You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Anatomy of the Devil's Brain)

November 24, 2008
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"You Have Got to be Kidding Me (Anatomy of the Devil's Brain)" is the twelfth episode and mid-season finale of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 118th produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on November 24, 2008. As Lucas takes a trip to Hollywood to meet his film director, Nathan gets a pro basketball try-out. Peyton struggles with Mia to focus on her follow-up album, while Millicent confronts Marvin about Gigi. Julian approaches a dubious Brooke about designing clothes for his movie, and Haley takes a reluctant Jamie to his school talent show.


612 sam is caught with jak

Sam gets caught with Jack in her bedroom

In the river on the outskirts of Tree Hill, a dead Quentin Field stands in the river as a gun shot goes off and the screen fills white...

In Tree Hill, Jamie is measuring his dad and Nathan is disappointed with his size as he has not grown since he was 17 and believes that if he was taller, he would be in the pros. Jamie tells him that he would settle for his size, or even a bit less. Haley and Nathan laugh as Nathan tells him that he has his mom to thank for his height as Haley tells them that Jamie got some good stuff from her, like the piano he is going to play at the talent show. After agreeing with his mother, Jamie asks if Nathan is going to be at the show, and Nathan assures him that he would not miss it. He tells Nathan that he wishes he could go with him but Nathan tells him that they will talk about it after it happens. As Jamie runs off to the car, Haley asks if the idea he has is definitely what he wants to do, but Nathan tells her it is what he has to do. Brooke gets up and calls for Sam for breakfast. As she receives no answer, she goes to see if she is still in her bedroom and is horrified to find her pushing a boy out of the window. Sam, also shocked to see Brooke standing there, freezes as the boy greets Brooke with a polite ‘hi.’ As the boy leaves, Brooke is trying to come to terms with a boy staying the night in her house. Sam tells Brooke that he is her friend and he lives with his brother and they had a fight and he needed somewhere to stay. Brooke asks for his name, and Sam tells her it is Jack Daniels. Brooke then asks if she is supposed to believe that nothing happened, and Sam reminds her that she is 15. Brooke then yells that it does not matter as when she was 15 and then stops after realizing what she is saying. Brooke tells her to tell her when someone sleeps in her house and if they do, they can sleep on the couch. Lucas sits down with Julian and tells him that he will do the movie, but they are not friends and him and Peyton are nothing, but Julian asks how Peyton is.

612 p in hospital

Peyton worries whilst in hospital

Meanwhile, Peyton is at the hospital as a doctor asks her how long she has been experiencing the pain and Peyton confirms a few days and that there has been a history of cancer in her birth family, so the doctor asks to run some tests. Back in the cafe, Julian tells Lucas to go to L.A. for the movie and to trust that Peyton will not fall in love with him. Lucas responds with an insult as Julian feeds him the truth, that an A list director is interested in the movie and he needs to meet with him that day. Julian explains that they are equal partners in the movie and he needs to sign off on it. When asked what he will be doing, Julian reminds him that he will be producing a movie, not hitting on Peyton. He gives Lucas the tickets to L.A. who takes them and walks out. Further down the cafe, Sam is laughing at the situation her and Jack were caught in. She laughs as she tells Jack how Brooke thought they were having sex. She leaves Jack on a table and goes to see Julian who is sitting alone at the table. They introduce each other as Sam says he can help her and Julian says she can help him too. Meanwhile, Jamie is going through a store cupboard on his dad’s shoulders. He is asking what he is doing that day as Nathan tells him it is called a combine and is when coaches and scouts from the pro teens came and watch people play and then they can pick people for leagues before the NBA. As Jamie finds what he is looking for in the cupboard, Nathan asks Jamie about the talent show and Jamie says instead of playing piano, he would rather tell jokes as he is not very good at the ‘kiddie’ song he has been giving. They go downstairs as Nathan prepares to leave for his day. Haley and Jamie wish him look and as he goes to leave, Jamie tells him that all he can do is his best.

