex. Rachel is amazed and Mouth changes the subject and asks what they want to do. Rachel says anything he wants and the subject soon turns to back to Shelley. Rachel tells him to shut up, as he is making her jealous, cheering Mouth up a little. Glenda and Lucas are walking down the school corridor as Lucas reveals he can’t continue his book as he is stuck on the day of Keith’s death. He tells Glenda that he must have blocked out the event and he can’t remember, but Glenda tells him to walk it through to help him remember. In the basement, Derek is tying up Brooke too as she struggles for freedom. The two girls begin screaming and to drown it out, Derek turns the music up. The two girls continue screaming as Derek goes up stairs. Dan receives another text saying ‘still watching,’ and assumes it is Whitey. Haley and Nathan are talking about how weird the prom is as the Principal turns up asking Nathan to drive a student home. They soon find out they have to drive home the boy who spiked the punch.

416 der goes to kill b

Derek proves his love for Peyton by threatening to killing Brooke.

In Peyton’s basement, Peyton asks Brooke why she came for her, but Brooke tells her they had been talking about it since the age of 8 so she knew something was wrong. The two begin arguing as Peyton finds out Brooke never told anyone where she was going and as they insult each other, Peyton says she hopes he kills her first, only to be interrupted by Psycho Derek saying it is a good idea. He returns with a knife and tells Peyton that he understands how much she hates her and that he heard her say that she was dead to her, so he will make it official. He puts the knife to Brooke’s neck as she struggles to try and get away. As he goes to kill her, he tells Peyton that he is going to prove how much he loves her. Peyton then asks him to let her kill Brooke, saying that she has been denying her feelings, but she does love him like he loves her and wants to prove that she isn’t lying. She asks to be untied saying that he has the knife so he will be in control and lets out a smile for the boy she just announced her love for. Convinced, Derek lets Brooke go and goes to untie Peyton. As she gets up, Peyton promises she isn’t lying and slaps Brooke across the face. Derek asks her to do it again, and Brooke tells her to make it hurt next time, mocking her old friend, so Peyton punches her across the face as Derek smiles with delight. Peyton then asks for the knife to kill Brooke, but Derek says he can’t trust her. But Peyton says that he lied to her and that he is so good looking he just had to ask. She kisses Derek and tells him that if he gives her the knife, they will go upstairs after she has killed Brooke. Derek then gives her the knife and Peyton goes to Brooke. She tells her that she is going to actually be a back stabbing bitch and as she raises the knife, she turns around to Psycho Derek and stabs him in the shoulder. Derek falls to the floor and Peyton begins to untie Brooke. She apologizes for hitting her so hard as Brooke realizes Derek is still moving. She tells her to leave, but Peyton refuses as Derek says he will kill Peyton first. He takes the knife out of his shoulder and Peyton runs up the stairs, slowly followed by Derek.

416 p n b fite bak

Brooke and Peyton fight back against Derek

Lucas leads Glenda to the library, where he and Peyton hid themselves during the shooting and she said she loved him, and tells her deep down he knew it was all true and not just the situation, but was too afraid to admit it since he was back together with Brooke and didn’t want to hurt her again. Glenda then asks if that is what he is afraid of. In the D.U. not I, the drunken boy is asking Haley if her and Nathan have an open marriage considering he slept with Brooke. With that said, Nathan kicks him out and the two laugh at their night. Haley talks about how unpredictable their prom was as Nathan tells her he has to be careful about their predictions and that he is not taking her back to the school, he has one more surprise for her. Derek is chasing Peyton upstairs in her house as Brooke knocks the chair over that she is tied to. Derek goes to Peyton’s bedroom door and finds it locked. He begins to try and knock it down as he tells her to open it as he can knock it down. After saying this, Derek finds the door has been opened. He walks in with no sign of Peyton. Derek tells the seemingly empty room that she forgot to lock it, just as Peyton emerges from behind the door saying it was on purpose and shocks him like he did to her. She puts on her gloves telling him she is not going to run anymore and begins hitting him. She continues to knock him to floor and as she goes to hit him one last time, he grabs her arm and head butts her onto the bed. He rips her dress and climbs on top of her. As he asks if she could really beat him, a girl, Brooke emerges from behind asking whether two girls can, and hits him across the back with a pipe. Derek gets up and throws it out of Brooke’s hand knocking her over. As he does, Peyton wrestles him on his back and the two girls team up together kicking and throwing him against the wall to try and get away from him. Eventually, after throwing both girls against the wall, Derek tries to get up and walk away, but Brooke grabs his leg tripping him up. Peyton then tackles him against the wall as Brooke strangles him, but he throws her against the floor next to the stairs. As Peyton and him fight, Brooke crouches and yells at Peyton to do what they done at eighth grade cheer camp and Peyton kicks him, making him fall over Brooke and down the stairs. The two girls hug as they watch him fall. They slowly walk down the stairs as he suddenly lunges at them. Peyton kicks him unconscious and as Brooke says she is going to call 911, Peyton asks for 5 minutes with him and continues to kick him.

