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*Peyton tells Lucas that if he does end up a single father, Jake Jagielski raked in a lot of people with the hot-single-father look.
*Peyton tells Lucas that if he does end up a single father, Jake Jagielski raked in a lot of people with the hot-single-father look.
*Haley reminds Nathan of what happened last time she went on tour.
*Haley reminds Nathan of what happened last time she went on tour.
*Haley says the house reminds her of the house from I''t's a Wonderful Life'', which was the movie playing in the hospital after the accident after State Championship.
*Brooke admits the last time she was in love was with Lucas.
*Brooke admits the last time she was in love was with Lucas.
*Julian looks for Lucas’ books through Brooke’s house as Peyton had many of them and was still in love with Lucas.
*Julian looks for Lucas’ books through Brooke’s house as Peyton had many of them and was still in love with Lucas.

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"You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight" is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of One Tree Hill and the 123rd produced episode of the series. It was broadcast on March 16, 2009. Peyton and Lucas receive a startling surprise about the pregnancy, as Brooke and Julian's relationship comes to a crossroads. Nathan and Haley celebrate their anniversary, while Dan and Deb babysit Jamie. Meanwhile, Marvin and Millie try to pick up the pieces of their relationship.


617 p collapses in pain

Peyton collapses in pain

Brooke storms out of her room and tells Julian that he has to go. As Julian asks why, Brooke says he should know why. He argues that most girls like what he done as Brooke says that she didn’t and tells him to get out. As Julian asks what the big deal is, Brooke says that she does not do what he done as she is a mom. Julian apologizes and says it won’t happen again as Brooke opens the door and asks him to promise and as Julian does, he says that he will never say that he loves her again, even though he does. Brooke shuts the door in fury as Julian repeats himself through the door and Brooke tells him to stop, which Julian finds hilarious. Millicent is looking at a picture of her and Mouth as he walks in. She tells him that she is picking her stuff up and she came as Skills said that he would be out all day. Mouth says that Skills told him to stay in and wait for the cable guy. Mouth realizes he unplugged the cable as he asks how New York is for Millicent. She tells him that it is great and she loves it as Mouth tells her about the movie. As she packs, Mouth says that he could have sent it to her but Millicent tells him that she is taking her car as she is staying on a permanent basis. As Mouth says that it will be goodbye then, Millicent says that it will be goodbye forever. Nathan arrives in an abandoned house and as he shouts for anyone, Haley jumps out on him. She kisses him and tells him that they have never spent this day apart so she has brought home to him. She leads him into a room that is done up with candles as she wishes him a happy anniversary. Meanwhile, Deb tells Jamie he can stay up late as it is just them two that night. She sets the table as she sees Jamie has set up an extra table. She asks if Orval is joining them tonight as Jamie says it is not for Orval. The door goes and Dan walks in and tells Deb she is looking old. Jamie runs up and hugs his grandfather and as Deb asks why he is there, Jamie says that he invited him. Lucas is ready to show Peyton a surprise he has got her and has been working on all night. He asks if she is ready, but Peyton says she is not. Lucas notices she is pale and asks if she has morning sickness, but Peyton collapses to the floor in pain.