612 b comforts mil

Brooke comforts Millicent

Back in the cafe, Sam is filling her coffee with sugar as Julian laughs at the amount of sugar she puts in. As Julian asks how he can help her, Sam asks if he could read some of the stuff she has wrote. Julian then asks about Brooke Davis and as Sam refuses to hook them up, Julian tells her that he is only interested in her clothing line, if she is any good. Sam confirms that she is very good and would be perfect to use for the movie. Julian puts his number in her phone and tells her to give him a call if she wants anything reading. As Sam is shocked, Julian asks if Brooke is single and Sam immediately lies and says no, but eventually confesses that she is. Sam tells Julian that she thinks he is not as bad as people think as Julian says he thinks she is not so bitter. As he goes to leave, he leans down to Jack and tells him that Sam is out of his league. Brooke is nailing the window in Sam’s bedroom as Millicent is complaining about Mouth hugging Gigi in the parking lot. Brooke asks why she was in the parking lot and Millicent admits to spying. Brooke tells her that Mouth is just amused by Gigi, but Millicent does not want a boy who is amused by it. Brooke assures her that all guys are amused by girls like her, but it is harmless. In Mouth’s workplace, Gigi tells him that she is having her going away party in the office that night and persuades Mouth to come even though he should be at Jamie’s talent show, so Mouth agrees to one drink. Mia is in the office with Peyton who tells her that she has to start recording again. Mia tells her that she has had a lot going on, but Peyton asks how many songs she is, but Mia tells her she only has a couple of ideas. Peyton gives Mia a CD and tells her to pick a record off of it and record. Mia protests saying that she writes her own songs, but Peyton tells her apparently she does not, she only writes a couple of ideas. Peyton’s cell phone then rings and it is Lucas and Peyton lies that she left early as she had a meeting with a band. She sends Mia to go and listen to the CD as she finds out Lucas is going to L.A.

612 n impresses at combine

Nathan impresses at the combine

Nathan arrives at the combine and when asked his name, he gives it and admits that no one invited him to the combine. Nathan tells him that he was hoping for a chance as it is his last shot, but the man refuses. Nathan goes to walk out as Bobby calls for him. He lets him in and tells him to get changed. Brooke is drawing a picture as a song comes on the radio. She starts dancing as Julian walks without realising. She turns round in shock as Julian laughs at her. He begins to flirt with her, but Brooke shows no interest. He asks her to design the costumes for the movie as it would be very beneficial to both him and her. As he persuades her, his phone goes, and he begins bickering down the phone with the caller and tells the caller that he will not blow it. As he ends the call, he apologises and tells Brooke that Sam says hi. Brooke is shocked that Julian has her number and calls Julian a pervert. As Julian laughs at the allegations, Julian tells her to think about the wardrobe idea and will give her time to wrap her head around it. Nathan is getting changed and before he puts his shoes on puts both Quentin’s initials and jersey number and Jamie’s initials and jersey number on the side of his trainers. Another basketball player asks about the trainers as he realizes they are expensive. As Nathan tells the player that they are his trainers, the player starts to mock Nathan trying out for the B league even though he has a shoe contract. More determined than ever, Nathan begins to complete the tests and show the player that he was wrong to mock him as he is better than ever and all the coaches and scouts are impressed by him. Brooke gets home to find Sam going through her old photo album and calls her old high school self skanky. Sam accuses her of having sex at 15 and as Brooke denies it, Sam asks if that is where the fashion line came from as she got fed up. She then calls the newer version of Brooke a prude. Brooke tells Sam to shut up, but then admits that she has been frigid lately, but that is because she was attacked in her store and finds it hard to trust boys again. Shocked, Sam asks if she was raped, but Brooke tells her she was not, but admits that she got really angry about the situation and her other issues including Owen and she is trying to let it all go. She admits to Sam that she was slutty in high school, but wishes she was not as she cannot take it back. As she goes to go in her room, Sam tells her that she likes talking to her as Brooke tells her she likes talking to her too.