Psycho Derek is taken away in an ambulance as Peyton and Brooke watch from the front door. Brooke apologizes for saying everything about her moms, as Peyton says that she saved her, but Brooke assures her it was her that saved her. The two rekindle their friendship as Peyton leans against Brooke’s shoulder. She asks where they go from here, as Peyton suggest going to prom, which Brooke agrees to. Mouth and Rachel arrive at the airport as she confesses she lied about the plane being delayed as she wasn’t ready to leave as they needed their last dance. So Mouth gets up and they start dancing in the airport. Karen and Dan dance together as they remember their prom as Dan says that for the last 17 years he has been lying to himself to make him believe that leaving her was the right choice, as Karen confesses that she has been lying to herself that it didn’t break her heart. Dan then asks if it is possible for her to like him again, to which Karen says that it is possible. Haley and Nathan arrive on the roof of the cafe. Nathan reminds her the last time they were up there, they were separated and she was showing him the predictions her and Lucas made each year. With this in mind, he made a prediction too, making her promise not to read it: now, he finally let her read it out and it says ‘Haley and I will be together by graduation.’ Nathan tells her that even though he was in a dark place he never stopped believing in them together. He then asks Haley if she can dance, but Haley admits her leg is too stiff. So Nathan then picks her up and they start dancing. As Mouth and Rachel dance, the boarding call is made for Rachel’s flight. As Mouth says goodbye, Rachel asks him to come with her but Mouth says he can’t as he would miss graduation and finals. But Rachel says it is dangerous, something he always wanted to be, with this in mind, Mouth puts on his sunglasses he wore for his yearbook photo and decides to go with her.

416 l remembers girl from shooting

Lucas remembers the girl who saw who killed Keith

Dan rings the number of the phone that kept texting him. He finds the phone in the exact place the gun was when he picked it up to kill Keith. He remembers picking up the gun and the look in his brother’s eyes as he shot him dead in the corridor. As he remembers, Lucas walks round the corner and Dan asks if he has lost his phone, but Lucas says it isn't and asks what is wrong with him. Dan apologizes for his behavior and then Lucas admits he is there because he feels as though Keith is trying to tell him something. Annoyed, Dan tells him to face that Keith is dead and to open his eyes and realize that. As he delivers the same message as Keith did in Lucas’ dream, Lucas remembers his Uncle’s message and remembers Keith telling Lucas to go. As he prepared to go, he remembered someone peering through the blinds watching Jimmy point the gun at Keith. Peyton and Brooke arrive at the prom and both hold hands as they walk in covered in blood and ripped. They go to announce their prom queen and Brooke Davis is announced. The light shines on her as she smiles whilst hiding the ordeal she had just been through. As Dan watches smiling at the announcement, a girl walks past Dan and looks at him suspiciously. Lucas sees this and remembers the person in the corridor the day Keith died, the same girl who looked at Dan.

Memorable Quotes[]

”I can’t believe he actually left. I would never give up on you that easily. You hear me? Our love is forever”
Ian Banks to Peyton Sawyer as Lucas Scott leaves her house

”Well, at least everything will be perfect tonight”
”We gotta stop saying that”
Haley James Scott to Nathan Scott just before their car breaks down

”Maybe tonight we don’t have to be married and pregnant. We can just be teenagers”
Haley James Scott

”See you Turner. Oh, expect a call from my lawyer about the sexual harassment”
Rachel Gatina gets her revenge on Principal Turner

”She’s wondering if she should forgive the guy for being an ass for the last seventeen years”
”Your mom”
Lucas Scott talks about Karen Roe and Dan Scott to Glenda Farrell

”Great, hide in your creepy basement because you know I hate it. Too bad, I’m coming down anyway...Oh my god”
”Well, well Brooke Davis. What? One kiss wasn’t enough so you came back for seconds?”
Brooke Davis is second to fall victim to Psycho Derek

”Shelley is nuts. And this is coming from a girl who has seen a lot of nuts”
Rachel Gatina tries to cheer up Mouth

”This is the weirdest prom ever. No Lucas, no Peyton, no Brooke, no Mouth”
”No Rachel?”
”Good prom”
Haley James Scott to Nathan Scott

”Derek, look at me. If you really, really love me, let me do it. This is my chance for revenge. You, more than anybody, should know that. Look, you were right about me, okay? Hey, you were right. We are so much alike, I have all the same feeling that you do and I have all the same desires...It’s true. Hey, I just couldn’t admit it before. I’m gonna prove it to you now, just untie me”
Peyton Sawyer persuades Psycho Derek

”All those times you said I was a backstabbing bitch, you had no idea how right you were”
Peyton Sawyer to Brooke Davis

”Peyton be careful, he’s gonna lunge. They always lunge”
Brooke Davis as the approach Psycho Derek

”I guess now it’s hoes over psychos”
Brooke Davis

”Keith’s dead, okay, he’s not coming back. Open your eyes”
Dan Scott trying to hide his murder from Lucas Scott

”Are you ready for this Brooke Davis?”
”Welcome to prom, P. Sawyer”
Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis arrive at prom


No Voiceover


  • "I Wanna" - Black Toast
  • "Forever Young" - Alphaville
  • "Super Sexy Free" - Bosshouse
  • "Let It Out" - Within Reason
  • "Favorite Sin" - Within Reason
  • "Please Resolve This" - Altarmotive
  • "Hard Feelings" - Master Source
  • "On A Natural High" - Sissy Prozac
  • "Nux Vomica" - The Veils
  • "No Stars" - Maria Taylor
  • "Daisychains" - Youth Group

This episode's title originated from the album You Call It Madness But I Call It Love, originally sung by Nat King Cole.


  • The band playing at the Tree Hill High prom is Within Reason. They won the One Tree Hill and Cingular "Rock The Prom" contest.

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