The Surprise

617 p n l are given bad news

Peyton and Lucas are given heartbreaking news

Peyton and Lucas get home and both look upset. Lucas tells her that they are going to bed as Peyton asks to see the surprise. Lucas is a lot more hesitant now saying it is not a good idea, but Peyton walks to the room. She opens it to see that Lucas has decorated his old room into a nursery with toys and a crib in it. He reminds Peyton it is their house now as Peyton looks around saying it is beautiful. She picks up a piece of baby’s clothing and reads it which says ‘I love my mommy.’ She begins to cry and walks past Lucas asking for a minute. As she walks out, Lucas hits the wall in frustration. As he goes to see what she is doing as Peyton tells him that they had not picked out names yet. She tells him that she was thinking of Anna for a girl, after her mother. Lucas tells her not to do it to herself as Peyton says she would like to call her child Sawyer if it was a boy. Lucas sits down next to her telling her that they have to take a few days to process the news. Peyton says that she thinks about all the times she worried about having the baby and thought she did not want it. Lucas assures her that the universe does not punish people, it does not work like that and Peyton agrees with him and says that she cannot do it. Lucas reminds her that the doctor said that if she has the baby, she could die and Peyton tells him that it does not matter as she is having the baby. She goes to clean up as Lucas joins her. He tells her that the doctor said that there was a very good chance that she could die and they could lose the baby anyway. He says that they can think about the decision before they go back. Peyton sounds disgusted as she reminds him that they will go back for an abortion. Lucas is furious and yells that it is not an abortion, but Peyton assures him it is. He says that no one will say it, but Peyton tells him it is still an abortion. She smashes a plate in anger and tells Lucas that if he would like to talk about it to call it an abortion. As Lucas wonders how it could happen in a month, Peyton confesses that she had some pain earlier in the pregnancy and she went to the doctors who said it was nothing. Lucas is mad that she did not say anything to him and tells her it is not nothing but Peyton asks if it is and what if they both survive. Annoyed again, Lucas tells her that if he has to, he will be the bad guy. He tells her that if the baby means that he will lose her, then they will end it. Peyton tells him that the baby is not an it and tells him that she wants him to realize it is a real child, their child. Lucas says that they can try again or even adopt like she was. Peyton agrees, but tells him that she wants the child to look like them and after all, she is carrying a life. Lucas says that he does not care about a child looking like him, he cares about a child being brought up with a mother as look at what it did to her. Peyton is shocked at how he is trying to guilt trip her into the abortion as Lucas says that he is guilt tripping her and will continue to if it keeps her alive. Peyton calls him a dick as Lucas agrees that he is.

617 baby kiks

Lucas feels his child kicking

Lucas goes into the nursery and begins taking down stuff on the wall. Peyton yells at him to stop and drags him off the wall. Lucas comments on how she sounds like a mom as Peyton says she is one. As she says this, Lucas is overcome by sorrow. He tells her about a dream he had and in it she was hurt. He tells her that he cannot live without her. He says that even though she saves that he is always saving her, he cannot save her from this. Peyton remind him of all the stuff they have survived and says that they should not let doctors lay odds on them. She tells him that even if she does die, he will be okay and can raise the child on his own, like Karen did with him. Lucas asks how he is supposed to feel towards that child if it kills her and Peyton says that he is not that person and that he will never be on his own, he has all their friends. She says that he would even be found hot by some girls, like Jake Jagielski did. Her joke is not laughed at as Lucas asks how she can joke, Peyton admits it is because she is scared about their fate. She says that maybe the whole point of her and him is to lead them to the point they are at as maybe the life they have created could change the world. Lucas refuses to accept that their story does not have a good ending as Peyton assures him that their story already has the greatest ending, because they are together. Lucas tells her that he needs to know they are making the right choice as Peyton jumps in what seems to be pain. Lucas sits her down and goes to ring an ambulance as Peyton tells him not to. She tells him that he, the baby, is kicking hard and they feel their child kicking. Lucas begins to cry as Peyton tells him that it is okay for him to love the baby as it does not mean he does not love her. As she says this, Lucas tells her that he cannot live without her, but Peyton says that he does not have to as she can feel it will be okay and they will live happily ever after, all three of them.