612 jam n hal practise

Jamie practises with Haley

Lucas arrives at an office in L.A. that could be an apartment. He sees someone sitting in a chair and shouts over the loud music to grab his attention. The man turns around and quotes his book declaring it as good writing. He then snorts a line off the script declaring his love for the script as Lucas watches in doubt. Back in Tree Hill, Jamie is hiding telling Haley he is not coming out, but Haley makes him. Obviously dressed for the talent show, Jamie comes out dressed in a suit. Haley compliments it, but Jamie tells her that he looks like a penguin. Haley denies that and tells Jamie to practice again. He sits at the piano and messes up the song. Haley asks if he is nervous and Jamie admits he is. Nathan is still at the combine and is being measured. As he does, the player who had been mocking him all day begins laughing at his height. Bobby calms the players down and then tells them to split into groups according to position. As the players begin to group, Nathan wonders which group to join. He goes towards the point guard group as Bobby corrects him that the two guards go in the other group, but Nathan tells him he is trying out as a point guard. Bobby asks if he ever played point guard before as Nathan remembers telling Quentin he has never played point guard in his life, but Q tells him that he has to learn as he is too short to play as a two guard. Nathan tells him that he nearly played in the NBA as Q tells him that if he did, he would not have made it. Nathan refuses to go to point guard as Q tells him that he is telling him the truth and that if he goes for point guard, they can train him up on all the necessary skills. Nathan asks why he is doing it for him as Q admits it is not just Nathan’s dream. Nathan begins to play the basketball game and analyzes each step of the opposing player. He begins to shoot and impresses both scouts and coaches with the skills he worked on with Quentin.

612 l doubts re

Lucas doubts his movie director, Reese

Mouth arrives at Gigi’s going away party and gives her a present. She opens it and finds the shirt that she slept in the night she passed out in his apartment. She tells Mouth that he never told her how he got her into the shirt, and one day maybe he could get her out of it. Lucas is looking at posters in L.A. as the director, Reese suggests some changes to the script, one of which being that Haley could die as audiences love them twists, like Leonardo DiCaprio dying in Titanic. As he declares a story like that as gold, Lucas refuses saying that it did not happen. Reese asks who goes to see the movie and Reese says it is the young girls that find a voice in a film and make it box office worthy. As Reese jumps around the office in excitement, Lucas tells him that Haley cannot just die. Reese says Lucas as a vision and it can be respected so sits down and has a think. He then suggests that Lucas and Haley end up together and get married as audiences can go crazy about romances. As Lucas thinks about it, Reece tells him it is what he does and what he knows. Brooke tells Julian that he is not interested in working with him for the movie. She also tells him that she does not trust him with Peyton or with Sam and as Julian laughs, she tells him that the grin will get him nowhere with her. Julian tells her that when he makes a movie, he sets the bar as high as possible and makes a wish list and tells her that sometimes you get lucky and get the wish list, but sometimes you do not. He walks out wishing Brooke look with her line. Nathan goes to leave after practising basketball all day. Mia goes back to Peyton’s office and tells her that she does not want to record someone else’s songs. Peyton warns her that she is not in a good mood and is not the best time to make a naive stand. Mia begins yelling at her saying she is not the same girl before her tour as Peyton tells her it is a shame as she loved that girl. Mia asks what happened to protecting her then and telling the label to be patient for her songs and Peyton tells her that she has done that for months but she is not doing the work. Peyton tells her that the record company cares about her and that is why she was given the CD and when they do not care is when they have a problem, but Mia tells Peyton that she is not going to do it. Peyton yells that she is being ungrateful. Mia tells her that she has done everything Peyton has asked her to do, but she refuses to record another person’s song. She walks out as Peyton calls her back and tells her that she is unsure that she should be on the label anymore and Mia storms out, furious. As Peyton sits down, on the computer screen is a page about fighting cancer.