The Long Goodbye

617 mil leaves for ny

Millicent leaves Mouth for New York

Millicent is about to leave as Mouth runs to stop her. She asks what he wants to say after goodbye as Mouth notice she is not wearing her glasses. She tells him that she has had lasik so does not need them. Mouth says that it must have been a month of firsts as Millicent goes to leave insulted. He apologizes and as he admits he is still mad, Millicent says that there is nothing he can say that she has not said a million times to herself. Mouth says that maybe there is one thing and apologizes to her. She asks why as Mouth says he is sorry for driving her away. He gives her his cell phone bill and says that most of $300 was because of him and Gigi exchanging texts. As Millicent begins to get upset, Mouth says he is not doing it to be cruel, he is showing her that he is the one who should be sorry and has realized it. Millicent asks why he done it as Mouth says he does not know why exactly but wishes he never had done it. He asks her to forgive him as Millicent says that she understands that he has needs and she could not fulfill them. Mouth tells her that she did, everyday, but Millicent tells him that she did not at night and that she would often wish she would have had sex with him but was too scared she would mess up. She tells him that she has realized that their relationship was not that special. Mouth assures her that they were great together as Millicent says that even if they did start again, the past would always be between them, so maybe if they start new relationships, the past would disappear. Mouth asks if they go forward without the mistakes but with wrong people. He tells her that they can move forward together and get through it as he misses her. She asks what he misses about her and Mouth lists a number of things that he misses about their relationship. Millicent says that she cannot rewind the clock and take any of it back and Mouth tells her that he loves her for her and Millicent says he loves her too but it is not about him forgiving her, she has to forgive herself and she cannot do that with him around. She goes to leave as Mouth asks her to stay, but she kisses him and leaves upset.

The Seven Year Itch

617 h n n plan a life away from th

Haley and Nathan plan a life away from Tree Hill

Haley and Nathan are in Charleston and toast to their 7 year anniversary. Haley comments on how she cannot believe that Nathan got her to marry him when she was 16. Nathan laughs as they imagine Jamie bringing a wife back in 10 years. They laugh as they decide to do fortune cookies. Nathan reads his that ‘he is a master of his craft’ and adds ‘in bed’ on the end. Haley refuses to believe that and laughs as Nathan says that for fortune cookies, you can always add ‘in bed’ to the end of any one. Haley reads hers and it says ‘Prepare yourself for a big change’ and adds ‘in bed’ and laughs claiming it might be because of the seven year itch. Nathan throws them away as he apologizes for how hard it has been for her without him there lately. Haley admits that she has not been working as she got fired for publishing Sam’s essay in the newspaper. She asks if he is mad and Nathan says he is only mad at the principal. She tells him that it got her thinking and has now thought about moving to Charleston with Jamie for his basketball. She shows Nathan around the house saying that it would be a perfect family home. She shows him where Jamie’s room would be and then shows him a room with a piano in and says it could be her studio that overlooks a basketball hoop in the yard. She tells him that she is just dreaming but, even though she knows Tree Hill will always be their home, they never said they would stay there forever. Nathan agrees and decides to dream big and tells her that she needs to get back on the road and that they could make it work this time. Haley could tutor Jamie and he would love living out of a bus. She admits that she wishes for it but realizes that it would mean they would have totally different. Nathan tells her that they would make it work as he could not bare the thought of his dream stopping her from pursuing hers. He gets her to think about it as Haley agrees.

The Deleted Scene

617 b admits been in love once

Brooke admits she has only been in love once

Brooke gets out of her room after her shower and finds that Julian is still there on his laptop. She reminds him that she wanted him gone as Julian tells her that he is looking online at who she dated. Brooke is shocked with the online allegations which include Ryan Reynolds and Colin Farrell as well as some girls too. She asks why he is still there as Julian says he is figuring out why she was freaked out with what he said. Brooke tells that examining her ex-list means nothing as, even though she dated guys, she was never in love with them and she never had time. Julian then realizes that the last time she was in love was with Lucas. Julian checks for Lucas’ book and tells her that if she has more than one book, he is leaving. Brooke understands it is weird for him as Julian asks if she still loves Lucas. Brooke tells him that she is not and that she is not Peyton. Julian apologizes but explains that he still worries after his relationship with Peyton. Brooke reminds him that she is dating Peyton’s ex, Julian understands how she feels and tells her that he knows that she is not Peyton as she chooses her own path, but Brooke argues that you cannot choose who you fall in love with, which Julian agrees to. He tells her that you choose whether she opens her heart to love and wants her to say that she loves him too. Brooke says that she likes him a lot but it is not that simple. She explains that it is too fast and that she has Sam to worry about. Julian tells her to stop hiding behind Sam and believes that she does really love him, or could love him, but is too stubborn and scared to admit it because she doesn't want to get her heart is broken again. He tells her that she has given up on believing she deserves to be in love and tells her he knows she does deserve it and tells her again how much he is in love with her. As he does, Brooke responds that she cares a lot for him. Julian tells her that is okay and one day she will let someone in. She asks for it not to change anything and Julian says it will not and they are just having fun again and that it is too soon. Brooke agrees that it is too soon and Julian says to get changed for dinner and they will pretend the last hour never happened. Brooke checks if they can do it and Julian says of course they can and that in the movies it is called a deleted scene. He tells her to go and get ready and that he will wait for her.

The Cold War

617 deb n dan look over lives

Deb and Dan look over their lives together

Deb, Dan and Jamie are eating as Dan keeps throwing hints that Deb is old to Jamie. As Jamie runs off to get ice cream, Deb says that he can stay as Jamie likes him, but as soon as Jamie is asleep, he has to leave. Later, Dan goes to tuck Jamie into bed and tells him a story about Nathan as Jamie asks why Deb and Dan stopped being married. Dan explains that not all couples work out and as Jamie asks if they still love each other, Dan changes the subject and says that Nathan and Haley will last forever. He kisses him goodnight and walks downstairs to see Deb flicking through an old photo album of their old family. The remember a day they spent together as Deb says that they should have been the couple in the photo album who tucks their grandchildren into bed. Dan says that no one sets out for failed marriage and Deb tells him that whenever she remembers the man she loved is in Dan, she remembers that he murdered Keith. As Dan argues that he has done his time, Deb says it will never be enough. Dan, in anger, turns around and tells her to talk about Keith and says that he made the greatest mistake of his life because he was getting revenge for setting fire to his dealership when it was actually her. He also says that he thought Keith set the fire because he hired Jules to seduce him because he slept with Deb. He tells her that he pulled the trigger, but she loaded the gun. He tells her that he has done his time, but asks if she has. In fury, Deb admits she thinks about that everyday and admits that it is the reason she hates Dan, for killing Keith and the guilt she feels. She tells him that she is glad for him dying as she now believes in justice in the world. As she finishes speaking, Jamie walks in holding his buzzer and tells him that it is time to get better, surprising both Dan and Deb.

617 jul finds b n l foto

Julian finds a photo of Lucas and Brooke

Haley and Nathan are lying on the floor after sleeping together as she thanks him for the amazing life they’ve had so far. He tells her that one day when his career is over and she has stopped singing, they can move back there and Haley leaps up in excitement. Millicent leaves Tree Hill in tears as Mouth finds the only belonging she has left is her glasses, which he puts in a drawer and shuts. Julian is packing his stuff up as he notices a picture of Lucas and Brooke on the fridge. As Brooke walks in, Julian pretends to be on his phone and pretends he has to do something and refuses her to come with him or for him to come back afterwards. He walks out as Brooke’s night is ruined as she says to herself ‘someday.’ Lucas and Peyton lie on the floor as he admits it scares him. Peyton assures him it will be okay and they will dance at the child’s wedding and spoil their grandchildren. She tells him that she is having the baby as Lucas says no, and corrects her that they are having the baby, together.