612 jam at talent show

Jamie changes his performance during the talent show

At the talent show, Madison is playing piano as Jamie and Chuck watch from backstage. As they do, Jamie says that he wish he’d done jokes as Madison is so good, and Chuck agrees with him. Mouth arrives at the show late and sits next to Haley. As he sits next to her, Haley tells him he smells of alcohol and Mouth is shocked. He asks how bad it is and Haley just laughs it off asking for some. Mouth’s cell phone vibrates and he answers it to find a picture of Gigi wearing his shirt. He hides it just as Millicent and Brooke bring Nathan to sit down with them and he tells Haley that he done the best he could, as his son asked of him. Madison finishes her performance and Jamie is next to the stage. He sits at the piano and tells the audience he is going to perform ‘The First Noel.’ He begins and messes up so starts again and makes the same mistake. As he does, he goes to the microphone and tells them that it is awkward. As he plays, he begins making jokes at certain parts and the audience find it hilarious. He finishes playing and tells them that it is something like that, but what does the audience want, he is 5. He stands up and bows as the audience cheers for him. Meanwhile, at the cafe, Sam is wishing she went to see Jamie and Jack mocks her. Sam admits she likes them as they are nice to her. Jack says that it is funny how she changed her mind from stealing from Brooke Davis and remembers her coming in and telling Jack how she though Brooke was a bitch and someone should be put in her place. As Sam asks why he mentioned it, Jack repeats that she asked someone to put her in her place. In L.A., Lucas is trying to persuade Reece to keep Lucas and Peyton falling in love, but Reece says that it is a movie and something needs to change, they could kill of a main character. Peyton gets a phone call and it is finally the doctor whom she has been waiting for. As she picks up the phone she asks what is wrong. Sam walks into Brooke’s house distraught and in tears. She tells her that about how she said awful things about her when they first met and as she is too upset to explain anymore Brooke tells her she does not understand. Without saying a word, Sam takes out the designs that were stolen from her store. Brooke looks at them in shock and remembers being attacked. She begins to worry as Sam says the attack was her fault. Sam walks out as Brooke stares at her designs in shock.

612 b searches for Sam

Brooke searches hectically for a missing Sam

Julian is drinking at TRIC as Brooke walks in to see Owen and says that Sam has walked out again after an argument. Owen tells her to sit down as she is only a teenager and not even her teenager. At this point, Julian looks up in shock as does Brooke and asks what that is supposed to mean. Julian goes to leave as Brooke asks him to tell her if Sam rings, but Julian says it is not his problem. He walks out as Owen says that she will not stay with her forever. Brooke becomes furious and says that she may not come back this time as it is different, unlike him who is exactly the same. She walks out as Owen says that that comment is not fair. Brooke tells him that she has to find her, but she will do it on her own. She asks him not to call her anymore and walks out annoyed. Mouth walks into the apartment to find Millicent in tears staring at the photo of Gigi. She throws the phone at him as Mouth argues that it was a joke. Millicent calls him an idiot and storms out the room, sure that her boyfriend is having an affair. Mouth begs her to stay as it does not mean anything, but Millicent says he is wrong as it means everything. Haley and Nathan settle down after the talent show and Haley asks what is next for the comeback and Nathan says the phone will ring and it will be either a yes or no. Haley assures him that it will be a yes, but Nathan says that he hopes so, but if no that is the end of basketball for him.

612 sam gets in care

Sam gets in a car with Jack and Brooke's attacker

Mia is thinking about the CD as Millicent downs another drink at TRIC. Owen comes up to her and asks what happened and Millicent tells him that she has had a horrible night, a lot like Owen’s night. Owen pours himself a drink and tells Millicent that he has not had a drink in 8 years but that is about to change. Millicent tells him that she has not had sex in over 22 years, but that is about to change. Brooke goes to the cafe and finds Julian, he asks if she has found her, and as Julian says he is not that type of guy, Brooke runs to the counter and checks if she is there. The waitress confirms she has not been there, but Julian had just asked the same question, proving he had lied. As Brooke walks outside, he sees Julian throw the coffee away. Nathan tells Jamie about his day as he tells him that he is proud of the way he turned something he was worrying about into something great and Jamie says Nathan done the same. As the family settle down for bed, Jamie reads a nursery rhyme. Owen and Millicent toast a drink to each other. Quentin stands under his jersey hung up in the gym hall. He walks away and puts Jamie’s cape around him. Peyton is looking at a photo of Ellie and her as a baby. She phones Lucas and tells him that she has to tell him something. Brooke gets in with no sign of Sam and looks at her designs. Sam is in tears as she gets in the car with Jack and his brother X, the same person who shot Quentin Fields dead.