Memorable Quotes

”You need to go”
”Why what did I do?”
”You know what you did”
”Most girls like that”
- Brooke Davis kicks out Julian Baker
”I am going to let you stay up past your bedtime and watch ‘Thomas and Friends”
”I’d rather watch Gossip Girl, it’s so bad for me”
- Deb Scott and Jamie Scott

”God. When I think about all the time I thought maybe I didn’t want a baby, like I, like I couldn’t handle it”
”Peyton, it doesn’t work like that. The universe doesn’t punish you for being afraid”
- Peyton Sawyer is comforted by Lucas Scott after their devastating news
”If you have this baby, you could die”
”It doesn’t matter, I’m gonna have this baby”
- Lucas Scott to Peyton Sawyer

”If continuing this pregnancy means I lose you, then we end it”
- Lucas Scott to his fiancee

”You talk about how I’m always saving you and I can’t save you from this”
”We can’t even think like that, okay? Will you just please look at all the stuff you and I have survived together? I mean car crashes and bullet wounds, and psychos. Are we really gonna let some doctor lay odds on us?”
- Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer remember what they have been through

”Hey, it is okay for you to love this baby. It doesn’t mean you don’t love me”
- Peyton Sawyer to her fiance

”I miss knowing that my day was going to start with you, knowing that I was gonna come home to the one person who really got me. I miss the fact that around 2:30 every morning you snore for exactly seven minutes...and I miss, I miss the glasses.”
- Mouth lists what he misses about Millicent

”Tree Hill’s always going to be our home, and I don’t want to leave forever, but, at the same time, we never said we’d stay forever”
- Haley James Scott

”There are only two things that I’m certain about in my life, and one of them is that you’re gonna be the one wheeling me around when I’m 80. Besides, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that my dream kept you from pursuing yours.”
- Nathan Scott encourages Haley James Scott to pursue her dream

”It sucks always being the footnote in someone else’s love story”
- Brooke Davis

”Brooke Davis writes her own story with her, like with your career and you company, and with Sam. You choose your own path”
- Julian Baker

”I love you, I’m in love with you. I’m so lost and completely in love with you. I have been ever since I saw you doing that ridiculous Molly Ringwald dance”
”Julian, I..I care about you, so much”
”Never let it be said that Brooke Davis was easy”
- Julian Baker declares his love for Brooke Davis

”I thought I was getting revenge because I thought Keith had poisoned that bottle of scotch and left me there to burn to death. But it wasn’t Keith, was it Deb?...It was you wasn’t it. You wanna walk down memory lane tonight? I though the reason Keith was trying to kill me was because I hired Jules to sleep with him. And the reason I did that was because in one of the worst moments of my life, I walked in on my wife cheating on me with my own brother. From the way I see it, I pulled the trigger, but you loaded the gun. I’ve done my time Deb, have you?”
- Dan Scott to Deb Scott on why he killed Keith Scott


No Voice-over


  • "Sea Song" - Lisa Hannigan
  • "One Of Those Days" - Joshua Radin
  • "After Afterall" - William Fitzsimmons
  • "Are You Lightning" - Nada Surf
  • "Low" - Josh Auer
  • "Lost Forever" - Guggenheim Grotto
  • "A Piece For You" - Meaghan Smith
  • "Save A Place" - 1969 feat. Butch Walker

This episode's title originated from the song You And Me And The Bottle Makes Three Tonight, originally sung by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.


  • Skills does not appear.
  • Barbara Alyn Woods' name is restored to the credits for this episode and the following after being removed for A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene.
  • Jamie tells Deb that he wants to watch the CW’s show ‘Gossip Girl’ as it is bad for him. This was an ad campaign that received a lot of criticism and attention for ‘Gossip Girl’.

Episode References

  • Peyton refers to pain she had early on in the pregnancy.
  • Lucas remembers having the dream where Peyton was killed.
  • Lucas tells Peyton that she always says that he is saving her from stuff, but he cannot with her condition.
  • Peyton reminds Lucas of everything they have survived such as car crashes, bullet wounds and psychos.
  • Peyton tells Lucas that if he does end up a single father, Jake Jagielski raked in a lot of people with the hot-single-father look.
  • Haley reminds Nathan of what happened last time she went on tour.
  • Haley says the house reminds her of the house from It's a Wonderful Life, which was the movie playing in the hospital after the accident after State Championship.
  • Brooke admits the last time she was in love was with Lucas.
  • Julian looks for Lucas’ books through Brooke’s house as Peyton had many of them and was still in love with Lucas.

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