Memorable Quotes

”You expect me to believe that a boy named after the white trash rock band drink of choice spent the night in your bed and nothing happened?”
”Dude, I’m like fifteen”
”Like that matters. When I was 15...never mind”
- Brooke Davis questions Sam Walker about the boy in her bedroom

”She thought we were doing it! As if!”
”What do you mean ‘as if’? A lot of girls would do it with me”
”Yeah, but those girls are called prostitutes”
- Sam Walker mocks Jack Daniels

”Daddy, all you can do is your best, okay?”
- Jamie Scott

”You should design the wardrobe for the movie. You were there, it’s authentic, it’s press worthy and I’d be lucky to have you before the debut of your line which I’m sure is going to be fabulous”
- Julian Baker to Brooke Davis

”If I have been a little frigid lately, it is probably because I was attacked in my store. Not long before you moved in and it’s made me a little closed off, especially with boys.”
- Brooke Davis

”For the record, I was pretty slutty in high school, and I wish I hadn’t of been because you don’t get to take any of that back”
- Brooke Davis

”I don’t trust you. Not with Peyton and definitely not with Sam. And that is not gonna get you anywhere, the grin. I’m sure it’s gotten you in a lot of doors and in a lot of beds, but it’s not gonna do you any good with me”
- Brooke Davis to Julian Baker

”I’m not sure you should be on this label anymore. Life’s too short, trust me”
- Peyton Sawyer to Mia Catalano

”Hey. How did it go?”
”I did what my son told me to. The best I could”
- Haley James Scott asks Nathan Scott about his day

”Last week, my mom asked me how I liked going to school. I told her not as much as I like coming home from it”
- Jamie Scott during the talent show

”What’d you say after she caught you shoplifting? You said she was a rich bitch, someone should put her in her place”
”You said someone should put her in her place, Sam”
- Jack Daniels talks to Sam Walker

”You know, I haven’t had a drink in over eight years. Tonight that’s gonna change”
”I haven’t had sex in over twenty two years. But tonight that’s gonna change”
- Owen Morello and Millicent Huxtable

”You know, I’m proud of you, buddy. You took something that would’ve beaten most people and you kept going with it. You turned it into something great”
”So did you, daddy”
- Nathan Scott and Jamie Scott

”Having a bad night?”
- Xavier Daniels


"A little old man and I fell out. I'll tell you what it was all about. He had money and I had none. And that's the way the noise begun"
- Xavier Daniels (opening voice-over)

”Numbers are funny. They can measure you, time you, analyze you all they want but they all know what really matters is how you play the game. He thinks I’ve lost a step because of my accident so he’s gonna play me tight. I haven’t. Now he’ll back off because he doesn’t wanna get beat off the dribble. Just a half step, that’s a mistake. You ever heard the expression ‘they can’t measure heart?’ Well the truth is, they can’t measure any of it. Heart, want, need. They think I can’t play point guard. But Q knew I could, you can’t measure a dream”
- Nathan Scott (mid voice-over during basketball game)

"A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds. And when the weeds begin to grow it's like a garden full of snow. And when the snow begins to fall it's like a bird upon the wall. And when the bird away does fly it's like an eagle in the sky. And when the sky begins to roar it's like a lion at the door. And when the door begins to crack it's like a stick across your back. And when your back begins to smart it's like a penknife in your heart. And when your heart begins to bleed, you're dead and dead and dead indeed."
- Jamie Scott and Xavier Daniels (closing voice-over)


  • "The Lucky Ones" - Patrick Park
  • "Happy Twist" - Elisabeth Yndestad
  • "Light Catches You Face" - Bell X1
  • "(Don't You) Forget About Me" - Simple Minds
  • "Anthem" - Born In The Flood
  • "A Hero's Welcome" - Master Source
  • "(Cha Cha) Be My New Boyfriend" - The Spider Problem
  • "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady" - Oasis
  • "A Falling Through" - Ray LaMontagne
  • "What Have We Got To Lose" - Aron Wright
  • "Devil In Me" - Kate Voegele

This episode's title originated from the song You Have To Be Joking (Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain), originally sung by The Flaming Lips.


612 JS 12

A dedication to a lost fan

  • Dan, Skills and Deb do not appear in this episode.
    • This is the first mid-season finale to not feature Dan, Skills and Deb.
  • James Van Der Beek recieves the "Special Guest Star" billing.
  • When Nathan writes ‘J.S. #12’ on one of his trainers, although it represent his son in the programm, it also represent a fan of the show who unfortunately passed away and was added as a tribute to her life.
  • This is One Tree Hill's sixth mid-season finale.
  • The last appearance of Robbie Jones, (Quentin Fields).

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